There is such a diversity of ideas, language, opinions, and arguments about what is actually taking place in America and the world; it is difficult to sort through to figure out truth from fiction.


Just seeing all the signs hundreds were carrying at the recent Tea Party protest gatherings presents a picture of diversity in what individuals wish to express. Despite the diversity of expression via printed placards, the action conveyed an underlying feeling of disenchantment with what is happening in this country on a variety of levels.


Not knowing what to do about it, it appears the majority are crying out, “Listen to me.” This is out pictured in all the remarks of the internet from Facebook to Twitter. Plus there are so many books being written, magazine articles, and newspaper editorials. Blogging on the internet is a phenomenon.


One of the most interesting areas of projected thinking is this notion President Obama knows so little about economics. Some say he is totally “clueless” about money and economics. I don’t agree with that.


Let me begin by saying I think President Obama is a very smart man. I think he is charismatic, articulate, well-educated.and knows exactly what he’s doing and where he is headed. And he has from the beginning. There’s nothing happenstance about his program for this country. And I believe he’s on target to implement his initiatives.


He is a graduate of Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in this country, but known for its teachings of Keynism.


There are two major schools of thought relative to economics and that’s the Austrian School of thought and Keynism. The basics of keynism are socialism and the basics of the Austrian school of thought are free-market, capitalism. That’s just elementary dear Watson.


President Obama has appointed a cabinet of economic experts who are Socialist in their philosophy and surrounded himself with advisors in his administration with those of Socialistic leanings. That is self-evident.


He is on television regularly making speeches, talking to the press, appearing for talk show interviews and makes no bones about his programs, what he wants and what he plans on doing. Plus what he is actually doing. I think there’s less subterfuge about this President than any we have had lately. To underestimate his intentions by suggesting he is clueless, and by suggesting he doesn’t know what he’s doing and going on is ludicrous. Trying to hang that tag around the necks of the American people is propaganda which adds to their confusion.


In addition to his knowledge about money and economics, he is a top-notch salesman. He is very adept at selling the idea of what he is doing is in their best interest, and the economic crisis is so bad he has no other alternative to act in any manner than he has and plans too. He tells us what he does and plans on doing. It’s his reasons for his actions we should be concerned with. It’s the predictable results of his proposals we should be paying attention too.


The problem in the pervasive thinking and actions of the American people lies in their expectations. From the extreme liberal left to the right-wing conservatives, they are not getting what they expected. And the reason is they did not pay attention and could have and should have during the very lengthy campaigning.


There was plenty of information available about who Barack Obama was, what his background was, what his education was, where he came from and how he got to where he is. So enamored by his tall good-looks, his beautiful smile, his polished rhetoric and mesmerizing speeches, most people acted as though they were spell-bound.


There’s an old saying from years past which says, “The United States government is never far behind, nor very far ahead of the tempo of the American people.”


The American people failed to stop and think and admit so much in this country, from schools to health care was already socialized before Obama took office. He just moved quite rapidly to load up the larder with more and more of the same thing we were all subjected to and victimized by, before he entered the seat of power.


The speed with which he has moved could be a blessing in disguise if it shakes up and wakes up the American people to the truth of what has happened to this once great free nation.


We sat idly by, asleep at the switch while most of the manufacturing of goods in this country were outsourced and shipped to other countries. Now there is rising unemployment, because there’s nothing to do. It is futile at this point to list all the wrong decisions made which brought us to this brink.


How do you remove alligators from the pond? Very carefully and one at a time.


I love country music as well as classical. One of my favorite songs is one by Ray Price with that says, “We have heartaches by the dozen and troubles by the score.”


Words are power, and if we have any hopes of survival and turning things around, then we must change the way we speak, the way we think and the way we conduct ourselves one person at a time. If we value freedom then we must seek to understand it in order to act in ways to re-claim it.


Freedom is not a groupy thing, it’s a way of thinking, believing and doing to be self-responsible and have self-control.


We are where we are because we have done it to ourselves by abandoning self-responsibility, expecting others to take care of us and make decisions for our lives. We have abandoned self-responsibility and in the interim lost our freedom and our way back.


We can begin by not claiming they are clueless, in Washington, and using your energy to get them to listen to you because they are not clueless, they know exactly what they are doing, and they are going to act in their best interest with the power handed to them on a silver platter. Not yours.


If we are to expect things in this country to turn around, it must begin in the hearts and minds of individuals. Get out of denial. And return to those basic truths as expressed in such moral guides as the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence.


We must stop sanctioning the system of thievery and legal plunder we now live in.


Like the man searching for his hat when it’s on his head, what we need to do is already inherently within us. We abandoned that inner voice that informs a child right from wrong. It’s not complicated. But the mess of things we have created and allowed to happen of our own volition seems complicated.


Do not be misled by the politicians, news media and pundits, telling us things are turning around and improving because they are not. Only the American people can turn things around and it is obvious they have not decided to do that as of yet. Many are upset and angry but have not come to the realization; the change must come out of the hearts and minds and will of individuals if there is to be a change in direction.


No one can change the direction of another human being, only the individual can change their direction. Others may slow one down or speed one up in the chosen direction but it’s a fact no one but the individual themselves can change their direction. That’s a power you possess individually. We are not a nation of individuals powerless to change our direction. Not yet. However we are currently in the weeds and unless we wake up and act responsibly we may reach such a state of bondage, we cannot recover.


Obviously, that’s a real possibility we now face.

Freedom is not free; it requires eternal vigilance and actions of self-responsibility and self-control. And we would not be in the predicament we are currently, if we had not abandoned that. In this connection, we can conceivably say the real cause of the current crises is abandonment.


I definitely do not believe we are in this crisis because those in Washington are clueless as some seem to think. If anyone is clueless it’s the American people. We are in a hole and keep digging. We can change that direction today.


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