The debate last night in Oxford Mississippi, between John McCain and Barack Obama, sounded more like a bickering session than a debate, a re-hashing and squabbling over the same things we have been listening to for the past 18 months. A repetition of the same abysmal mediocrity we have been hearing. McCain in his dull monotone, repeating the same ole rhetoric was very boring. Obama, more spritely energetic, kept rudely interrupting, and acted like he wanted to lunge at McCain as he kept repeating the same old socialist line of taxing the rich to take care of the poor. I did not listen to entire program, but turned it off before they finished, I was so tired of listening to the same old stuff.

In the past 6 months I’ve written almost 100 lengthy articles. About half have been about politics, the economy, and what has happened in this country, the meaning of Freedom, plus defining ownership of private property. I’ve been asked, “What can we do about it?” One suggestion comes to mind – all the members of congress write a letter to the American people, saying the following:


I want to thank you for electing me to the United States Congress, to represent you, the People of this great Nation. Sadly, I have failed to represent your best interests and along with other current members and those before us, we have made a mess of things. Therefore I’m resigning and leaving Washington, going back home, getting a job and start minding my own business, after getting off your back.

“With deep regret, I realize I have been a part of destroying the American dream, of being free to own your home, have a job, take care of your family, save for retirement, educate your children, pay for any medical requirements, enjoy some recreation, take a vacation, make investments, and enjoy the benefits of freedom along with the pride of ownership of property.

“I hang my head in shame, realizing that I, along with the other members of congress, have passed so many laws, designed to take your money and property, ship your jobs outside the US, support exorbitant interest rates on your homes, plus our rules and regulations of parity and disparity, interfering with farmers and agriculture, there are scarcity and outrageous prices. We have tampered and interfered with every thing, and every phase of your life, to the extent you can’t buy gas to go to work if you are one of the lucky ones who have a job.

“We have monkeyed with the basic ideologies and concepts of common decency, and so violated universal laws, we here in Washington no longer even consider taking your property [money] without your consent, as stealing. We have so embraced Socialism, a planned economy that rejects private ownership, we felt entitled to take from the haves to redistribute to the have nots. Without remorse or compunction, we assumed the power to take from you, whatever we chose, without your consent.

“The thing you did choose, by your votes, is ME and others like me to go to Washington to represent your interests. After arriving here, we have ignored the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, The Ten Commandments, and systematically destroyed the moral concepts expressed in these documents. It was not my intention, when I ran for this office and you elected me. But after arriving here a strange thing happened. I was seduced by the power and got caught up in mind-set and mentality of those already here, and step by step, bit by bit, became one of the pack, the shakers, the makers and takers. I became so caught up in this exclusive club of Congress, I lost respect for you, and your dignity, the American people.

“I placed my position of power, my desire to feather my nest, and to be accepted as one of them in this exclusive club, above, not only consideration for you, but the worst of all is my participation, to some degree, in the destruction of the very Principles of individual Freedom, upon which this country was founded. I participated in all the legislation, of pork-barreling, welfarism, bail-outs and much more, I decided you were to pay for.

“I was not here very long, before I realized you, the American people would not accept a system labeled SOCIALISM, but you would accept anything you were required to pay for as long as it was labeled Humanitarianism. I quickly learned the tricks of the trade here in Washington. I placed my stamp of approval and vote along with others here now and before me, on legislation which becomes law, which has brought this once great nation to the brink of disaster.

“Realizing what I have done, and the part I have played in the destruction of the free-enterprise system, i.e., the voluntary exchange of goods and services, Ownership of individual Property Rights, and personal Freedom, the very fundamentals upon which this country was built, just over 200 years ago, I feel a degree of self-loathing, and shame.

“In this connection, I resign to return to my home state, to spend the rest of my life attempting to correct the wrongs I have helped perpetrate upon you, the American people, which have brought us to this brink of disaster.

“With Sincere Regrets, Your Congressman”

For those of you who ask, “What can one do to change things?” and those who ask, “What can we replace this, that or the other with?” and to those who simply ask, “What can be done?” I pondered the questions and came up with this suggestion, for starters. A suggestion for a clean slate to begin re-building and re-claiming all we have lost. A suggestion that probably stems from my southern roots. An old southern country saying: “One does not go to the fox, to find out how to save the chickens.”

Let Freedom Ring


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  1. Kent McManigal says:

    Instead of simply resigning, they should fall upon their swords. Just a suggestion.