Some time ago I wrote an article on sanpaku, and because I continue to receive emails about it, decided to write again on the subject. It was Issue number 146, almost 100 articles ago, but still on my website to read.

It’s a Japanese word. San means three and paku, means white. Therefore sanpaku means three sides of white showing in ones’ eyes. Normally looking straight at a person we only see two sides of white, on either side of the pupils, however when a person is sanpaku we see the white underneath as well as the two sides which is an abnormal condition.

Sanpaku is not a disease but a condition, which reflects something in the body is out of whack. Either emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, or a combination of these three areas. It can be corrected.

For a number of years, I did nutritional counseling, mostly with those who had cancer and those on the non-specific therapy program, of the Texas doctor who developed the non-specific, nutritional program. I also did reflexology, along with some counseling in areas of dysfunctionality.

Nutritional counseling dealt with metabolic ecology to balance ones’ body chemistry. Reflexology is a type of massage on the hands and feet, which deals with the electrical part of the body. The dysfunctionality dealt with those areas of emotional and mental imbalances.

Having lived in the Orient for four years, I learned about some of their non-invasive techniques, like acupuncture and accupressure and I learned about the condition termed sanpaku. I easily recognized when a person has the condition. We frequently see it in persons on television and in photographs.

Apparently, more and more persons are becoming aware of the condition, frequently outpictured in the eyes of criminals as their pictures are flashed on the screen. Books have been written about the condition, and information available for anyone interested in learning more about it.

Some write to me, who seem to think President Obama is sanpaku, but I have not seen any pictures which depict it. Personally I’ve been so interested in what he says and does, I have not noticed this condition in his eyes.

However it was quite noticable in some of the photographs of President Kennedy around the time of his assasination.

Those who have expertise in this area indicate when a person is sanpaku their reflexes operate at a diminished rate, for example, how they react, in the face of danger. In other words, ones’ responses are slower to react for fight or flight when in imminent danger, than in a person absent the condition.

I equate it with the over-simplification of an analogy with an automobile out of alingment. When a car is out of alignment the ride can feel bumpy, and may shake and rattle. It does not correct itself, but continues to worsen until corrected by someone with some expertise in vehicle alignment. So it goes with sanpaku. It means there is some imbalance or misalignment in some area of the persons’ life, reflected through their eyes, by revealing 3 sides of white in the eyes.

I did not invent the term. I simply discovered it while living in the Orient. However prior to learning it was a condition with a name, I would observe it in some people, and it’s frequently referred to as “bedroom eyes.” And quite frankly I usually had a feeling of uneasiness when I encountered a person whose eyes were partially rolled backwards and upwards.

I’m not an expert in this area, however I don’t think one has to be an expert to recognize and understand what sanpaku is and means.



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