My 4 year old grandson Prince William and I have a garden plot that is 10 feet by 8 feet that we call his farm. With all this rain, the squash plants are huge, the tomato plants are really thriving, and today William was so excited over seeing one tiny green tomato.


 There is a  little row of spinach that he picks and eats raw. We have five Irish potato plants and he keeps emoting over them and wants to know how long before they are French Fries.


When he comes and sees how much things have grown, yells, “Holy guacamole!”



Today he was here 8 hours, we walked to the park, picked flowers, and he chased a Squirrel with a stick. Later took his water gun and shot the water at another squirrel chasing him up a tree.

He loves to play tic tac toe. He uses the zero and I use the X. When it’s his turn he makes two zeros and yells, “I won!” When I tell him he’s cheating he just giggles.


Today I taught him to write the word Mommy. He was so impressed the 3 “Ms” were really like the “W” in his name but were upside down. It can’t get any better than that kind of astute observation from a 4 year old.


He wanted to draw a picture for his mom, so I out lined some flowers and he spent an hour painting it with all kinds of colors. Then I showed him how to frame it. When we finished, he said he thought he would be an artist.


When we get ready to water his garden, he fills up his water gun and shoots the plants with water, giggles and has a ball doing that. I told him I had never seen anyone water their garden with a gun.  He rolled those beautiful brown eyes and said, “This is fun.”


He loves flowers and planted flower seeds. Only 3 came up and they are now blooming. He picked 3 flowers and put in a vase for his mom when she came to pick him up.


The little plot backs up to a wooden fence. We hung a little ceramic yellow bird on the fence and he views this as the protector for his garden.  He squirts the water gun at the bird to give it water when he comes. We have a sign on the fence that says, “Williams Garden.”


If you have never planted a garden with a four year old, you are missing one of the great joys of life as he hoes it with his little hoe, and jumps and giggles with joy, in wide-eyed wonder as the plants grow every day and anticipates what they will do next.. The appearance of a tiny little green tomato was a major event.


He named the little yellow bird, “Sponge Bob” and his little fish at home is named “Captain Hook.” The Squirrel he chases is called “Nutmeg Nellie.”







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  1. My daughter tries to play in the water as I am watering my garden plants.