I frequently receive e-mails urging me to participate in some kind of organized effort to write to Congressman regarding issues about this that and the other. It’s not my cup of tea to lend my energy to such useless and worthless efforts.


The latest is about an issue which crops up periodically and has for the past many years. It’s the subject of religion in tax-supported socialistic schools. The latest Hot Button is over the appointment of a judge named Daniel Hamilton. Who according to the, “Pray in name of Jesus Project”, is an ultra-liberal, former fundraiser for Acorn, former leader in the Indiana chapter of the ACLU. He is apparently opposed to prayer in schools. But according to the notice I received he ruled prayers to, “Allah” were perfectly lawful.


This argument as to whether or not to allow prayer in schools has been going on for years. The emotional upheaval over it dies down for awhile, and then it crops up again. This particular notice states:” Urgent Hot Petition, please click, sign and we will fax your petition automatically to all 100 Senators right away saving you hours of labor”


I’ll get right to the point, what is wrong with the schools in this country is not whether or not prayer should be allowed or religion taught, but the system of thievery it thrives on. The cause of all that’s wrong in the school system is the immorality of thievery upon which it exists and proliferates. Taxes by definition are an in-voluntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence legal plunder, a system of thievery.


The denial of prayer and preaching Allah is a symptom of the immorality of the system. Thievery is the root cause. Why is that simple truth too complicated for most to grasp?


I for one believe religion of any kind should be taught in the home and church, not in any school, period.


Another reminder: Political government thrives on two things and two things only. Opposition to it and dependency upon it. Therefore all these organized petitions to congressmen simply feed into that energy of opposition.. They love it, it makes them feel important. If they vote against a particular issue that’s a hot button. Then they sit back and wait for the next time it rears its ugly head, which brings me to another re-minder.


That is the part of the Socialist platform, the Karl Marx manifesto notion of, “one step backwards and two steps forward” Namely a particular subject of a Socialist nature comes up before one of the three branches of government, The Judicial, Congress, or Executive branch. It’s made public and there’s objections (opposition). After that spin dies down it rears its head at some subsequent time, loaded with more government control than before and sails thru into law.


The pattern is the same, invoke opposition, to be knocked down and backwards one step to make two steps further at another time.  It is a relentless modus operandi used over and over time and again yet intelligent citizens of this country keep falling into the same trap, dealing with symptoms, refusing to recognize cause.


This latest frenzy over religion in the schools is so old and has been used so many times. I suggest you remove your precious children from the misery and dangers of the tax-supported socialistic system. You can home-school or send to a private school, or a church operated school. There are choices available and options other than using time, energy money and focus on something whose very foundation is an immoral and corrupt system. And is quite dangerous now-a-days.


Stop trying to cure the problems symptomatically. It simply will not work to correct what’s wrong. Only facing and dealing with the CAUSE will correct the devastation in the current schools.


No amount of prayer will correct the cause. The school situation is the result of irresponsibility of parents. It’s the result of turning ones children over to the State to be responsible for their education and well-being. They are not being educated but indoctrinated into the basic tenets of socialism. Tragically, what is at stake is much more than religion.


By the very nature of the system, it’s Socialism, pure and simple. And no matter the name of socialism, Communism or fascism, with-out exception its core teachings is abolishment of private ownership of property. In this connection, one can only expect bondage, because the very essence of individual Freedom is private ownership of property. No individual can be free if the State owns or controls private property. The State owns and controls the tax-supported school systems across this country.


“WE CAN WIN THIS BATTLE” headlines this “urgent hot petition” I received to join in this crazy notion this action will change anything for the better in the crisis we face. No, no, no, the battle will not be won with this tactic.


Only self-responsibility and self-control of individuals will win the battle. No other strategy will bring about the desired results. If the desired results are for individual freedom, it’s not rocket science. Wake up; take your head out of the sand, dear hearts and gentle people.







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0 Responses to Illigitimas Non Carborundum – Schools – Focus on Cause, Not Symptom – Hot Button Religion!!! (Issue 206)

  1. Yes! Strike at the root and stop hacking at the branches! There are so many other issues relating to “the state” that should be looked at the same way. Reframe the question instead of falling into the trap that has been laid for us by the way the debate is laid out. Cut to the heart of the matter.

    On another note; I think the notion that email petitions would even be noticed is a bit unrealistic anyway.

  2. Hi Kent. Love the phrase, “strike at the root and stop hacking away at the branches.” I!ll borrow thst one if you dont mind?
    And where can one get tobacco seeds?
    For those of you who might not be familiar, Kent writes daily fior the Albuquerque Examiner, plus several other blog sites. Writes some interesting stuff. Also just put on the market a silver coin he designed, now for sale.
    He pulls no punches when it comes to hitting back at the forces so active 24/7 out to destroy individual freedom.
    And one of the few who actively lives his life according to his phylosophy.

    Anne Cleveland
    Chief Editor

  3. Thanks, Anne.

    The phrase I used is a paraphrase of H.D. Thoreau’s “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

    I got my tobacco seeds from seedman.com (http://www.seedman.com/Tobacco.htm)

    If anyone is interested in the coin I designed, you can get more information here: http://www.dullhawk.com/dubloon.html

    My Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner page is http://www.examiner.com/x-5723-Albuquerque-Libertarian-Examiner

    Sorry for all the links. Did I leave anything out?

  4. Great article. Please keep ’em coming !

    Allen in Fort Worth

  5. John Spivey says:

    Wow… Very well done!