My last article was about the appointment of over thirty czars by President Obama, to head up various departments of the government in Washington.  Checking the dictionary definition of a czar, ran across the word “czarina” which means an empress who rules an Empire.  The wife or widow of an emperor.
If you read my last article then you know a czar is defined as an emperor.  So we now have thirty czars already here in the United States.  If they have wives and expire, they could be succeeded by the czarina, who would then be an empress.
This seems such a far cry from the original intent of the Constitution – “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Entitled to Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happines. [Ownership of property.]
Most of you are probably familiar with  “The Emperor’s Clothing Story” – paraphrased, it goes like this:  The Emperor, absolute ruler, announced he was having a parade to show off his new wardrobe. Al the Kingdom buzzed with anticipation of the upcoming parade to show off his new wardrobe. The streets were lined with everyone in the Kingdom. The Emperor, atop his white horse, started down the parade route.  Everyone ooh’ed and aah’ed and emoted over his new wardrobe.  About halfway down the parade route, a little boy stuck his head out from the crowd and amid all the adulation over the new wardrobe, yelled, “He’s naked!”
The direction we are headed in this country, it’s not too far-fetched to consider we may very well wind up with a head emperor or a top czar and a czarina.
It is obvious the moral of the childrens’ Emperor’s Clothing story, points out the fact the citizens of the kingdom had been so brainwashed, they were salivating over a non-existent new wardrobe, in defiance of their lying eyes, refusing to admit the Emperor was naked.  When out of the mouths of babes, a little boy spoke up the truth.
Quite an interesting analogy to current events in this country. Specifically, so many in this country are believing what they are being told, by government officials and the mainstream media, rather than recognizing the reality of what is taking place, already happened, and what is going to happen.  Lulled into a false sense, by repetitious charismatic rhetoric, they fail to admit and recognize the naked truth of the actuality of things as they are. Ooh’ing and aah’ing over the leadership and the direction we are headed.
Aided by the 500-plus representatives they elected from their district,  clothed in a new wardrobe of stimulous packages, bail-outs and belly- ups, more taxes, rules and regulations, and private business take-over by government.  A whole lot of ooh’ing and aah’ing going on.  Soon to be replaced by moans and groans, as soon as some smart kid sticks his head out and announces truth.
The electoral process, which spawned the crisis were in, may be a thing of the past, particularly if czarinas inherit the role of power now held by appointed czars.  Keep in mind a czar by definition has absolute power.  If such is not the case why the title of czar?  Why not some less threatening sounding title?  It’s a real in-your-face announcement of the titled appointments.
It all sounds like some fairy tale.  But the unreality is now an actual fact.  We already have over thirty appointed czars.  Dont know how many Czarinas.  And no idea how many more czars will be appointed.  Who knows, they may have a czar day with a parade.  With dancing with the czars in the streets.
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  1. If I remember correctly, wasn’t the Emperor in the tale tricked by his taylor who said only a very wise person could see the fine new clothes? Everyone else then went along because they did not wish to reveal they couldn’t see the clothes because that would let everyone know they were not “wise”. Such is the condition of America. If you speak up and question “anthropogenic climate change”, “gun control”, “law enforcement”, or “democracy” you are ridiculed as a know-nothing by the know-less-than-nothings. Yet the Emperor still runs around naked.

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