I love this country, but greater than that is a love of individual Freedom. And my love of this country is based upon the degree of individual Freedom I have enjoyed, living in this country.

Obviously, we are in the middle of a severe crisis in this country. Loss of jobs, homes, business failings, banks failing. Unemployment and food stamp lines growing longer. Increase in taxes, more restrictive laws being passed. Involvement in expensive wars we have no business in. Unrest and disenchantment with what is taking place in the crisis we face by many Americans.

So we cry out, what is wrong? What is really wrong which has so changed and impacted our lives, adversely from what it was a year ago? ten years ago? twenty-five years ago?

We are living in the greatest information age. An age which has advanced technologically. An age where there are so many smart and well-educated, creative people. Millions of books written and available to all of us. Around the clock news reporting 24-7. And yet this country is in a crisis that worsens, and many are fearful, confused, upset and unhappy.

Millions wonder, what next? What can I do? What should I do? Am I powerless to do anything to change the direction?

Usually in any kind of crisis, it’s fight or flight. In this situation, who is the enemy to fight? And if the choice is flight, where do we go from here?

Personally, I have spent endless hours pondering, listening, thinking, reading seeking answers. Not only do I have concerns for my own way of life, but also for my beautiful grandchildren, who face such a shaky future, and all those I care about. The dilemma we face is one that all 300 million of us face. But exactly what is it?

As I see it we are in a battle and on one side is individual Freedom and personal ownership Rights versus a top-heavy political government out to take over and Rule by destroying those two things. Now on the most expedited trek to accomplish this total rule this country has ever experienced. Is this news? No, it isn’t, it’s happening right before our eyes and ears.

Is there anyone out there trying to do something about it? Definitely, and desperately. Are there any actions being taken changing the direction we are headed? No, because things go from bad to worse, daily.

Let me say with honest and respectful candor, those organizing with resistance in mind are for the most part good, and decent people, but their tactics and strategies for changing the course of history in this country are not working.

In this connection, I remind the reader of one very simple, easy-to-understand admonition. Political government thrives on two things, and two things only: That is dependency upon it and opposition to it. Inasmuch as this centralized political government has gained such power, through 535 congressmen, one hundred senators and an executive branch, is the barometer of proof of these two simple reasons.

Can you accept that as a fact? If not, why not?

My next question is, if you cannot accept that as truth: Why is it these hundreds of groups and organizations, which all do the same thing, are so ineffective and impotent to turn things around? They all want you to write letters, send emails and text message those in seats of power. Make phone calls to the offices of those in seats of power, and send monetary contributions to their organizations. They want you to pay for travel, hotel accommodations, and pay an admission fee to hear their speeches and lectures. The speeches are a call for support of some particular politician, or a a call to scout for some one new to fill a political office. A request to support a particular piece of legislation, or a request to oppose it via letters, emails, text messages or phone calls.

So here’s what happens, repeatedly. Thousands of messages from these large organizations flood the offices of these elected politicians, and when there’s enough opposition, a particular bill may be temporarily defeated. All this attention feeds into the ego of the seduction of power of the politician, and sometimes a new law is defeated.

All these constituents lean back and think they have done something so wonderfully effective and relax into apathy. Usually at a later time the same bill with minor revisions sails thru without a whimper.

The greedy, power hungry politician has been seduced into believing he or she has done their constituents a favor by voting down the original bill, per their request, and later passes another version of it, after the uproar of opposition has died down, and everyone is thinking their elected representative is there in Washington, acting in their best interests.

It’s a merry-go-round of denial, whereby the constituents operating through all these organizations use their energy to enable and provoke, to always wind up with the same results. By dependency and opposition, they promote the proliferation of more and more laws imposed upon all the citizens in this country to erode away individual Freedom and private ownership of property Rights. Placing everyone deeper and deeper in bondage to the centralized power.

What’s difficult to understand about this modus operandi, that’s repeated over and over and over?

The thousands upon thousands of average Americans participating in this political gameplay are usually good, hard-working people, but for some strange reason, have never really caught on to the game play they participate in, which has brought us to this brink of disaster.

As a result, in the midst of profound frustration and disenchantment, as jobs are lost, business fails, homes foreclosed on, and etc., a blame game syndrome sets into motion. When the fact of the matter is, we have done it to ourselves, and refuse to make the necessary changes in our actions and attitudes and beliefs, to stop the tide of intrusion into our lives by a powerful, centralized political government.

Similar to a family struggling and torn apart by an alcoholic member, everything is done but the one thing that should be done and that is get off his back.

As Thomas Paine said, “These are times that try mens’ souls.”

In his writings in my favorite book, Fredrich Bastiat’s “The Law,” he writes about the complete perversion of the law, stating, “The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous, who wish without risk, to exploit the person, liberty and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense.”

He further states, the choice is one of legal plunder, which must be settled once and for all, and there are only 3 ways to settle it:

1-The few plunder the many
2-Everybody plunders everybody
3-Nobody plunders anybody.

“We must make our choice among limited plunder, universal plunder, and no plunder. The law can only follow one of these three.”

As sad and hopeless as things seem to be, the good news is we still are at a stage we have choices. To choose to wean ourselves away from the seduction of socialism. Politicians are seduced by the power they attain in office. Conversely, ordinary citizens are seduced by a false sense of power they presume to have over the politician, as I have described the actions of large organized groups.

As I have described in another article, it’s a three act play. The curtain opens on a set of activities between constituents and the elected politician. When the game is played out between the two, the curtain closes, and opens again on another gameplay. Doing the same thing over and over. The gameplay itself is a type of “illogical social perversion.”

The question each individual must ask themselves is, when are you going to stop doing this? When are you going to exercise your choice to act differently? You can decide to change today, and in so doing change the direction we are headed.


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