Recently we are hearing more and more from small isolated groups, opposing the direction we are headed in this country. A direction not geared towards individual freedom and private ownership of property. But one diametrically opposed to it. A direction already clothed in many tenets of Socialism.


It’s a noble premise and action to take a stand against the onslaught of Socialism. One of the latest moves is for States Rights regarding gun ownership.  Thousands have assumed the responsibility of educating their children via homeschooling. In the recent, “Tea Party” protest, thousands gathered with various agendas of protest.


However, it remains my belief; much of this activity is concerned with the effects and not the cause of our being in this situation. In my opinion the major culprit, the elephant in the room is the socialized school system in this country. This is where generation after generation has been indoctrinated into the philosophy of socialism.


I repeat what I stated before from the House of Rothschild; “Give me control of the money and I care not who makes the laws.”


In all the 50 states over half the tax money collected goes into the support of the socialized school system. Billions and billions of dollars goes there. It’s a matter of record, not my here-say.


On a regular basis we hear stories about teachers raping young children, Kids killing themselves and each other. There are beatings and bullying, injuries, drugs and on and on.



More time, money and effort for propaganda is directed towards the tax-supported school system than anything else to sustain it.


Just today, I received a news letter from, “alliance for school choice”, quoting, “Fifty-five years ago, citizens of all race, religion and socioeconomic status were given hope of educational equality, would soon come to America. The US Supreme court’s ruling in Brown v. Board of Education sent a clear message that every child is entitled to equal educational opportunities.”


The article goes on to say, “We call on local leaders to protect and strengthen existing school vouchers and scholarship tax credit programs. And we call on Congress to fully reauthorize the federally funded DC opportunity Scholarship program.”


There is no school choice. Children are subjected to compulsory school laws and all the working wage earners in this country are forced to pay for schools. Which in reality do not educate but indoctrinate children in the basic tenets of the philosophy of socialism. The schools themselves are socialistic, so how can they be expected to teach something contrary to their fundamental core? It is ludicrous to suggest otherwise.


If over half of each state’s budget goes to the school system, as reported by State Budget commissions, that’s evidence the schools control the money – the majority of it. If the schools themselves are socialistic, and they are by definition and practice, and they indoctrinate instead of educating, as evidenced by the end result. Plus forced attendance and forced funding by tax-payers. Does this not present a graphic picture of what’s wrong in this country?


Can the direction we are headed in this country be changed unless the school situation is addressed? I don’t think so. Attempting to make changes in gun laws or anything else is simply addressing symptoms and effects. Until the horrors of the tax-supported schools are addressed nothing else will change in any meaningful manner.


Why be involved in letter writing campaigns to politicians attempting to change laws on a federal or state level, when one could effectively change the direction of this country by using energies and resources, to change the cause on a local level?  The thousands of local school boards are in charge of the tax-supported school system. Would it not be more rational to recognize there’s where the changes can be made effectively, involving everyone on the local level? Everyone is already involved because they are funding the system. Your children are there and the majority of your money goes there.


We are in a war of ideas and it’s a battle. Organizing in groups to fight gun laws, health laws, tax laws and etc. seem such a futile effort when the real culprit holds your children captive and takes your money to fund the socialized system. Waging the battle to take back your children and the bulk of your money squandered there, would be easier and more effective than scattering ones energies in different directions. School boards are small groups in all communities across this country that makes the policies, which are tantamount to laws. They write the script, make the rules, collect and direct the money, control your children, pull the curtain and direct all activities. And they are locals. They are your neighbors in many instances.


Hypothetically, even if you were successful in changing some of the directives, like gun laws, you would still wind  up with the bulk of the billions going into the school system and your children still being indoctrinated into the philosophy of socialism, we would all essentially be at the same place we are today.


There will be no significant changes in the direction of this once great nation until the socialized school system is addressed.


Take over the responsibility of your children, stop their indoctrination, begin educating them and take control of the money poured into the system,  and the battle in the war of ideas can be won. When and if that is accomplished the rest will be a cake walk.


Why is there so much fear when it comes to addressing the school problem? For many parents they have been intimidated by the officials of the system. There is a fear if they object or complain actions will be taken against their children. And this can happen.


I know from personal experiences years ago what can happen if you complain or resist. I fought and faced arrest more than once when my children were young and in the system.


You cannot change anything for the better within the socialized system.  It must be a totally different system replaced by a free-market system of education. If this is done, the dynamics of the direction we are headed will be changed.


We already know this once constitutionally based form of government, which allowed free enterprise and capitalism to flourish, and allowed private ownership of property and individual freedom, is collapsing all around us and we are already in an oligarchy form of political government, i.e. a government of an elite few. There is a system already in progress. To think otherwise is a state of denial. And it is a refusal to face the reality of conditions as they are today.


Many have fought and died for the freedoms we once enjoyed in this country. Slowly like cancer, creeping socialism has made great in-roads into our way of life in this country, eroding and eating away at individual freedom and private ownership of property rights. The question is what are we willing to do to turn the tide?


We cannot vote our way out of conditions we voted ourselves into.






The Freedom Lady






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  1. So often, when I speak out against the government indoctrination centers I am told that “education is important”. I agree. It’s MUCH too important to leave to the state. After 150 years or so of “public schooling” literacy is just about gone. People are unable to distinguish between “Creationism” and science. And they keep voting for things like Obama and/or Bush. It’s pathetic.