I’m just one lone person, sitting up here in the red-clay hills of North Georgia, writing articles for my Blog site on the Internet, mostly about individual Freedom. Watching the news every day, listening to the changes taking place which affect all of us, whether we recognize it or not. Whether we care or dont care. Whether we do something or nothing, we are all affected.

The things I write about, my opinions, ideas and definitions, probably appear quite unorthodox to most. However my core belief is that individual Freedom is so superior to bondage, and a more desirable state of being, as opposed to a centralized government-controlled state of being, its worth any effort to gain, retain, or sustain.

I’m not responsible for what others think, do and say. Only myself. I begin with the basic premise that life is good and we were all created to be free, creative, self-responsible beings. But I can’t prove that. I believe we were all created equal in the beginning, but equality ends there and we are all unequal, but can’t prove that either.

As a matter of fact I have never in my life been able to prove anything to anyone, other than myself, but on occasion have been able to present proof about a particular thing. All I’m doing as I write these hundreds of articles is expressing myself and what I think and believe about whatever, as I view it.

Most of us have a desire to express ourseves, whether we admit it or not, as evidenced by the millions of bloggers, writers on You-tube, Facebook, Twitter, authors of books, magazines and newspapers.

Some of these things I read appear to me to be rational thinking that I can agree with and much I read seems so irrational and untrue that I disagree with. I’m sure many feel the same way. But that’s what makes horse-racing.

One of the areas I’m in disagreement with is the pitch and premise of so many large and small organizations. Particularly those who pitch the idea they are watch-dog groups whose purpose is your best interests. When in fact they are political activists, with an agenda to expand their power and interests, using your energy and money for their own benefit, disguised as watch-dogs for yours, and enjoy participating in the rulership of others.

I personally have never been much of a joiner, however, throughout my life have joined a few groups from time to time, like the American Contract Bridge League, Officers Wives Club in the military, PTA when my children were very young. And at one time years back joined a political group in Tennessee, was elected co-chairman of the county party and asked to attend national convention as a delegate.

My purpose for joining was to learn first-hand the inner workings of just how organized political groups operated. I knew back then that I wanted to write, and knew I must have some personal knowledge and experience about politics in order to write about Freedom and politics. I quickly learned some interesting and disturbing lessons, being inside a party. Things I have never really written about in any in-depth detail, but that helped form the basis of my thinking today, from first-hand experience. I did not remain as a member for any extended period, but got in and got out, after learning what I needed to know at that time.

Years past I have even formed a few small groups on my own, like the Textbook Committee in Nevada to review school textbooks. But somewhere along the way decided most organized groups had what I labeled the PTA syndrome. That is, they mostly meet, eat and retreat. I decided anything I wished to accomplish, I must do on my own, individually. Therefore I pretty much became a loner, doing my thing on my terms.

I’m not into astrology, but do recognize we have certain characteristics, depending upon the month we were born. For Leos like myself, they can usually purr like a kitten or scratch like a cat. Upfront and straight-forward. I don’t know about others but as far as yours truly, very little subterfuge about me. I just tell it like it is as I see it. Love it when one agrees with me, but not necessarily changed by disagreement. However, sometimes I can be sincerely wrong.
I was prompted to write this article this morning, because I’m bombarded over the net and through the mails with material to join this or that group, and to make a monetary contribution, along with joining a letter writing, emailing, phone calling and texting drive to politicians.

However I will remain an independent, free thinking individual, doing what I can to spread the word about Freedom and conditions in this country as I see them. If I can motivate just one person today, to stop and think and face the reality of what has taken place with reference to their Freedom and property, that’s the least and the most I can do.

I don’t know whether I do or not, but am compelled to keep trying, by grinding out articles, two fingers at a time. Takes me about 3 hours to write each article. Now over 230 posted on the internet. I’m not a journalist nor trained writer, but have been writing since I wrote a regular column for a newspaper in high school. I rarely have any preconceived ideas about what I will write. I just sit down and start writing, about anything and everything that comes to mind.

As I have written before, all our actions are for a profit or a gain; a pay-off, despite the fact we sometimes experience a loss in our actions. My pay-off is recognition of acceptance of any ideas I express. In this connection, I have extreme appreciation and gratitude for the responses I have received.

As Admiral Farragut said: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

Feel free to write any emails to me.


Just me
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