Dear Aunt “B,”


Sadly I must disagree with you on some fundamental issues.


We grew up in the same family, but walk to a different drummer. We saw and heard things from a different view point. Nothing wrong with that, because we are all individuals and entitled to live our lives according to our own value system, free to think as we choose. However there are fundamental truths relative to fundamental issues in life, which apply equally to all of us.


These fundamental truths are expressed in such great moral guides as The Ten Commandments, The Declaration of Independence and The Desiderata. To live in a society among others of the homo sapiens species as we must, to survive, having these moral guides of simple truths, seem necessary to our general well being.


I’m sure we would agree with these moral guides in Principle. The one area which causes the rift is in the area of property ownership. I believe that which one creates, develops, acquires, as a result of their energy, time, mind, effort and ingenuity, belongs to them and they own it.  And no one else has a right to take without permission from the owner,


It’s my fundamental belief, taking anything which belongs to another without permission and in violation of the will of the owner is wrong and stealing. I believe that stealing, or thievery, even if it’s accomplished by legal plunder is wrong – with no exceptions.


I’m sure like many others you agree with that to a degree but not 100%. When we speak of self-responsibility, we agree that each person is responsible for their individual actions and decisions.


Despite the fact we grew up in the same family, not very much difference in our ages, we chose different routes. You became a school teacher in the “public school” system. Believing this to be a noble profession, you remained and eventually retired. Upon retirement you began drawing teacher’s retirement pay under social security.


I say to you, the public school system, is a tax-supported system of socialism. And you disagree. You maintain all these millions of children could not afford an education if the State did not provide it. When I say they are not being educated but indoctrinated into a system of socialism, you label me a “reactionary extremist.”


You defend the system; you participated in a salaried position, lo those many years. You refuse to acknowledge, it’s a system of legal plunder. And they try to justify the monies which support it, extracted from everyone, whether or not they have children in school. Is it something other than an immoral system of thievery?


When I point out to you, printed material in the textbooks you taught children, which is purely socialistic phraseology; you defend it, saying it’s just teaching children how to share. And what’s wrong with sharing what we have you ask?  Nothing, I admit so long as we voluntarily share that which belongs to us.


Its forced sharing of that which is taken from others by force or the threat of force, which violates ones ownership of property rights, I say. Everything about the, “public school” system is based upon force. The children are forced to attend via the compulsory school laws, and the billions extracted from hardworking American citizens, via taxes is accomplished by force or the threat of force.


It’s a political government mandated system. There’s nothing free about this so-called, “free education.” And in essence is not education, but an indoctrination of young minds from pre-kindergarten thru the twelfth grade, into the basic tenets of Socialism.


When I point out to you the published statistics showing the alarming number of students who lie, cheat, and steal, taking drugs and fighting each other, you say that’s the parents fault. How can

it be the fault of parents, when they do not have their children home teaching them, their children spent their time in the schools.?


Socialism is a system which embraces a planned economy, control of private property and control of the means of production. It is the enemy of freedom, and individual self-responsibility and self control. The antithesis of private ownership of property is an idea powered by a centralized political government, operated by a few over the lives of many.


The basic concept of freedom in this country, fought for in the Revolutionary War, in rebellion from an oppressive government, has been systemically destroyed. Whether intentional or un-intentional, the curtain comes down when I try to point out to you this has been accomplished thru the indoctrination of several generations via the tax-supported school system.


It’s my firm belief based upon undeniable facts, this is how it has all been accomplished, i.e. through the socialized school system.


I know the American people would never have bought the idea of Socialism, marketed under the name of Communism or Fascism, but under the idea of a free education, it was sold and bought, line, hook and sinker.


You, Aunt B, are not alone in your belief there’s nothing wrong with the, “public school” system.  Millions are in agreement with you. Creeping socialism is now leaping socialism. Much in the news we hear every day, speaks of fear across this country, experienced by so many as they lose their jobs, home and property.


However, the fear has not yet reached the panic stage, because so many still think the politicians they voted into office, sitting in the seat of power will somehow save this country from socialism. Congress is in the throes of frenzied hearings over the bellying up of all the bail-out packages. Those in the executive make flowery speeches everyday trying to reassure the American people, everything is going to be ok.


We ignore the published news reports from state budget and planning, over half the tax monies go to the schools across this country. While listening to pundits and politicians trying to tell us the cause of the current crisis in this country, it’s a diversion to keep the eye from, “following the money” which will reveal the cause.


Sadly, Aunt B, its good people like you who, not only sanction, but sincerely advocate, the ideas and causes, which are the ultimate destruction, of those moral foundations upon which this once great country was founded and thrived on.


Those like you who refused to recognize socialism, because it was disguised under such terms as, “public schools”, “the public good”, the “public welfare” and so on, is very sad indeed. But even worse, now that it’s upon us, and has greatly damaged individual freedom, ownership of private property rights, and the free market system, still refuses to acknowledge.


Mine is a great love of freedom, once enjoyed in this country.  I’m sickened in the pit of my stomach at the loss of it. The years I spent seeking and understanding of it, are now replaced by the cause of the loss of it.  My understanding of freedom came as a discovery, and by the same token, the cause of the loss of it came as a discovery. It’s all there for anyone who wants to see to see.


Before writing this tonight, I spent the afternoon with my beautiful three year old grandson, drawing from templates, playing tic-tac-toe, hitting golf balls in the back yard, then watching him build what he called New York city in the middle of the living room with chairs, blocks, boards, tin trays, small stools and toys. He was so excited I let him take anything he wanted too to build his pretend city of New York. Then his mother came to pick him up. He gave me a big hug and left. I thought to myself – a few hours sharing the joy of an innocent child provides enough pleasure to give me strength to get through these trying times.

I share with those who may share my concerns.








The Freedom Lady




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  1. “Free education” would be more truthfully called “expensive indoctrination”. Yet, try as they might, they still can’t indoctrinate everyone who goes through the system. The draw of freedom is too strong for some of us.