How many are alive who may remember the song during World War II, “Buckle down Winsocki?” It’s a spirited motivating song.


Perhaps we need to revive at this time, because we are in the middle of a battle, a war of ideas.


Lately, the news is dominated by bail-outs, CEO bonuses, stimulus packages and all sorts of wrangling about money in Washington, which prompts me to be reminded of a few simple truths. Like a quote from The House of Rothschild, who said, “Give me control of the money and I care not who makes the laws.”


Then another reminder, government has nothing until it takes from someone, and the power of it thrives on two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it. And thirdly, it’s all a “con game” i.e. keep your eye on this ball while we are doing something else.


Coupling these very basic truths about political government leads me to a conclusion all that is hyped in the news is a set-up to expand the power of political government. And I strongly suspect it is the game plan to nationalize all Banks.


We know that government has a monopoly on printing money that worthless fiat paper stuff held up as valuable by unthinking Americans. It is nothing of any intrinsic value, gold or silver, backing it. Once the money is printed, it is let out into circulation, by a process I’m not sure I understand. Anyway, it gets into circulation. Then Government taxes the citizens to the hilt to draw it back into their coffers. But apparently somewhere in this navigation of circulation, things got out of hand. Between AIG, Fannie and Freddie, and the Madoffs and the likes of those organizations and individuals, political government lost control of the money.


“How we gonna keep ‘em down on the farm once they’ve seen Paris”? Things began to crackle, crunch and crack, and the powers that be; the schemers had to deal with the scammers. Therefore, they not only print the money, they must control the routing of it. Despite the fact the government passed all kinds of laws, rules, policies and regulations, the banks, insurance companies and Wall Street, operated the way they wanted too, by paying off those in a position who might  come after them.


No one seems to know what happened to all those billions of dollars. Now what are they gonna do? Take over the banking system, and may very well change the currency. But they couldn’t just announce they are taking over the banks, the crisis had to be created. To create the opposition, to create the dependency. To justify the take over and nationalization, “Give me control of the money and I care not——-.”


It’s not complicated. Everything is operating according to the nature of political government. Create dependency and opposition, keep your eye on this ball, and while we have others in the air, create and control the money keep funding schools to promote the indoctrination. Continue efforts to disarm the people by outlawing, the right to bear arms. Keep the rhetoric jack-hammer going, by constantly reminding us, everything is going to be okay, because government will take care of you.


A few are beginning to wake up from their apathy. Like the two ladies I saw on this morning’s news in Florida, by speaking up and speaking out had a little tea party and several thousand showed up. Many are angry and upset, but the bottom line who really knows what’s taking place?  Who knows the game plan in Washington? Who recognizes what they are doing and why?


I suggest buckling down and informing oneself as to what the game plan in Washington is. You can’t win a battle unless you understand the whys, who and wherefores of the enemy. Hysteria and panic will only feed into the energy of opposition. Only cool, calm, rational thinking will determine whether or not we are to be free or live in bondage.



The American humorist, Will Rogers said, “The difference in death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time congress meets.”


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The Freedom Lady




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0 Responses to Buckle Down Winsocki, Buckle Down – You Can Win Winsocki if You Only Buckle Down (Issue 188)

  1. Tommy Dix says:

    Dearest Freedom Lady – Not only do I remember “Winsocki” – it was written for me. I introduced it on B’way in 1941 in Best Foot Forward and also did it in the movie with Lucille Ball for MGM. I’m 85 now, still alive and vertical. Left the theatre for the business world at an early age. I love your words. I embrace your every notion. If you wish to know my mind here are my idols: Ben Stein, Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman and Charles Krauthammer. I still sing, but only for the joy of it. I’m including my phone number – I would so love to speak with you.
    Warmly, TOMMY DIX

  2. Hi Tommy,

    Enjoyed your delightful email. Already received a picture of you from a reader who collects old movies. I mention you in an upcoming article. Unfortunately we do not hear the great patriotic songs nowadays we heard during world-war 2. Since you are reading my articles, you may have run across the one about an airforce pilot I was married to who was in world-war 2, a year in Korea and Viet Nam and passed this year.

    Life, songs and movies were so different in the forties. I’d like to return to the 1800s if they only had zip lock bags!!!

    I correspond with one long time actress and friend Grace Zabriski, still working in movies.

    Look forward to hearing again and thanks for the comment.
    Anne Cleveland
    Chief Editor