This month I celebrate my one year anniversary blogging and this article is number 200. I can say, Whew!!  It has been a very interesting year… Fast moving with national news, because of the election in November, the installation of a new President and a new regime, the recession, the bailouts and tomorrow all the tea parties across the United States. A lot has been happening at a rapid pace.


On a personal level, I’ve had a great deal of unexpected publicity. Articles have been written in several major newspapers about my blogging, and I even got a call for an interview from Jay Leno’s Show.  Then I received a notice from a producer for an interview for a documentary about the last Great Depression to compare with this time period.


Not much in the way of comparison with the Hoover and Roosevelt era of the thirties to this Obama, Pelosi, Reid era and all the characters in a sort of 3-act play.


When the other depression began we were on the Gold Standard. The government was restricted on the amount of paper money it could print because there was a ratio of paper circulating based upon the gold deposits the government held. So what Roosevelt did was declare it illegal to hoard gold and called it all into the government coffers, so he could print more money. Because the government needed the gold to back the dollar paper money. But such is not the case in this current situation.


Then the gold backing was removed, but silver remained in circulation until the sixties when it was taken out of circulation. This meant there was nothing of intrinsic value backing the dollar which up to that point represented a silver certificate. Once gold and silver was removed from circulation, the government had ala carte to print as much as they wanted too. This brought about run-a-way inflation. By definition it’s an increase in supply of money. It takes more and more money to get less and less.


In the mid-sixties, I had a beautiful tri-level home built for $20,000. Today that house would be over $200,000.


There are no contradictions in the history of money. I began reading books about money in the sixties… books by such authors as Murray Rothbard and Ludwig Von Mises.


My pursuit to understand how political governments operate, the meaning of individual freedom, and personal property rights, actually began in the fifties from experiences I had in the Orient I have described in previous articles. The two books which changed my direction were Atlas Shrugged and The Ugly American.  I read both in the fifties.


After leaving Japan and moving to Reno, Nevada, my interest in what was happening in my country increased, and I read a lot of books, fought the socialized school system and attended John Birch Society meetings. Which was a very controversial society, and because my husband was a military officer, I was warned not to join that group. Despite the fact that I never joined, I went to their meetings, which consisted of doctors and lawyers and local business men, ladies in the DAR and highly respected people in the community who gathered and discussed what was happening in this country. Many books were discussed and recommended, and I bought and read a lot of books. They were available through the society, which was started by Robert Welch.


The Society was criticized and condemned by much of the news media.  Back then the communist in this country were still carrying cards. The society was very anti-communism, and anti-socialism. And the people I met were freedom loving respectable citizens in this country, with great concerns about the direction we were headed in the sixties.


I was so eager to learn the truth about what was happening to this country, I read book after book, I acquired thru the John Birch society. Books like the one written by John T. Flynn titled, “While You Slept.” And “Witness” by the great writer and Communist defector, Whitaker Chambers. And “What Government has done to our Money” by Rothbard. And I read a very obscure book written by Robert Welch about Eisenhower, titled, “The Politician” plus many more.


It was through the Birch Society, that I learned the names of those in the freedom movement in the sixties and would travel far and wide to find teachers whom I could learn from. Teachers like Dr. George Boardman, who lived in the Ghost town of Chloride, Arizona and Robert LeFevre in Colorado. For seven years I actively pursued the philosophy of freedom.


And in order to understand the true meaning of freedom, I had to learn about the role of political governments and about Economics and the role and history of money.


This journey that I began in the fifties to understand the true meaning of freedom, led me to some degree of understanding relative to what is happening today. A conclusion we are living under an Oligarchy, governed by a few in Washington and New York.


Back there in the sixties and seventies, there was a great deal of discussion about the, “invisible” government, centered around the members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Much was written and discussed about the centralized power in that organization. As I recall it had 1600 members.


However, in the years following the seventies, not that many open discussions about what takes place in political government. There was a lot of secrecy surrounding the cast of characters who were running the show.


Despite the fact there’s a lot of news about the current activities of those in seats of power, one must pay attention and piece together the connection between all that’s going on, particularly those involved with money. Like Geithner, Volkner, Lawrence Summers, Robert Rubin, Simon Johnson, Gerald Corrigan, Rahm Emanuel., Ben Bernanke and many more of the Elitist group.


Many are connected to Goldman Sacks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the SEC, Federal Reserve Board, AIG, Financial Stability Board, and so much connectivity via various organizations, previous jobs and educational backgrounds; it’s not easy to follow the yellow brick road to sort it all out.


And it’s really not necessary for the average person to clutter their brain with all the names dates, places and connections. What is important to know is this government of the people, for the people and by the people is no more. But an oligarchy, that is a governing body of a small select group, in charge of the money, and running the show, issuing the orders, making the rules and they are all quite well connected.


It’s not a bunch of loose nuts running around up there in Washington. It’s a bunch of well-organized groups who are well informed about the game plan and scheme of things. And they know what’s taking place. It’s the majority of American people who do not understand what’s going on. They are angry and upset and know what is happening in this country is corrupting the normal way of life, but they have been asleep at the switch while it has been taking place the past 40 to 60 years.


Most are products of the socialized school system and never taught that Freedom requires eternal vigilance.


And as I have written in previous articles, we have 3 choices, Freedom, Bondage or Extinction.


It was in the fifties when I discovered something was wrong with this government, I had been taught in high school civics, was a government of the people, by the people and for the people, And I set out on a journey to find out what was happening.


Individual freedom is something in the hearts and minds of the people. In my opinion, its incumbent upon the individuals in this country to understand its meaning, before things can be turned around. It’s stated so eloquently in the Declaration of Independence.


However it’s the meaning of self-responsibility and self-control one must discover about Freedom. And it is actually a discovery.


There is much I do not know about a lot of things in this life, but I do understand the meaning of freedom. And you can too if you desire it.


The nationwide Tea Party. One lump or two?













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  1. I notice that no matter who is elected, the general direction of government never changes. It may slow down or speed up, but it never stops, veers, or reverses course. That chosen direction is toward more governmental power and more bondage for the average person. We outnumber them, and if we ever wake up, they are doomed. That gives me hope, and gives me a reason to keep being a loud-mouth for freedom.

  2. ali says:

    Anne, I enjoy reading your blogs every day! Keep up the good work.