This is a follow up on a previous article I wrote about tax supported schools in this country. I quoted a newspaper article last December which stated, “Education represents more than 55 percent of nearly 8.2 billion of Georgia’s fiscal year 2009 budget, according to the governor’s office of planning and budget.


I’m going to round it off to understand numbers easier, instead of 55 percent, let’s just say one-half or 50 percent, this would mean 4.1 billion for schooling in the state of Georgia. Some states may have a higher budget and some may have a lower budget. California may have a larger budget than Montana.


Let’s just assume for a moment the Georgia budget is average for 50 states.. That would mean that over 200 billion are budgeted for one year for schooling in the 50 states.


Then let’s take that lowered rounded number and multiply it by the eight years George Bush was president and it totals 1,600 billion approximately give or take a few for the period he was in office.


The news article continues stating,” In contrast education, represented only 2.3 percent of Federal governments $3 trillion budget for fiscal 2008” according to the US Department of Education. That translates to the federal government contributing only 9 percent to elementary and secondary education and another 3 percent to higher education in the United States” the article stated.


For the sake of understanding, don’t be confused by percentage numbers the Federal government and State Governments pay into the till of schooling. If you are an American working and paying taxes, whether it’s into the Federal till or State till you are paying these billions of dollars for tax supported schooling. When the tax deduction is taken out of your paycheck, it matters not which bureaucrat receives it to dole out into schooling.


Taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property. Hence legal plunder, hence a system of thievery. “That’s elementary, dear Watson.” If one denies that fact then it’s simply a denial of truth.


If we are to understand what is taking place in this country, then we must begin, by facing the reality of the truth.  No ifs ands and buts about it.


Having said that, now I will go back to the dollar numbers. If the dollar figure of one thousand, six hundred billion is any where the amount spent on schooling in the past eight years up until the year 2009, that’s a staggering, mind boggling amount.


Now this past week, the new President made a televised speech about his plans for more money for, “education.” That’s tax supported schooling.. As far back as I can remember most all politicians, as soon as they are elected want more money for schooling. They equate schooling with education, in their pitch to the American people. When in essence, it’s more indoctrination than education.


If the figures are anywhere near correct, and I’m only quoting what was in the newspaper and using simple arithmetic to multiply by 50 states an approximate amount., then in addition taking what the new president said in a speech last week, calling for more money for schooling, the amount of money taxpayers are paying for schooling is even more mind-boggling.


Have we become so numbed out by the staggering amounts of dollars the government officials talk about every day, percentages, and dollar signs so large we simply can’t wrap our minds around it?  Are we so dazzled by the foot-work, we are un-able to comprehend? If so, that’s understandable based upon the jack-hammer rhetoric in our ears, 24-7.


But the minds and lives of our children, our Freedom, our property, and country are at stake, now. We must wake up, stand up, speak up and act according to the Principles this great nation was founded upon. Thousands have fought and died for the freedom of this country. We are not entitled to the luxury of sitting idly by and being bamboozled by a few politicians.


There are 300 million people in this country and less than 700 elected officials in Washington. There’s a strong NEA. There are plenty of influential lobbyists. No question about it we are up against a formidable enemy to take over this country. And the greatest in-roads have been thru the tax supported school system, manipulating young minds, thru several generations.


We have a socialistic school system in this country and have had for a long time. Billions of tax monies from hard working Americans have gone into it to support and sustain it. Until that problem is faced and addressed, this country will not turn its direction around.


We can say its Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Right Wingers, the Federal Reserve or Wall Street., the war, the terrorists, the new regime, the old regime. Keynism versus Austrian economics.. Name it, whatever one’s favorite excuse is.



The fact of the matter is and the bottom line is Socialism: A system of thinking believing and government that’s the antithesis of individual freedom and private ownership of property. The question is how did it arrive and become so entrenched in this country?  The answer, very simply, is by several generations of socialistic schooling indoctrination financed by the billions of dollars extracted from the pay checks of hardworking, productive Americans.


Now we are just beginning to hear mumblings and grumblings about fear across the country. Many are quoting Roosevelt who said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” That’s hogwash! What we have to fear is generational schooling into socialism. If we love and value freedom, and private ownership of property, the only enemy of that is socialism. Very simply, a system of government that rejects and opposes individual freedom and private ownership of property. It’s not rocket science. That’s it in a nutshell.


We have done it to ourselves, by being lulled into this false sense of education, under the guise of education, when in essence it is indoctrination into socialism.


Someone way back there in our history set the stage by arrangement for government funded schooling, then passed compulsory school laws., an insidious sinister force,  and we fell into the trap. Like a frog languishing in a pot of warm water, being heated to a point of realization, he’s in trouble but no longer able to jump out.


Everyone is prognosticating as to what the problem in this country is. And there are problems with the monetary situation and dozens of other problems. But the question is – what is the root cause? I maintain its socialism. And how did that come about?  Thru the door of government funded socialized schools.


Education should be in the free market place. All government school buildings and property should be sold to private ownership.


The transition would be an upheaval, but nothing compared to the downfall of this country. We are all familiar with the saying, “If you are in a hole, stop digging.”

In just the past few days, we are beginning hearing on the news about “tea parties.” People are gathering in groups in an attempt to find an answer to the direction we are headed. It’s not a valid route to take for a solution… If I’m correct and the problem is socialism, then the answer lies in the cause of it and that’s in the school system of government funded socialistic schools.


The people I heard on the news tonight, were quite alarmed about what is happening in this country, are misinformed as to the cause.


I for one do not wish to see an uprising of rebellion in this country. The direction can be changed for the better peacefully by changing the so-called educational system. Despite the fact the schools are funded by State and Federal, the actual operation is by local school boards. Accordingly on local levels, the direction of this country can be changed.


The Culprit is Socialism.


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  1. Do you think schools can be changed without rebellion? I don’t think government will allow its indoctrination camps to slip through its fingers that easily.