We are seeing on the news, a resurgence of protestors in Iran. The Citizenry there want a change in their centralized government. No one knows what the outcome will be, however, if there is any truth in news reports, the new leader they want in power, over their lives, is not so different from Ahmadinejad, their current leader.

Here in this country, there is increasing unrest relative to the forces that be in the centralized government we have. There are so many varying degrees of what it is individuals really want. Most label themselves Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Right Wingers, Left Wingers, Libertarians, Independents, Anarchists, and on and on with labeling. Nothing is set in concrete with reference to any standardized meaning of any of these political labels, resulting in confusion.

Someone could start a new political party named “Confusion.” As a result of all this confusion, things go from bad to worse, daily, in this country, people flailing around like a chicken with its head cut off. On the other hand, there are many pundits with lists of college degees, and longer lists of impressive organizations they belong to, writing about the problems and how to fix them. Most, like the Iranians, pitch the idea of regime change, which is more of the same under a different name. With an unrealistic claim that they have the answers.

To me it’s the weirdest notion, that all we need to do is vote a different party into power, and elect a different person to fill the seat of power and, when that’s accomplished, everyone has what they want.

Why is it, I ask, history has not taught us what we need to know and do? The American Revolution was not fought with the main purpose in mind to set up another government; its purpose was not looking for a new leader. Its purpose was to be rid of an oppressive central government, located in another country. And the purpose of getting rid of the centralized government was so individuals would be unhampered to express their individual Freedom and live their lives as they chose, without forced payment and subservience to British rule.

Having accomplished that, they decided to form a kind of government, to retain, sustain and protect their individual Freedom. Theirs was a great idea, never before attempted. They successfully broke the chains of bondage, declared themselves to be free and for a few years, the citizens in this country lived a life of Freedom. What happened to change that? Within the framework of the history of how Freedom was achieved, why it was acquired, and how it has been lost, lies the answer.

There are 300 million people in the United States. Here’s what happens: Some individuals decide they can manage your life better than you can. They decide they can do this by being elected to some political office of power. Thousands upon thousands of political offices have been set up in this United States. From Dogcatcher, Marshall’s office, school board, Congressmen, Governors to President.

Something in the makeup of these individuals causes them to gravitate towards the seduction of power they feel they are entitled to have over your life and property. Once they experience the seduction of power, the next step is to seduce you into stamping your approval on their game plan, by going to the voting booth.

To entice you into submitting your stamp of approval, they campaign, with speeches of all kinds of promises, of what they plan on doing for you, with your money. The politician is in a state of denial. He is not planning on taking your money for the betterment of your life, but for his and those he chooses to redistribute it to.

Not only is the politician in denial, the American Citizen voter is also in denial. A child knows right from wrong, and so does the voter know, that placing someone in power over his life to take his money and property, on a promise the act will improve his life, is simply denial of the truth. It has not happened in the past nor will it happen in the future.

Power begets power, and year by year and day by day, as these politicians take their seats of power, they take more and more, pass more and more laws, set forth policies and pass edicts which have so eroded individual Freedom, they seem ashamed to speak the word.

Once entrenched in their seat of power, they no longer speak of what they can and will do for you, but set about ways and means of doing TO you, by taking more and more of your freedom and property. It’s a circular saw mentality, founded upon the merry-go-round of denial. By the perpetrator and the victim.

It’s a three-act play. In the first act, the politician registers as a candidate for office, gets all dressed up, starts making speeches of promises he cannot deliver, has rallies, raises money, advertises his false promises, and draws a crowd.

In the second act, the people gather to listen, believe the politician is going to represent their best interests, by taking from someone else to improve his life, and opens up his wallet and starts handing over his money, voluntarily at this point, and submits to the “hook.” On some level of consciousness, defying reason and rationale, blackmails himself into believing this particular candidate is going to be in power to act in his best interests and improve his life in some shape, form or fashion. Seals his fate at the ballot box, by the erroneous notion that this candidate is going to assume the responsibility for his life that he abandons – i.e., the abandonment of self-responsibility and self-control.

The curtain closes on act two with the candidate’s election and opens with act three. The 535 Congressmen and 100 Senators, elected, move to Washington. Now they are all members of this exclusive club, and all have offices, with millions in allowances to operate. Live an elaborate lifestyle, flying around first class on trips, the finest accomodations, with a staff to kowtow to their whims. Dress in their expensive outfits, smile for the camera, cater to news media. Then vote for more and more laws, designed to take more and more property from their “constituents” to sustain their power and lifestyles. A squirrel cage syndrome playing out over and over.

At the end of this third act, the curtain closes, the politicians take a bow, return to their home base to prepare for the next election, and the process starts all over again. And in the process, political power is ever expanding itself. It is not in its nature to reduce itself. It only changes from power to more power over the lives of the American people.

Many are wondering what can be done. Conversely, others have become so apathethic they’ve stopped wondering. Those still wondering what can be done, place their attention on finding some political group, headed by some particular politician that they think will do things differently and change the course of direction. This will not happen. Not because I think so, but it’s what history teaches us, for those who care to review it.

In the drama of the three-act play, changes can only be made in act two. In act one we think everything can be done for us, and in act three there’s the acceptance that everything is being done to us and not by us.

There is a great lesson to be learned, sitting in our living rooms, watching the Tehran Revolution Square protesters fighting and dying, to get rid of one in charge of the centralized power and replace with another. One who is an illusion, they think will provide Freedom for them. From all news reports, he is really not so different from the one they now have.

I’m reminded of the Cuban Revolution. I recall so vividly those in Washington calling Castro the “George Washington” of Cuba. A number of Americans flocked to Cuba to help Castro fight in the hills. When it was all over, it quickly became common knowledge he had been a dyed in the wool, card-carrying Communist since he was 17 years old.

The downward spiral of life in this country as we once knew it, came about because of very specific events. It’s not rocket science to figure out how and why it happened. And the answers to change are not that elusive and difficult.




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  1. After my presidential campaign I came to realize that as long as the Federal Election Commission controls campaigns, no one who is not “more of the same” will EVER get a chance to be elected to a high office in America. The FEC is set up to maintain the status quo. This is why I have come to see that “working within the system” is doomed to fail from the start.