The current news is pretty much being dominated by the nomination of Sonia Sotomayer to the Supreme Court.  She’s appearing before Congress and will most likely be confirmed.

Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with her position on issues, politics will most likely triumph.  Keeping in mind, politicians are dedicated to two things, i.e., getting into office and staying in office.  In this connection, hearing all the hype about the size of the Latino vote in this country, those vetting her will be considering the back home vote at election time, which includes a segment of the Latino community.

With reference to the Supreme Court decision on law, all man-made laws are commensurate with, or in opposition to Universal Laws, which are Principles.

As human beings, we all act according to our individual value judgments. And according to some of the statements reported by Judge Sotomayer, some of her value judgments as a Latino are different from some of the rest of us.  Obviously by her description of herself as a Latino woman and statements which are subjective and not objective.

We want Supreme Court judges to make rulings based upon the objectivity of laws but such is not always the case.  Their background, family teachings, education, lifestyles, religious beliefs, political leanings, and a number of factors enter into their decisions.  They are human beings and not robots, beings of value judgments and that’s the way it is.
I’m reminded of the fact that all of us make decisions, continually, according to our highest values at the moment.   And Supreme Court judges are no exception. Their interpretation of the laws inherent in the United States Constitution are not always the same as another judge nor what the general citizenry thinks and believes.

It seems everyone has their own way of labeling Judge Sotomayer.  Some call her a moderate; others suggest she leans left and others say she leans right.  We do not know how she will interpret and rule once she’s appointed. We think we can predict based upon her history of performance, but factually we do not know what her decisions on issues will be.

The role of the Supreme Court is to interpret the laws, not to set policy or create other laws.  The judges are not elected, but appointed.  Their positions do not expire, but appointment is for life.   Accordingly there’s nothing we can do about it, whether we agree or disagree.  We can only talk about it, express our opinions about it, and accept the consequences of the decisions of those nine Supreme Court judges.

So why not use our time and energy changing the things in this country we can change and just accept those things we cannot change.

There’s much each individual can do, by understanding the real meaning of freedom, by taking responsibility for our lives in everyday living, and stop depending upon a centralized political government to take care of us. Because a centralized political government is all about taking care of itself. Sustaining its power of control and expanding it and being re-elected to extend that power.

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