This afternoon, I picked this beautiful white dahlia in my yard.  I’m awed by its perfection.  Something in the North Georgia soil quite conducive to growing dahlias.  Years ago I visited a dahlia farm further north from here.  Dozens of perfect petals, four inches across this magnificant flower.  My thoughts were a perfect creator, created this perfect beauty, naturally.
For some reason I thought about teeth, seeing these perfect rows of petals.  And recalled years ago, starting at age 18, I would regularly visit the Atlanta dental college for a check-up.  The instructor would call the students over and say, I want you to see a perfect set of teeth. My one redeeming feature was a set of pearly whites, the instructor said were a perfect set of teeth.
Sadly as the years went whizzing by, I began losing teeth. My first question when I pass over to the next realm is going to be why did you not in your Divine plan of things, replace teeth.
Up until two years ago, the only surgery I had ever had was dental surgery.  Fortunately blessed with good health, until I began falling apart after I passed eighty.  But I had always been involved in areas of natural healing.  Going to chiropractors, osteopaths, reflexologists, acpuncturists and such to maintain good health.
I grew up with a mother repeating like a mantra, be your own doctor, own banker, own counselor and own preacher.  But there comes a time in life-threatening situations, now-a-days I run to the nearest doctor.  And so grateful to have one available when needed.  I don’t mean to convey that I’m anti-doctors and hospitals, by any stretch of the imagination, quite the contrary.   I so appreciate the availability when I need one.  And fortunately in the little town where I live, there is a great deal of medical and top-notch hospital care available. However, I try to take care of any health problems as much as I can, before running to a doctor.
For example, last week I felt puny, and realized I had been eating out more than usual, decided to go on a fast and detox, and felt better.
Which brings me to all the hype over Obama’s health care program. And much talk about how the older generation will be left by the wayside.  For example, if an older person needs a hip replacement, new kneecap and the like, they’re just going to be left out of available medical care, to suffer through until they pass on to the next realm.  People like me will be considered disposable and no longer necessary to hang around to take up space, time and medical costs.
All those 500-plus elected congressman are haggling over the massive file of laws relative to health care.  According to what Rush Limbaugh said on his two-night interview with Greta Van Susteren, it’s really not about health care but about total government control over our lives.  He suggests it’s all about Obama and his push for more and more power.
As the wrangling continues, others are saying it’s just all political. Politicians are in a hot seat for fear their constitutents wil not re-elect if they don’t go along and pass the massive bill.  Because none of them will be affected, inasmuch as they have a different program for themselves.  A lot of pros and cons relative to the proposed new laws. But seems the opposition to it is increasing.  I remind the reader, political government thrives on two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it.
The usual pattern of modus operandi in Washington is after so many get stirred up over the passage of another law, it’s defeated the first go round.  Then after the constituency simmers down, thinking they successfully defeated their opposition, it’s brought up at another date and sails through with little opposition.  For some strange reason the average person seems to think there’s some kind of permanancy to a one-time stab at opposition, when in fact all it did was pave the way for passage the next time.  I find it so peculiar the general public has never caught on to this manner of doing business in Washington because it’s repeated over and over with the same results each time.
Most of the problems relating to health care can be traced to the lobbyists for pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. They exert the control over health care and doctors and hospitals are held accountable to them.  But the elected politicians are not going to monkey with them because they make large contributions to their campaigns.
There’s so much legislation being ramrodded down the throats of the American citizenry at such an expedited pace, many are dazzled by the footwork, and confused.  Which is really no excuse, because around the clock news about what’s going on is available to everyone.  But takes acceptance for self-responsibility to step up to the plate and pay attention to what’s happening.  That is, the destruction of personal Freedom and private ownership of property Rights.  That’s what is at stake.
Unless one values those two things enough to pay attention and stand up to protect those two valuables, we’ve lost the farm as they say in the South.
I’ll be 85 years old on August 8th, and lived through the Great Depression, which will seem like a cake-walk compared to things to come, unless the direction is reversed.  It may be to late allready.  But unless the health care program is defeated, the chances of any reversal on the road to complete socialism is most unlikely.
Let Freedom Ring.
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  1. You are quite definitely NOT disposable in my eyes. But you already knew that, I hope.

    This is a good example of why a monopolistic government is such a bad idea. It allows bad ideas to become “law” for everyone (except the politically connected, of course). One size NEVER fits “all”.