On Saturday I watched the televised ceremonies about D-Day from Normandy, France. Listened to the speeches by President Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Sarkozy.

One day later on this Sunday morning, listening to the usual round of interviews and talk shows, much to do about the absence of the word “terrorist” or any reference to terrorism in the speeches.

For me there was a glaring absence of the word Freedom. The Canadian Prime Minister, Harper, did say, “…We need to teach freedom.” Obama used the word “free” once when he said, “Americans, British, Canadians knew what it meant to be Free.”

It seems the word Freedom has been eliminated from the language along with the word Terrorist. And substituted in its place is idealism, ideology, and ideals. These words can cover a multitude of subjects.  Used in speeches, they appear to be so non-specific, and left hanging as to meaning. Various forms of socialism, like Communism and Fascism, are the ideals for many and are a specific ideology.

I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on history, watching the news about D-Day, tuned into the History Channel and stories about World War Two in general and the attack on Pearl Harbor in particular.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was December 7th, 1941.  The D-Day invasion by Allied Forces was June 6th, 1944.

Thousands upon thousands of young men died during that invasion.  It appeared to me, the day of the Normandy invasion was during the worst of weather, and the point of invasion was the worst site to enter, i.e., that tall cliff to climb, where the Germans were waiting to mow the young soldiers down.

Dwight Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of Allied Forces, and I wondered why he picked such a poor time in such bad weather at a point of entry so difficult.  Which prompted me to pull out history books and read stories of his life and rise to power.

He was promoted from Lt. Colonel to full General in less than two years by Roosevelt.  He had never been in combat command of even a battalion when he was made commander in Chief of Allied Forces in Western Europe.

This lack of experience in tactics and strategies  may account for what appeared to be less than wise decisions, on the day, time and place of the invasion.  Later stories of his life and history showed he was more of a politician than a military strategist.  Quoting one writer:  ” For Eisenhower is not only all politician, so far as his ability is concerned, he is the living embodiment of practically all of the skills and attitudes that every ambitious politician would like to possess.”

My love of this country, love of Freedom and personal property rights, having been married to a military officer who fought for this country in three wars, and listening to speeches at the site of invasion on D-day in World War Two, ignoring the use of the word Freedom, prompted me to go back over and sift through boxes of material I have from that period. Many letters, pictures, books, news articles, and momentos I have from that period.

I’m saddened by the stark realization, here we are, 65 years after that horrible day on June 6th, 1944 when so many thousands died, we are so much less free today than back then.  The observation of the degree of socialism embraced by the government and people in this country in this twenty-first century is appalling, indeed.

In just a few short years we have gone from creeping socialism to galloping socialism and living in an era where it appears taboo to talk about Freedom. Political speeches are framed around verbiage of  “ideology” without defining what that means.  Living in a time when there is no outcry of moral indignation over the course of events which have led us down the path of socialism.

How, Where, When did this turn from the idealism of Freedom have its origin. It’s my opinion, it began back there in 1913, when Congress passed the “graduated income tax.”  The impact being felt in the 1929 crash. President Roosevelt came into office implementing all kinds of social programs, taking from some and giving to others, making speeches about “the common man,” prolonging The Great Depression, then leading us into World War Two.

Since that time each incoming political regime has contributed to the diminishment of individual Freedom, embracing more and more socialism ideology.  Until today, we have a President and a Congress embracing and putting into action all the tenets of the Philosophy of Socialism.  That is Karl Marx mantra, “take from haves and give to have nots.”  Moving so fast into the last stages, no one is doing anything about it. Seemingly accepting the notion individual Freedom is so passe, it’s unpopular and unfashionable to even speak of Freedom!!

The fourth of July is just around the corner.  There will be bands playing, flags waving, wreaths laid, picnicking, and trips to the beach.  A few making speeches.  But who is going to be gathering in groups to discuss the real meaning of Freedom?  And who is going to get on the radio and television giving rousing speeches about Freedom?

Even the small percentage who do still talk about freedom, convey the idea that the answer lies in finding some Republican conservative candidate to lead us out of the current state of affairs. Not acknowledging we cannot vote ourselves out of the conditions we have voted ourselves into.

I boldly suggest a return to a way of life which embraces individual Freedom and private ownership of property can only be realized in the hearts and minds and willingness of the 300 million citizenry in this country.  An admission we have squandered and lost it, followed by a burning desire to have it back.

In this wide wide world of centuries of civilizations in many countries, what country in the history of civilization has ever enjoyed the freedom we once had in this nation? And how was it achieved? Simply, it came out of the hearts and minds of individuals, with a desire to have it and a willingness to “root hog, or die” to take a stand for it.  Ordinary people, living ordinary lives, made a decision to take extraordinary actions to obtain Freedom.

The question is, why is it in the past 65 years, thousands upon thousands have died thinking they were fighting for Freedom, with the result of bondage we have to-day? Obviously we are living in a political system, which has taken over by edicts, policies, rules and regulations perpetrated upon the American people, disguised as knowing what was best for individuals.

While we fell asleep at the switch, those in the seat of power in Washington convinced the American people they could manage their lives better than individuals of this country could.  The non-producers convinced the producers in this country, they were smarter than the rest of us.  By their claim of power and the threat of a gun, and words, this country has been taken over and ruled by a few.

We cannot in all honesty and sincerity, celebrate our Freedom on the upcoming fourth of July. Because we no longer have it.  We can celebrate what we once had but not what we now have.  We could celebrate a determination to roll back the chains of bondage to re-claim it if we still want it.  The question is, are you one of those individuals who still desires Freedom?  Or you one of those individuals who looks to a centralized political system to take care of you and make decisions for your life?

Freedom is self-responsibility and self control and non transferable. Ownership of property is a total concept.  Socialism is the antithesis of individual freedom.  Socialism and Freedom are incompatible and cannot co-exist.  You have one or the other.  Denial we are living under the umbrella of socialism, in no way changes the condition.

We are living in an information age of advanced technology.  All we have to do is press a button or flip a switch to have many things we want. The one thing we cannot have by a button or a switch is personal Freedom.  It is gained or retained by a conscious individual decision of self-responsibility to do whatever is necessary to gain and retain. We have lost our freedom by attrition.


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  1. So true, and so sad. No one has “died for freedom” in a “war” in many decades. They just die for the state.