Here it is Good Friday, a week in which most of those in the Christian religion celebrate the Life of Christ culminating with the Resurrection on Sunday morning.


Last night I attended a service with a friend of mine in Flowery Branch, Georgia. It was a lovely service and I met a number of very pleasant people there. I enjoyed it for several reasons. One being that it was in a little town that my parents lived in a number of years before they passed.


This is a nation founded upon basic Christian principles at a time of extraordinary peril to our way of life, and it’s reassuring to know so many express their belief in something greater than themselves, this time of the year.


Despite the fact there are many different Christian churches, and different interpretations of what it means to be a, “Christian,” it’s my observation that most people are interested in where they came from, why they are here , and where they are going. In this connection there is an underlying notion about the religious beliefs of most people.


The Bible is the accepted source of information for most Christians. Many many books with various interpretations of the bible and its meaning have been written. I personally have read a number of books and attended the services in a number of different churches. I must say one of the most moving books I have ever read is a rather obscure one titled, “The Prince of the House of David.”


I searched for this book for a long time because when I heard about it, I really wanted to read it. A number of years ago my daughter was browsing in a used book store in North Carolina, called me quite excited, saying, “Mother I found that book you have been looking for.”  I suspect it has been out of print for some time, however a couple of years ago I searched the internet and found copies for sale.


Having been born in “The Southern Baptist Belt”, that’s all I heard growing up, but traveling to other areas and even living in a foreign country, there was a period of time, I studied various religions, seeking the truths for myself.  I decided there is a difference in one being very religious and one being deeply spiritual. They are not always the same in my opinion. Ones Spirituality is a very personal experience, and I for one respect the beliefs of others. And have a core belief we are all here to learn. And on this un-ascended level, none of us have ALL the answers.


Have a Happy Easter




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