My last article about Principles and Value Judgments had just been posted when President Obama appeared on television talking about the “principles” in his health care plan. Which were not principles at all.  This is another example of misleading by misuse of the language. And in the area of Principles versus value judgments is the most glaring misleading misuse. As a Harvard graduate, I don’t know if the president knows the difference in the meaning of the two words or not. It doesn’t really matter whether he does or not, but it matters in your life whether or not you understand the difference.


It’s all part of the yakkity yak verbiage coming out of Washington in a constant stream. The latest being what Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference, by claiming the CIA misled congress. So many are labeling an outright lie. Now I think Nancy Pelosi is a very attractive, articulate, smart lady, sitting in a seat of power, third in line for the presidency of the United States. In this connection we must remind ourselves of the priority agenda of all politicians, and that’s getting into power and staying into power.


It can be a slippery slope, particularly when one is ticker ticking along waving their wand of power when everything they do and say seems to be working. In reference to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a can of worms was opened and started crawling everywhere. Reports of how she can and has picked up the phone to stop or start something relating to government business. One such instance was in reference to an activity of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.


Now the news from the left and the right, from republicans to democrats are all in a dither, fluttering and frittering about the charge Nancy Pelosi is lying about being informed regarding the torture tactics of water boarding by the CIA.Why this uproar over that when the American people are being misled and lied to regularly by politicians? And more importantly, why is so much being stolen via the system of legal plunder.  Why this upheaval of protest regarding who said what about how terrorist and enemies of this country are dealt with?


I remind you; political government is a “con” game. Keep your eye on this ball while we are doing something else. And this something else is their hand on your wallet cleaning out your clock, stealing your property and destroying your individual Freedom, while your attention is focused upon what Nancy Pelosi said. It’s the epitome of managed news.


I could care less what the speaker of the House and other politicians are saying about treatment of terrorist, but I’m deeply concerned about what they are doing to this country and freedom, I care about.


It fits the pattern of the con game to launch an attack on some popular figure to divert the attention away from the growing objections to all the outlandish spending in Washington. The honeymoon of the current regime is winding down and the reality of the amount of theft in the first 100 days is setting into the minds and emotions of the American people.


Slight trickling of reality is being broadcast by such people as Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee. Does this mean the Dam in the Lake of Apathy has been broken?  Or is it a small leak a few are holding their fingers in?  I don’t know. But appears to me totalitarianism is now so advanced in this country, and so many wanting socialism, its iffy if enough will awaken to the reality in time to rescue freedom and individual property rights.


I suspect the basic premise applicable to individuals is equally applicable to this country and that is no one can change the direction of another human being. You can slow them down or speed them up, but the direction is decided by each individual. Accordingly the up-rising of objections to current conditions, may slow it down, but will it change the direction those in seats of power have decided to take this country? And it will mean a rescue mission to affect a victory.


In my opinion, each person in this country is a contributor to the notion of individual freedom, or they are a sub tractor of it. Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control. You decide which one you are.


The Nancy Pelosi headline grabber will probably remain in effect for a few more days. Smacks of the Richard Nixon era, when the mantra was, “What did you know and when did you know it” of the days of Watergate. There are two kinds of politicians, the caught and uncaught.


According to news reports, Nancy Pelosi is claiming the CIA lied to Congress and according to the pundits Nancy Pelosi is lying to the American people.


Which is more important to you? Who’s lying to whom in Washington, or how much they are stealing from you?


In Marbury versus Madison, 1803, “All Laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”






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  1. My money is on both the CIA and Pelosi lying.