In my previous article, Lunacy of Economics, I discussed the cash for Clunkers movement. I related it to the Roosevelt era in the thirties and his programs of destruction, like ordering the ploughing under of crops.

Because so many of these thousands of vehicles were in good running order, evidenced by driving them to the car lot, I wondered why so many traded them in to be destroyed in 48 hours and to receive a $4,500 discount on a new vehicle to be charged to taxpayers.

There may be some who were able to pay cash, but no doubt most purchased new vehicles on credit. This means they signed on to a debt for thousands of dollars, obligated themselves to payments plus interest rates. Then assumed further responsibility, purchasing higher insurance premiums on a new car, plus additional money for a more expensive tag, plus sales tax on the new car. All of this to save a little on gas mileage. It made no sense to me.

Then I thought about all the current talk on economics and how the stimulus money was not achieving what it was touted to do, stimulate the economy because one of the reasons was the American people had reduced their buying habits and not spending their money. Instead, saving and paying off credit cards and moving out of expensive homes they could not afford. Many were tightening their belts and working towards living within their means and getting out of debt. Many stopped using credit cards.

All this sounded like good news. Plus loudly voiced objections to the amount of money the government was wildly spending on things like using thousands of taxpayer monies to do things like make pictures of expensive airplanes flying over the Statue of Liberty. Using taxpayer money to bailout distressed companies. Companies paying exorbitant salaries to their employees and throwing extravagant parties paid for with taxpayer monies. Spending money frivolously, like a drunken sailor on shore leave, as the saying goes.

There for a brief moment I thought this country is coming to its senses, finally, when whammo!! Out of the blue comes this cash for clunkers, that so many fell for line, hook and sinker, the taxpayer money earmarked to pay for the venture ran out in a matter of days. And more was quickly appropriated by those in Congress. So many singing the praises of this wonderful successful government program, and repeatedly I heard the phrase, “It’s working.”

Hearing that, for some peculiar reason, I thought about the guillotine operator whose mission always works.

In my previous article I asked several questions as to why we have allowed the free-enterprise capitalistic system which worked so well to fail. Is it because of fear? Is it laziness? Is it ignorance? Is it cowardice? What is it, I asked, which caused so many to fall into this scheme of Cash for Clunkers on taxpayer money which obviously has put thousands upon thousands in debt for thousands of dollars at a time many are unemployed and the country in a recession, which may be a forerunner to another depression?

Ironically, shortly after posting the article, a very smart man I know dropped off a lengthy essay he wrote, describing how and why governments fell into Socialism, no matter how they began. I thought back a year ago when the word “socialism” was rarely heard, now it’s discussed daily on the news. No longer a taboo word, as we very rapidly move from a Republican form of government into one of Socialism.

His writings are a stark reminder of the history of governments and all the names so familiar of all those who have supported Socialism. A system which at its core, defies private ownership of property. A collectivist system by such names as fascism and communism. A reminder of the system of bondage we know from names like Stalin, Hitler, Marx, Engles, Castro, Stalin, Lenin. Then he names a very long list of people in this country who have been sympathizers of Socialist regimes, who have been active participants in tearing down our form of constitutional government to reduce it to a socialist state. Names of well-known politicians, educators, government employees and others, and documents supporting evidence of their roles to destroy this country’s Freedom and reduce it to a Socialist state. Times, places, events and names of who and how. An astonishing list. Much I already knew about from past studies but much I had forgotten until reminded in his essay.

He describes in graphic details how it is accomplished, step by step. Describing tactics and strategies most would recognize if they read it. So much relative to times, places, events, names and activities familiar to the majority of citizens in this country. So descriptive of events happening now and over the past few months and years, which shows a pattern of how this country, its Freedom, former government and former way of life has already been compromised and replaced by tenets of Socialism.

Nothing happenstance about it, but all activities directed with a well- organized plan, much already having taken place. No longer is Socialism something to consider for the future, but already happening.

Which brings me to the Cash for Clunkers current craze. One of the very important planks in the plans to reduce a country to socialism is put the people in debt. To offer and implement any and all kinds of schemes to motivate the people to go into debt.

Go back for a moment to a few months ago when retail sales dropped. Stores going out of business, because people became more careful with their spending habits and held on to their money. Government officials vociforously claiming the economy was not recovering because of reduced spending, and apparently taking stimulous money and either saving or paying down debts!! The people were exercising some control over their lives and property[money] by not falling into the government trap, UNTIL, the lunacy of economics, cash for clunkers, hit the news.

The current political government schemers to reduce this country to socialism, hit the jackpot and found the achilles heel of the American people, their love of automobiles. They flocked to the car dealers, and still flocking after more money was arranged to keep the scheme going. Falling into the trap of debt set up by a government obviously bent on taking this country into full-fledged socialism and using debt as a strategy to accomplish that.

This coup de tat, an unexpected stroke of policy to take over this government of the people, by the people and for the people with control vested in a few who write the script, direct the play and pull the curtain. The people no longer free and not in charge.

“The saddest words of tongue or pen are these few words: It might have been.”



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  1. Paul says:

    There’s one clunker in the room that desperately needs disposed of – government itself. Doesn’t run for 2 months of the year (and grossly inefficient when it does), stumbles upon acceleration, poor brakes, prone to overheating (i.e., political rhetoric), erratic steering, limited visibility, etc., etc.

    Parks anywhere with impunity and impedes traffic.

    Attracted to demolition derbies (wars on poverty, drugs, terror, etc.)

    Adding snake oil and installing a turbocharger (aka Obamanomics) ain’t ever gonna turn this turkey into a turnpike cruiser.

    Another thought – Recycling this clunker is not an option – far too many toxic components

  2. Caleigh Cross says:

    I read your blog article about the government’s Cash for Clunkers
    program earmarked for socialism and I must say I agree with your
    excellent point on the government putting its people into debt in order
    to make them more…compliant…to further degrees of socialism. I’m not
    even American and I can see this is wrong! Do you have any suggestions?
    What can we do?
    Caleigh Cross

  3. Professor Paul West says:

    Obviously this cash for clunkers government run scam business is indeed the first step in creating “economic socialism.” The trade in vehicles, many of them in good to fair condition, were apparently sacrificed for these so-called state-of-the-art disasters waiting to happen. One aspect of the program was to stimulate the economy by putting some car owners back in debt once again. Fact, in many cases before the cash for clunkers program was launched, there were many who owned their vehicle and now must make painful car payments once again in a uncertain “forever changing” economy. Personally speaking for myself, I find today’s vehicles to be substandard in a way. For underneath that fancy package they are nothing but highly inefficient “in every regard,” pretty colored junk heaps.

    Theoretically speaking, any vehicle regardless of how big it may be can obtain superior gas mileage by modifying certain engine components. For example: simply by changing the internal fuel temperature and overall injector pressure, one can triple the fuel economy of any vehicle. Whether you drive a so-called gas guzzling SUV or small fuel efficient sedan? The procedure for increasing that fuel economy remains the same.

    Therefore I look upon this forced (in many cases?) government controlled cash for clunkers program as just another Washington inspired scam and nothing more. Now is the time for us scientists to speak out on behalf of all the suppressed fuel saving technologies that this government (not of the people) has seen fit to cover up. like the early carburetor technologies that could have benefited every struggling American today.

    The questions we all should be asking those parasites in power are very seldom addressed appropriately. Who or what, silenced the further development of those multi-chamber hot intake quad vaporizing super-efficient carburetors? Furthermore, what multi-billion-dollar corporation pressured the Washington Congress in the early 1970s into making fuel injection the only alternative to those carburetors?