Spring is popping out everywhere and the universe is unfolding as it should.


Sitting here in this pretty little town of Gainesville, Georgia, at the foot-hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, on Lake Lanier, spring is bursting out all over.  First the Bradford pear trees in full bloom, an awesome sight, followed by jonquils and flowering shrubbery.


In a few days, all of the azaleas will be in full bloom. Along the main street through town, all these beautiful antebellum mansions line the street. As the trees turn green and the flowers bloom its surreal in its beauty.


I live a few blocks off the main street in the historic district of this little town. The huge pecan tree in my front yard is just beginning to burst out in bulbs. Next door a lovely weeping willow has already turned a pretty green. Across the street is a large tree covered with white blooms. Don’t know what it is but might be a cherry tree. Jonquils have popped out of the ground and I picked a bouquet to enjoy on my dining table.


A few little purple violets have popped out of the ground


Families of squirrels scurry up and down the trees then dig in the ground for pecans they buried last fall. My three grandchildren were visiting and exclaimed in glee; Oh there’s Nutmeg Nellie, Dit Da and Sagarue racing up the trees, chasing each other. Three year old Prince William wanted to try and catch them. He stayed for the evening and wanted to sit on the front steps holding a candle to watch the moon come up and the stars come out. Then asked, why does the sun go down and the moon come out?


In spite of all the troubles, trials and tribulations we now face in this country, to take time out and observe the natural order of this universe unfolding, after a very cold winter is a rewarding and delightful feeling. Plus the bonus of having grandchildren share the unfolding and being a part of their joy and delight is a priceless experience, indeed.


I count my blessings as I enjoy the moments watching nature unfold before my eyes. As the poet says, “If winter is here, can spring be far behind?” And in spite of anything we know, do or understand, it all unfolds before our very eyes, every spring.


One of my favorite paintings is by Picasso, hanging in my living room, a child handing a bouquet of flowers to the mother. Then Prince William plucks a flower and hands to me and giggles.  It’s like Picasso’s painting coming to life. Then he picks another, smells of it and says it smells like coffee. When I say, oh no, he says just kidding.


Accordingly, my appreciation of spring is enhanced by the joy of children and their love of the outdoors and happiness they express as we both enjoy the spring, the trees, the flowers, the squirrels and each other….






The Freedom Lady


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