Many interesting things have happened since I began writing stories on thefeatured_logo2 internet about a year and half ago. A number of stories have been published about me in newspaper articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gainesville Times, Gwinnett Daily Post, DGC Magazine and two days ago, a very lengthy post on Story of My Life.
Additionally, I’ve been interviewed to be on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, contacted to participate in a documentary about The Great Depression, plus have been mentioned in several other blogger articles. One of the latest being discussion group comments about my writings in Alberta, Canada, CR4.
The DGC Magazine article in the May issue, which can be downloaded here, included a reprint of one of my articles titled, “All That’s Past is Prologue. Do you Want to Know what is Happening to You in this Country?” This article included a very complimentary introduction by editor Mark Herpel.
The feature story that appeared two days ago on “Story of My Life,” is a lengthy article with a number of photographs and a chronicle  of events spanning a time from childhood, which led me on my journey to understand Freedom. It also includes a couple of stories of the battles I waged relative to experiences with the public school system in this country and facing arrest in my defiance of the compulsory school laws.
I tell these stories to emphasize that Freedom is “Eternal Vigilance” and we must use it to combat those forces at work to destroy it. And to point out that so much of the loss of individual Freedom has come about as a result of the socialist school system, indoctrinating young minds into the Philosophy of Socialism — a belief each parent must be ever mindful of what is being taught to their children.
A large part of my story is about the steps I took to ensure my children grew up with a basic understanding of the meaning of Freedom to pass on to their children, as ingrained in me by my parents growing up in a period of The Great Depression.
Accordingly, it is in this vein of thinking and belief in individual freedom, I express my heartfelt gratitude to those who write about me and my journey of experiences, learning about the true meaning of Freedom. In the hopes it might inspire others to stop and think, and consider why we have lost a considerable amount of our freedoms. To realize it is sustained by “Eternal Vigilance.”
Let Freedom Ring!


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0 Responses to I’ve Been Featured on “Story of My Life” Regarding My Discovery of Freedom Plus Battles with Schools

  1. Mark Herpel says:

    Congratulation Anne! Keep up the great work, our readers love your articles.

    Mark Herpel

  2. Anne,
    Can you imagine what would happen if they let someone like you on “The Tonight Show”?
    They would have to cover your mouth with duct tape.
    They would have to bring in Nancy Pelosi for an immediate rebuttal.
    They would have to issue apologies for not following “the script”.

    Hope it happens, though.

    Allen in Fort Worth