While Obama is preaching about reaching across the aisle and lets all get together and get along,  some are stirring the stick saying we are “a nation of cowards” while others are saying in essence it’s a shame to let a crisis go to waste.


While some are using the time worn tactic of, “Divide to Conquer,” it’s really a strategy to use the con game of keeping your eye on this ball while we are doing something else. It’s the blacks themselves using the, “stirring stick” tactics, when they are already in the driver’s seat.


Equality is a figment of one’s imagination. None of us are equal; everyone is unique and different. But the fact of the matter is this is a clannish nation. The whites hang together. The blacks gather together. The Mexicans stick together and so do the Asians and the Indians. What’s wrong with that, and why not if that’s what human beings choose to do?


I grew up in the south when there was segregation on a farm when blacks and whites lived separate lives, but got along and worked together and helped each other.


In today’s world there are many blacks smarter and better educated than whites. On the other hand, there are whites that are smarter and better educated than blacks. Why keep this stirring stick dissension of equality verbiage going on like fanning a fire? And those in top positions who have positions of power head the pack. They really don’t want the elusive equality, they want superiority and when they achieve that position, it’s not enough, they keep stirring things up for some other ulterior motive.


I have a copy of The Presidents Committee of equal opportunity in the armed forces. A 93 page document, an initial report titled, “Equality of treatment and opportunity For Negro Military Personnel Stationed within the United States.” It’s quite a lengthy dissertation about the problems of segregation in the military, written in 1961, before the Civil Rights legislation was passed.


Back then this country went through some difficult time over segregation and inequality of treatment.


I recall it because I was a military dependent of a military officer. But all that is in the past, and we are at a different place today. The blacks are no longer segregated and the object of mistreatment. They have achieved positions of top echelon in business, entertainment and politics. Therefore my question is why do they keep stirring the stick about race? It’s the blacks who are doing it.  The whites don’t dare open their mouths about anything racial, except to quote and comment on what the blacks are griping about.


We were all created equal, but beyond that we are all unequal. And there’s no getting around the fact some, whether black or white, will always feel superior to others and attain positions of power to wield their way over others.


Therefore, what we need to do is look past this veiled threat to figure out what the hidden agenda is. Particularly when it’s coming from the top echelon of political power. It’s really not about race; those issues we all endured and worked past no longer exist. And since it doesn’t, there is some other underlying cause for the behavior.


Despite the fact we are somewhat clannish about our race, whoever it is, in the average everyday lives of most Americans we get along. It’s those in positions of power who stir the pot and yell about race in one form or another.


And the main news media, holding good paying jobs, when some person in authority makes a remark directly or indirectly about race, grab hold  and run with it like they are in a relay race to report and fan the flame and milk it to the nth degree. Reporting and stretching the story, weaving into words that make so much over a nothing remark. It’s ludicrous.


There is something going on in this country that’s causing panic in some, as a result of idle remarks spread by the news media..We need to stop and think with some reason and rationale to figure out why this is.


There’s enough much larger problems to deal with in this country, at this time, to deal with instead of linking ourselves into a fabricated race card, being played..


John Adams the second President said, ” Let us disappoint the men who would raise themselves upon the ruin of our Country.”







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0 Responses to Superiority Not Equality (Issue 173)

  1. I think that only racists dwell on race and try to keep people worked up. I refuse to cooperate.

  2. HI Kent,

    Yes I agree. Seems to be a contrived ploy to stir up trouble. DEspite the fact Obama himself avoids the subject of Race, he has enough in his gang to do it for him.
    I!ve never spent much time over the subject of Race. Not my cup of tea, but because it was so in the fore front of news recently decided to put my two cents in

    Thanks for your commect

    Anne Cleveland

    Chief Editor