Recently, I’ve posted several articles about the tax-supported school system, from kindergarten through high school, and how half the tax monies collected in this state goes to schooling, according to budget and planning. Billions go into the Socialist school system.


There is a Libertarian blog site that I read most every day where several bloggers submit articles. There is some really good stuff. Many of the post are from the Austrian School of Economics, The Von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.


There are several Bloggers I particularly like, namely, Hooligan Libertarian Blog, Whited Sepulchre, and Liberty Some are writers in The United Kingdom. Reading these bloggers is a great way to inform oneself as to what is going on in this crazy quilt economy.


This morning was a great article on Mises Economics Blog, looking at the statistics from Pfeiffer & Fong. It reads, “In 1955-56, graduate education was virtually non-existent, with only 3,200 MBA degrees awarded in the US.. By 1997-98, this number had grown to over 102,000” (Zimmerman, 2001; 3).


By the fall of 2000, there were 341 accredited masters programs in business in the United States, {US News and World Report, 2002}, 900 American universities offered masters in business, {Leonhardt, 2000; 18} and in the spring of 2001, some 1,292 schools, or 92% of all accredited colleges and Universities, offered an undergraduate major in business, {US News and World Report2002}.  In 1996-1997, more than a quarter million undergraduate degrees in business were awarded, {AACSB Newsline, 1999}. New business education programs have started, and existing programs have expanded in the US even as business education has grown around the world.”


There you have it, one lesson in economics, and information about business schools. Most if not all colleges and universities receive support, {money} from the government in some form. Students and the schools are actually an extension of socialized schooling which began in kindergarten. Even those labeled private schools receive monies, and tax exempt status. Scholarships are supplemented by government funded loans.


Listening to all the pros and cons about the appointment of Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, many are calling for his dismissal, claiming he is incompetent. Much talk about the size of his job, plus vacancies surrounding his office. In the past couple of weeks, the news daily is about Tim Geithner. He is touted as one of a kind, and the only one qualified to hold the position of Secretary of the Treasury. The newly elected President clearly makes it known he would not even consider his resignation.


Looking at the statistics, the explosion of courses in colleges and universities in Business Economics, the number of graduates, my question is, how come there is an absence of qualified persons to fill the jobs handling the money in government? And according to some there is only one person qualified to handle the Treasury business? And it’s in a mess as out-pictured in all the congressional hearings. What is wrong? What is missing?


I hear on the news, many with MBA degrees can’t find a job and some go to work in the fast food industry. Some are home looking for a job. One would think a person with so much schooling to receive a MBA degree would be smart enough to go out and start a business and create a job. But apparently such is not the case.


Could it be after years of schooling funded by taxpayers, they really are not educated, but indoctrinated in the system of socialism? A system at its core, opposes private ownership of property. Could that be a root cause?


The Free market capitalistic system means, a person needs start up capitol to operate a business plus some know how relative to how the voluntary exchange of goods and services operates. Socialism does not teach this. The philosophy of socialism is take from the haves to give to the have nots.


Soak the rich to take care of the non-producers is the mantra. The newly elected President has made no bones about his plans to tax the wealthy producers to take care of the non-producers. Those he calls, “the middle class,” those President Roosevelt labeled, “the common man.”


Any way you swing it, the bottom line is in actually, there are only producers and non-producers. Those who assume the self-responsibility of freedom, and those who expect to be cared for through government mandated programs.


I’m amazed, when I go to the grocery store, standing in line to be checked out, observing the number ahead of me signing over government vouchers to pay for their groceries.


I have two sons who own and operate their own business and neither have MBA degrees. Have all these schooled unemployed been educated beyond the capacity to think?


I agree with the pundits and politicians, this country is in a crisis. Living in this great country with so many great resources, and so many smart people, so many highly schooled graduates, and yet the economy is tanking. Unemployment is rising, homes are being lost, and people are sleeping under bridges. And as the Ray Price song goes, “Heartaches by the numbers and losses by the score.”


In the early years of this great nation, the mantra was, “Root hog or die.” Now, it’s what can government do for me and how soon?


There is a cause for the predicament this country is now in.  I personally think we are looking in the wrong places to determine the cause. And unless we know the cause, it’s unlikely we will find a solution.


A former President, Grover Cleveland, said, “When more of the peoples sustenance is exacted through the form of taxation than is necessary to meet the just obligations of government, such exaction becomes ruthless extortion and a violation of the fundamental principles of a free government.”









The Freedom Lady




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0 Responses to All Dressed Up and No Place To Go After School (Issue 189)

  1. One amusing (?) facet of our current situation is that many of the activities commonly undertaken in order to “root hog” are forbidden or severely regulated by government. So, the “independent individual” is forced to become an outlaw. That’s fine with me, but some have a more delicate temperament and like to imagine themselves “law abiding citizens”. That’s a shame. Socialistic government schools are a big part of the cause, but who allowed the socialists of the government to take over the schools? Who allows government to keep operating schools in violation of the Constitution?

  2. Dear KENT,
    I always appreciate your opinion because I know you have an understanding of Freedom, far past the average person. Plus a very astute mind.
    Great question, Who allowed the take-over via socialist schooling? I daresay 95 percent of the american people sanction the system, and pay for it with out a whimper, nor eye-brow raised.
    Secondly, every county has a local school board which manages and oversees the operation.
    Here in Georgia we have, I think, 150 counties. Multiply that by 50 states for an approximate number of local boards operating the system. At least half doz people on each board.So who allows the government to keep operating the school? All the local paid school board members. And all the local folks supporting the school board.

    I!ll be writing another article shortly, I will desiginate the socialized school system as , The Fifth Branch of Government”

    Thanks for your comments

    Anne Cleveland

    Chief Editor

  3. Anne,
    Thanks for the props !
    I haven’t heard anyone say “Root Hog or Die” since my father passed away.

    On the education front…. Not only do we have a glut of people educated beyond their intelligence, we are having to pay for it too.
    Even at the elementary through high school level, it’s ridiculous. The two finest private academies in Fort Worth, TX have an yearly tuition of $13,000.00

    The yearly cost to educate a child in the Washington D.C. public school system, one of the worst in the nation? $13,000.00

  4. Hi there,
    Always glad to read your opinions on anything. Your blogs are a great source of pleasure for me.

    If you ask most any high school this question, he wont know the answer, If you buy a dozen apples for 50 cents and sell for 1.00, will you make 50% profit or 100% profit

    And yet as your figures reveal, it cost hard-working tax-payers $150,000 to finance the cost of one student thru 12 years of schooling.

    Anne Cleveland

    Chief editor

  5. Useful article would it be OK if i translate into Italian for my sites readers? If thats acceptable what type of link back do you require?