A number of areas in the news currently protest over State’s Rights such as gun laws, gay marriage versus traditional marriage between a man and a woman.  The fight between Nancy Pelosi and the CIA is also making news. And the controversy over the President speaking at Notre Dame University, The CEO of AIG, Mr. Liddy, appearing before Congress are also making news along with the ongoing billions of dollars in tax-payer bail-outs.


Like a mosquito at a nudist colony, there’s so much to do, and it is hard to know where to start.


I listened to the testimony of Mr. Liddy appearing before a congressional committee to explain what’s going on in connection to the billions of dollars the government handed over to the insurance company AIG. A lot of questions, prompting dazzling footwork answers. Repeated reference, by questioners regarding the American taxpayers owning 79 percent of the company. Repeated questions to the CEO asking what happened to all that money?  In the lengthy session, never did Mr. Liddy answer the question. I remind my readers, you do not own that which you do not control. For United States elected congressmen to sit there and say the American people now own 79 percent of the huge insurance company is hogwash!! They control not one iota of it, and cannot find out where the money went. To make flat out claims the American people own part of it, is simply not the truth. The American people have elected politicians who do not understand what constitutes ownership of property.


Next, there is a lot of news coverage about Miss California, and her belief marriage should be between a man and a woman, and not between two of same sex.


I’m one who believes in the validity of contractual agreements.  And they are necessary in a civilized society. At issue in the ongoing debate is actually a dispute about the contract of marriage. First of all one cannot enter into a valid contract for anything which does not have a boundary. Without a boundary it’s in essence a non-contractual. In the marriage contract one promises to honor, love and obey, usually. What are the boundaries of love, honor and obedience? These are non-contractual things, therefore when one marries they attempt to make a contract for non-contractual things.


Absolute proof of this is when one applies for a divorce; they do not seek to convince a judge they want to legally end their contract of love, honor and obedience. Instead get right down to the economics of, who gets the house? Who pays for the kids? Who gets the cars? Who gets the bank account and etc.? But these are things not contracted for in the original agreement.


Therefore one can readily see the absurdity of the marriage contract to begin with.


Another news item in the forefront last week is the issue of States Rights over gun laws. This was stirred by some individuals in Montana, Texas and Utah. Maintaining, according to the Constitution, Individual States have the right to regulate gun laws intrastate policies and the gun issue is not interstate but intrastate, as I understand it.


Interestingly, during the lengthy political campaign of 2008, I never heard the mention of, “States Rights.” Not once. Then the newly elected president held a meeting of States governors, and I heard nothing on the news of any mention of States Rights. Nor did I hear any mention of the word, “freedom” except by one candidate.


Additionally, there is much in the news about the speaking engagement of President Obama before Notre Dame University, tomorrow night. Protesters are being arrested over the ongoing dispute about abortion laws between those pro-life and those pro-choice.


Towards the end of the week, the news was dominated over the dispute between Nancy Pelosi and the CIA, and who’s lying about who knew what over the water boarding torture tactics. I posted a separate article about this one.


Then there was a hardly noticed news item about the very real possibility, food prices are going to jump sky high. Now there’s a news item we should all be concerned about and something we can have a degree of control over. A subject I wrote an article on several months back.


Take a second look at all these news happenings, States Rights, guns, marriage, Notre Dame, AIG, CIA, House Speaker, and food prices, and decide whether or not you have any interest or control over any of them.


It may appear on the surface they are non-related subjects.  However they all have something to do with property rights and individual freedom.


U.S. Secretary of Defense, William Cohen said in 1999: “We have to yet really seriously debate the constitutional issues and whether or not we’re willing to give up more freedom, in order to have more security.”


To this I suggest, to maintain it’s a debate between freedom and security is so flawed were apt to wind up with neither. The issue is between freedom and bondage.








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  1. In the choice between freedom and bondage, I choose freedom!