I now have a Twitter site… I did not know what twittering was, anymore than I knew what blogging was, a year ago.


It was just after the first of the year 2008, when my son e-mailed and said he would set up a blog site for me if I would write the articles. We decided we needed about 50 to begin with, so I began writing about anything that came to mind. The site was named octogenariansblog.com. I did not know what a blog was or what an octogenarian was at that time.


Quite frankly I had not really ever gotten used to the term, “Senior Citizen” when I learned I had become an, “Octogenarian.” Now I have evolved into a “twitter” bug.


After writing approximately 50 articles, the Octogenarian Blog site was launched in April of last year. As I celebrate my first year anniversary as a Blogger, I’m about to post my article number 200. That may not seem like much to seasoned writers, but for me, typing with two fingers, and knowing so little about computers, that’s a lot of time spent writing.



I must say, I’m no less impressed today than when I began, over the fact I can sit down write on any subject I choose and it goes around the world 24-7. Secondly, impressed and blessed there are others out there who enjoy my writings, some who agree and some who take issue with some of the things I write about.


I welcome any comments, whether the reader agrees or disagrees. You know the old saying, “All the world is wrong but me and three, and sometimes I have my doubts about thee.”


I now have a number of regular readers, plus the fact the traffic count of interest in clicking on my articles continues to steadily increase every month. This is very rewarding, and motivates me to continue writing.


As I have mentioned before, I write to express not to necessarily impress. But hopefully I say something that stirs ones intellectual nettle, to stop and think about the value of their individual freedom and property rights.


I’m always open to any questions, opinions, or comments, the reader cares to express.


Difference in opinions is what makes horse racing.


But hopefully we can find some common ground of agreement when it comes to ones individual freedom, and ownership of property rights.








Email; annecleveland@bellsouth.net




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0 Responses to Twitter, Twitter, Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are (Issue 199)

  1. Megan Webb says:

    Happy Anniversary Anne! Has it really been a year already?! Congratulations on your 200th blog!