During the long campaign for president, we heard like a mantra, over and over, you were for change change, change. Your plans were for transparency out of Washington. You were going to change the operations of Lobbyist and a list of things you said you were going to do.


Since you took over the reins of government, things have gone from bad to worse. Granted you inherited a big mess. But for Pete’s sake you did not tell us your change would be to put the American people further and further in debt at a cost of staggering billions.


Listening to all you have done and plan on doing, I’m reminded of something quite simple I learned in high school civics. That is, there are three branches of government. One, the Congress makes the laws, two the executive, executes the laws and three, The Supreme Court interprets the laws, according to the Constitution of the United States. How did something that simple get so screwed up?


And another thing, aside from the role of execution of the laws by the executive branch, it was my understanding that the role of a President is to protect this country from enemies, foreign and domestic.


It appears to me that you have placed this nation and the producers in this country so far into debt, a debt extending into perpetuity, this country will bankrupt. You have approved of billions upon billions for large conglomerates, who according to news accounts have squandered it, with no accountability for where it went. Is this protecting this country from, “enemies with-in?” I don’t think so.


Now just a few months into your administration, the managed news media, that fistful of socialist thinkers are now reporting, things are improving and we are on our way out of a recession. I don’t think so.


Now you have nominated a Supreme Court Justice, you suggest you wish to have a quality of, “empathy” And the nominee herself has suggested the courts are, “policy makers.” You said you viewed that quality of empathy as essential in arriving at just decisions. I don’t think so. Where in the constitution does it say the Supreme Court, the 3rd branch of government, established to interpret the law, say anything about empathy or policy making? That appears to me to be stinking thinking and in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.


Furthermore, you say you are going to close Guantanamo base where enemies out to destroy this country are housed. You have not assured us you won’t bring them to this country. Is this protecting this country from foreign enemies?


And another thing, you have not done anything to protect the borders from aliens flocking across by the millions. Many many are drug salesmen. How is this country being protected from all the drug dealing enemies at the borders? I don’t think so.


There is so much talk about wars. The two ongoing military wars, this country is involved in, then all the talk, about war on poverty, war on drugs, war on disease, its war war war. You are the Commander-in Chief of all these battles this country is engaged in, and I do not hear any rational plans of winning any of them. Instead it’s like a squirrel cage syndrome, going round and round while conditions in this country go from bad to worse.


Now I know no one person could not bring this once great country down to the rubble we face today. And I’m not blaming you for all the troubles, trials and tribulations we now face, but as I see it you came into office with such enthusiastic support, you’ve had the opportunity, to lead this country in a different and better direction, and you have not done so.


If your job as president of this country is to execute the laws and protect this country from foreign and domestic enemies, why are you failing to do that? You are smart and well educated and occupy a seat of power in a position to make decisions for the betterment of the citizens in this country.  You took an oath to uphold the Constitution of this United States. Obviously you are not doing that.


It does not take a graduate of Harvard Law School to understand the role of the Supreme Court is not to be empathetic, or the role of any court to make policy… Nor the role of congress to interpret the laws, nor to execute the laws. It’s the role of the presidency to execute the laws congress makes and the Supreme Court interprets. What’s complicated about that? Or difficult to understand?


But the boundaries of the roles each branch have been so blurred, ignored and misinterpreted, not only by you, but by a host of elected officials in Washington this country is now just a shadow of its intended purpose. That is freedom for the individual.


On holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Fourth of July, bands play, wreaths are laid and flags wave, but in reality just a sort of mockery of what this country once stood for what we once had, but is no more. It’s a sad day at OK corral.













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0 Responses to Dear Mr. President, “Keep the Change.” (Issue 220)

  1. Maybe we misunderstood Obama. Maybe he said “chains”; not “change”.

  2. TJ says:

    Well said. I wish points of view like yours were more prevalent. It amazes me more than almost anything that a majority of the voting public think their side is the good guys and the other side are the bad guys, but somehow miss the bigger idea that between our two major parties they have really put our future in jeopardy. From carefully following the actions of our Congress and Senate over the past few years I can only conclude that their goal is to destroy our country.

  3. Chrisg288 says:

    I love it when the crap gets cut, and the truth is laid bare. There is no shortage of truth tellers, only of truth practitioners. There is a hidden political factory system which produces politicians whose words and actions are not congruent. The objectives are to chain the free people, in order to create the One World Government. Free people will not submit to the yoke. Therefore subterfuge is the only way. We must be tricked and deceived into giving up freedoms. Obama is some of the best packaging we’ve seen so far, for such an ugly reality.

    The multinationals and banks are being paid for the lost revenue, while the NWO conducts this ‘depression’. As they are first in line for the new money, they receive all the spending power it has at the old currency evaluation. By the time it reaches the poorer people, the spending power will be gone… the dollars will be worth far less.

    Well said Anne!

  4. Joe Sixpack says:

    Thanks for the essay. I tried to warn America before the election: