This past week I’ve been working on compiling content to submit to a publisher for a book. Finally took to post office yesterday. I plan on the title: “WITNESS: CURTAIN FALL ON FREEDOM”

Having completed that project, today sorting through files and ran across material from a 1965 study course. One of my teachers, Dr. George Boardman, had developed a study course titled: Theory and Practice; Philosophy of Freedom. I became his first student. That was over 40 years ago. Being reminded of that course, I thought about socialism, we discussed back there in the early sixties.
At that time we were already far down the road of socialism, but few admitted it nor even recognized the fact. However here we are into the twenty-first century and socialism is so embraced by so many, with or without the label of socialism, this country is now in the middle of that system of government.

We are surounded by socialistic countries, Canada to the north, Cuba, Venezeula, and Hugo Chavez on the south side along with Mexico. Most if not all of Europe embraces that system of government. Then in the east there’s China, Korea and all those countries socialistic.

Only here in the United States of America, did we hold out for a life of Liberty, the first few years after the revolutionary war. But socialism in its insidious forms began creeping into our lives, until today it’s taboo to discuss freedom. There’s a socialist-conglomerate in this country.

Oddly enough, in this country under the name of socialism, it was rejected. But today under the guise of many different names, we have been propagandized into accepting it line, hook and sinker. I think we now have over 30 Czars in charge of various departments of government and more appointed every few days, to head up the socialist-conglomerate.

Americans create and earn to support socialism all over the world and socialist dictators and socialist totalitarian mob rule, acting as though we have nothing to worry about, ignoring the fact our economy is bankrupt, walking around in a stupor about our own enslavement.

For a period several years back there was some organized and un-organized resistance to Communism. There was some organized resistance to various facets of socialism, fascist and communistic brands on the federal level. But almost no resistance on local and state levels as it gained a foothold. It was even accepted with an aura of respectability, no more obvious than in the socialized school system.

Nothing can be respectable without human dignity and self-responsibility. However, the socialist-conglomerate has achieved a degree of respectability and acceptability via propaganda and the use of power.

It has crept in under the rocks, and thru the woodwork, now basking in the sunlight of respectability and acceptability, with only token resistance.

If you prefer, you may go right on fooling yourself, by imagining you have not been enslaved by the socialist-conglomerate. You may still think you retain ownership of property Rights, by believing you own your home or vehicle, But you do not, and it is a fool’s paradise to believe otherwise.

You may be one of those who believes socialism can co-exist with capitalism, thinking capitalism has the protection of the society and government. Some explain the socialism of today is not the socialism of Marx and Engels and since it’s different we don’t have a thing to worry about, because we can have both capitalism and socialism and still have Freedom.

Only in Freedom is a person in their own element. All else is unnatural, false, and immoral. I suggest immoral because socialism is based upon a system of thievery. Taking from producers to re-distribute to nonproducers. Its foundation is a system of stealing. And if thievery is not immoral, nothing is.

What can I do? one might ask. Have you ever considered removing the collective tags from around your neck? Declaring yourself to be a self-responsible individual, with no need of tags and labels. Having self-control of your world, mind and affairs, speaking truth, without regard for personal gain, praise, criticism, nor anything else.

Taking the time to stop and think, and learn the real meaning of Freedom, becoming aware of just how precious it is, recognizing its superiority over bondage and enslavement of socialism.




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  1. I have been in a discussion on my website with someone who thinks I am lying when I say that the penalty for refusing to pay “taxes” is death. He claims the government has never killed anyone over “taxes”. I guess he has lived in a cave. He also claims that “taxes” are justified and quotes that nonsense about “taxes” being the price “we” pay for civilization. I told him civilization is something we manage to create in spite of “taxes”.

    He lives in Canada, which has been socialistic even longer than America. Still- it amazes me how deeply the denial runs.

  2. Hi Kent,

    Because we own property and must, to exist, beginning with ownership of ourselves, commensurate with ownership is responsibility for it. Many prefer attempting to transfer responsibility to a political system. Your respondent speaks for many others like him.

    But they are delusional: Self-responsibility is actually nontransferable. One’s property, including their body, can be stolen via an act of thievery. “Intellectual sloth can result in un-intended consequences.” You own your life, and that’s a responsibility. No-one has a Right to murder, steal your life. No one has a right to enslave, steal your Freedom. No-one has a Right to take your property, an act of theft.
    The person who claims taxes are justified is ignorant and probably not even aware he’s sanctioning stealing. Many have been so brainwashed by the jack-hammer propaganda, they are numbed out and accept the socialist-conglomerate way of thinking, like sheep to slaughter.
    It’s a bad day at Black Rock for Freedom, yet we cannot give up and surrender, we must keep trying to spread the word, there will always be some out there who listen and heed Truth. And Truth always has a strange ring, even to the irresponsible ignorant.

    Keep on writing and keep on trying.

    Anne Cleveland

    Chief Editor