The last report I heard we already have thirty government czars, appointed by the new President over just about every phase of our lives. I went to the dictionary to confirm the definition of a czar, which reads: “An emperor or a king. One of the former Emperors of Russia. An absolute ruler.” Just below is another term I had not heard, a czarina, defined as “the wife of a czar, an empress.”

I never thought I would live to see the day, when here in the United States of America, we would be ruled by czars and czarinas. A stunning development in this country. And more disturbing is the fact the American people stand idly by for this development. I knew we were far down the road of socialism, but my first thought was, at what point in time did we cross this threshhold of acceptance of rulership by appointed czars? I just woke up one morning to discover we were being ruled by czars.

The news is so overshadowed by all the laws, bail-outs, and stimulous packages initiated by President Obama, the Czars were placed in rulership over our lives with little notice and no warning.

I felt a twinge of encouragement lately listening to some of the commentators about the conditions and happenings, namely Dick Morris, and Rush Limbaugh. I listened to the interview of Limbaugh by Greta van Susteren, and his frank and shocking analysis of what is taking place. He explains President Obama is not really for America, as evidenced by his rhetoric while visiting other countries. He explains health-care is not about health-care but the complete take-over by government over the American people.
“It’s all about him,” says Limbaugh. It’s about his power to destroy the Freedom of the American people and a complete take-over by his regime, now entrenched in power in Washington. His rhetoric, his actions, plus the appointment of a slew of czars, seems to confirm this analysis.

My twinge of encouragement was quickly dashed as the reality of all these appointed czars, sunk in. Combined with all the taxes and laws, bail-out stimulous packages, rules and regulations, the appointment of czars, sealed our fate.

All along I have been writing about the socialized tax-supported school system, which uses up over half the state budget in the 50 states. Maintaining nothing will really change until that system is abolished, I had hopes the run-away direction to complete socialism might be reversed. I had commented on another blog site, voicing my opposition to the socialized school system, when one apparent, dyed- in-the-wool socialist responded by saying, “I thought your wording appeared radicalized and beyond logical discussion.” After the appointment of czars over every phase of our lives, it seems unlikely anything will change. However, my discussions about the socialist schooling is logical, and I will continue to stand up for Freedom in this country as long as I live and breathe.

I recall back in the fifties when those in Washington were touting Castro as “the George Washington” of Cuba, when he had been a known card-carrying communist since age 17. A number of Americans were so ignorant of the truth they flocked to Cuba to help him fight in the revolution there. Many Americans were imprisoned, as enemies of the revolution and there was a time when some were blindfolded in front of a firing squad, and ordered to kneel before Castro. When they refused, their knees were shot out before they were killed. How long before we are ordered to kneel before czars? Absolute rulers!!

There are a few in the news media speaking out for Freedom and the Principles upon which this nation was founded. But who is coming up with a plan of action to forestall the complete takeover by the socialist, communist-fascist movers and shakers? Obviously, not anyone, as we are being steam-rolled into this system of bondage. So many still flocking to the voting booth, niavely thinking we can vote our way out of the dilemma we voted ourselves into.

Refusing to adhere to a few simple truths. That is, political government is a con game, keep your eye on this ball while we are doing something else. Mesmerized by political smooth talk, while acting contrary to what is being said and fed to the American people.

I’m reminded of something I have heard all my life, and that is the government is never far behind nor far ahead of the thinking of the American people. Because the majority has wanted political government to take care of them, to relieve them of the self-responsibility and self-control of taking care of their lives, what we have is the end result of that thinking. We have sanctioned the immorality of thievery, by support and agreement, it’s ok to take from the haves to give to the have-nots.

The cry has been, “take from those greedy free-enterprise capitalists, and give to us who prefer not to work and have no money.” The political government accomodated by over-taxing and over-regulating, now those capitalists are going out of business. Banks are closing, buildings empty, no jobs, homes foreclosed on, food-lines getting longer. The cries grow louder for government to step in and do more, and they have, now we have czars.

Where along the way did we fail to see the obvious? That is, no government has anything until it takes from someone. By a gun or threat of a gun.

When and where and how did it all start? In my opinion, it began with the graduated income tax laws passed in 1913. Where is it all going to end? With czars, my fellow Americans, with czars!! Absolute rulers!!

What did the Romans do? They just fiddled while Rome burned.




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  1. Unfortunately, Obama didn’t just implement all this on his own. He simply took another step (or maybe two) down the ladder to socialism that all the preceding presidents have been descending. I remember hearing the first “czar” appointed many years ago. I didn’t like it then; I still don’t like it today. Of course, they could be called “The Prime Clown” and still do just as much damage, but the choice of the name “czar” says a lot about the statist mind-set.