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In a previous article, I mentioned about my little garden plot I have a joint venture with my four year-old grandson Prince William. This past week we have had lots of rain and it’s amazing how fast things are growing. I planted spinach, squash, tomato plants, pepper plants, radishes and flowers.


I planted radish seeds because they mature and ready to eat in about 21 days, and Prince William is impatient, and I wanted him to have something to harvest as soon as possible. He came by a couple of days ago and when he saw how things have grown so quickly said, “I’m impressed.”


I don’t know about others, but for me it’s difficult to top the joy I experience, when I do something, which prompts my four year old grandson to say:”I’m impressed”


Because of the economy and price of food, plus the saturation with all kinds of sprays and preservatives, it’s very rewarding to grow something of your own. If you live in an apartment or condo, you can plant things in pots. To save money you can go to a local restaurant and ask for the gallon cans they throw away, poke holes in bottom with can opener, fill with soil and plant seeds or plants. I spray the tin cans with pretty spray paint. I sometimes start my flower seeds in small tin cans, I open to throw away.


No matter what you attempt in life there always seems to be something out there presenting a problem. I have a lot of squirrels and chipmunks that like to dig all over my yard searching for nuts and include my little garden plot in their territory. Then there are bugs that like to feast on the foliage. I prefer not to use poisonous sprays, so decided to order some tobacco seeds. I hear that tobacco plants help keep insects away.


Check on a comment by Kent McManigal to see a link he provides for ordering tobacco seeds, less than $3.00 per package. I never dreamed I would be growing tobacco, but if it’s a preventive for insects, I’m going to try it.


I’m awed by watching a tiny seed I plant in the soil, resist the weight of the soil on top of it to push forth for its life to expand and survive. I see an analogy between plants and ideas.  First you can’t expect a harvest until you plant something. Then you must care for it according to the laws of nature to expect desirable results.


I frequently discuss how political government thrives- on two things, dependency upon it and resistance to it. Like that plant and government thriving on resistance to it, so can one expect the same results by sowing the seeds of truth about individual freedom, and private ownership of property. Starting with the application of the principles to one’s own life then sharing the principles with others.


You might encounter resistance in the form of rejection and criticism, but so what? That provides fertile soil to explain the truth. But first you must understand the truth yourself about freedom. So many have it confused with everything from coercion to equality. From hold-ups to handouts, some view freedom, being able to walk to mailbox to pick up a check from government to going to the food bank to pick up their groceries. There is a toolbox full of misunderstanding about individual freedom.



So where does one begin?  The same way you do to plant radishes. With a desire to expect a harvest from the information you obtain, and the effort you put forth.  A desire and a decision is how to begin. Seek the truth? And what is truth? The absence of a lie. You are sovereign over your own life if you choose to be. And you are responsible for it regardless of whether or not you choose to be.


Adam Smith said, “The natural effort of every individual to better his own condition is so powerful that it alone, and without assistance, not only capable of carrying on the society to wealth and prosperity, but of surmounting a hundred impertinent obstructions with which the folly of human laws too often encumbers its operation.”


If you are planting something, email me.


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