I was just reading about the AARP, the organization for retired persons in the United States. It has 40 million members, and is the largest organization in the world.

Checking my email newsletters this morning, they are mostly devoted to “Cash for Clunkers.” This is the program that the Washington centralized government came up with recently to stimulate the economy, by offering $4,500 to those who wanted to take their used cars into their local dealership, to trade in on a new vehicle. People flocked to car dealerships to take advantage of the tax-funded program.

There for a few days the news was bursting at the seams, touting the success of this crazy quilt latest socialist scheme to bedazzle car dealers and car buyers. According to the news, the appropriated amount quickly ran out and with the stroke of a pen, Congress allotted another large amount of taxpayer money for more cash for clunkers. This morning, the news is the cancellation of the program on Monday because the money ran out again.

In the same news cycle, car dealers are bemoaning the fact they have not received reimbursement for the thousands of dollars they fronted so buyers could receive the $4,500 benefit on a new car. One man appeared on TV and said he had been paid for three cars. But had sold hundreds.

Now the citizens, who were owners of drivable vehicles, turned them in and they have been demolished, no longer retrievable. The dealer no longer has his new car inventory, and can’t get paid by the government. American citizenry is stuck with another huge tax bill they must pay. The government says they ran out of money. Where did it go?

Listening to all these news items, I thought about the “Agrarian reform” days back there in China, when the Socialist party was trying to gain its foothold. Now this agrarian reform meant government takeover of lands for redistribution to equalize farm income. The rice paddy farmers in China rebelled, and the powers that be simply went through the countryside rice paddies and killed off those who opposed the Agrarian reform scheme, so that the Communist socialist party of China could control the means of production and distribution. As I recall this was back in the sixties.

Now these 40 million AARP members are mostly retirees, who have worked and paid into the Social Security system that we are being told is now broke. Plus, it’s rumored there is a “death panel” provision in the Obamacare, the eleven-hundred-page medical legislation before Congress. A lot of confusion over what’s in the massive government medical proposal. Plus a lot of concern over what’s going to happen to this older generation relative to their “end of life” years.

Now if you are wondering what forty million “older generation” Americans, millions of tax-dollars, “cash for clunkers,” Socialized health-care proposal, and Chinese “Agrarian Reform” have to do with each other, you are smart to wonder and question any relationship. Follow the yellow-brick road down the money trail, and the centralized government takeover, affecting every phase of your life, destroying individual Freedom and Private ownership of property, and what has happened and is happening right before our eyes, comes into focus.

In this connection, I’m one of those classified as “older American generation,” however I’m not a member of AARP nor have I ever received one cent of Social Security payments. Despite the fact I worked and paid into the system. Nor am I involved in cash for clunkers scheme, inasmuch as the government cancelled my driver’s license because my birthdate on their records (an error they made), does not match Social Security birthdate records – prohibiting me from driving, despite the fact I have a perfect driving record, with no violations.

What’s your story? What’s your opinion about all that’s going on? How are you affected as a result of all the government intervention into your lives? Send to me and I will publish on my blogsite.



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  1. TJ says:


    Here is my thoughts on cash for clunkers. First let me say that I am a car nut. I love cars, I own 5 of them at this time. I find it sad that the media trumpets that cash for clunkers was so successful, that it was very popular, and that it is one of the most visible parts of the so-called stimulus package. All I can think of to say is, “sure it was popular, it was a giveaway of ‘free’ money – is it really such a surprise that people lined up to take ‘free’ money?” Of course we know the money wasn’t really free. Why do all these government programs always reward bad behavior? If having an older, less fuel efficient car is a bad thing then why pay the people who do so? Why not just pay those driving hybrids already the $4500? Encourage good behavior, not reward bad behavior. The same thing happened with the banks – the ones that took too many risks and got “too big to fail” got bailed out. Those that didn’t take those big risks over the last decade or so saw their share price plummet and ended up being bought out by one of the “too big to fails”. Of course “too big to fail” is a misnomer. If they were really too big to fail then why did they fail and require my money to bail them out?

    I bought a used car from a local guy a few weeks ago – it is a little too old to be destroyed for $4500 – it’s a 1975 model, I bought it as my personal cash for clunker stimulus. I bargained the price down from $3500 to $2800 and paid cash. The guy now has some extra money to stimulate the economy with and I have another car to enjoy. The upside is that I do not have to pour a sodium silicate solution into the engine and run it till it dies.

  2. Anne,
    Added a link to your BLOG to mine at http://selfownership.blogspot.com/ You are an inspiration.