Listening to the news on television, radio, or reading a newspaper or magazine article, is like watching a serial soap opera. The players, plots, and sub-plots change, but always seems to be more of the same in one form or another. The style of dress, hair-dos, and sets can change but the plots follow a pattern.


Despite the fact the players, staging, and plots appear to change, it’s pretty much repetition about human behavior… love and hate and everything in between. Soap operas are stories about human lives. How they live, what they think, where they live, what their value system is and how they express it. And no matter what it is, seems everyone is searching for love, money and recognition.


Politics is sort of like that. Participants in the political process seek money love and recognition. And politicians acquire that. There is nothing wrong with those basic human desires. However, there are two way of acquiring, legitimately or illegitimately. The common denominator is power. And there is nothing wrong with power per se, but depends upon how it is used and how it is acquired.



We keep ending and beginning cycles, in the game of politics. Beginning in 2007, a new crop of politicians rose to the forefront of news. The struggle for power, to sustain or regain continued thru the year 2008.   As a result of the November election, the struggle for love, money and recognition, was redistributed.  Some who had been at the forefront fell by the wayside, while unknowns began appearing in the daily news. Conversely, many of the old-timers in the political arena found a slot in the new regime that took over the reins of power, mid January, 2009.



Headed by a new President, a new Commander in Chief, no time was wasted, juggling new and old politicians around to fill the seats of power in Washington.


Never in the history of this country, has any new administration launched itself with such preparation for the head-start, off the launching ramp in Washington as this group of politicians did. The center of attention is the economy, interrupted frequently by the entire news surrounding first one individual or another and the history of their misdeeds.  And in spite of the uncovering and exposé of wrongdoing, many are placed in positions of power anyway.


The con game of politics is keeping your eye on this ball while we are doing something else with other balls in the air. A constant juggling, while the organ player grinds away music in our ears, we have heard over and over and over… same song, second verse.


Take from the haves, to give to the have-nots, The Great Society, New Deal.  Redistribute the wealth!!!


We could call this era, The Raw Deal.  How is the wealth redistributed? It really does not matter. The wrong-doing is in the taking, not in the manner of redistribution. To accomplish the taking, now in such huge chunks it’s in the trillions. But before that could be accomplished, individual freedom and personal property rights had to be preempted.


This was accomplished before the new administration took the reins of power. The groundwork for the takeover of the free market and the destruction of individual freedom was accomplished before the installations in the seat of power by the new regime. They are just picking the over-ripe fruit, falling into their hands. And all l they have to do is keep up the jackhammer of rhetoric,   Their role is keep the eyes on this, what’s happening to the last trillion while we prepare to take the next bundle of money. And keep the love fest going.


Keep the merry-go-round of denial going, in the minds of the American people, until the complete take over by a Socialist system is fully entrenched by this new regime of love, money and power. While the citizens stew with anger and frustration, over who is going to get what from the trillions in the package the president just signed, the organ ain’t playing and the monkey is on fire. But it doesn’t matter; we hear the drum role of another large money package being formulated.


While the attention is kept on the effects of the latest robbery by, “Ali Babba and the Forty Thieves,” that is who’s going to get it and when, the next job of looting is in the works.


All my life, I have heard, the political government here in the United States is never far ahead of, nor far behind, the tempo of the American people. If this is true, then we the people have done it to ourselves. We have sanctioned the conditions, by several things we have done and not done. What is that one might ask?


A reminder, we devalued individual freedom and private ownership of property rights.  We abandoned the self-responsibility and self-control of our individual lives, by thinking someone else could better manage than we ourselves. We were buying larger homes, we couldn’t afford, driving expensive cars we did not need, eating out at expensive restaurants, wearing designer clothes was of a higher priority than staying home and educating our children. And we allowed a political government to take over their minds to indoctrinate with socialism and shoot up with drugs.


We crawled in bed with political government and clamored for the high paying jobs in government, ignoring the validity of the morality of a free market, free enterprising capitalistic system.


We bought line hook and sinker into the notion, that worthless paper dollars, was real money. Believed it had intrinsic value as a medium of exchange. In defiance of all that history tells us, gold and silver has been the correct medium of exchange.


We ignored the Ten Commandments, which tells us stealing is wrong. And we allowed legalized looting to take over our property. And we voted for it.


We somehow kid ourselves into believing one could make a “silk purse out of a sewer’s ear.”


We somehow deluded ourselves into believing some highly educated, smooth talking politician would look out for our best interest, and could handle our money better than we ourselves.


We ignored reality, started living in a fool’s paradise, by believing another individual politician, living a life of luxury from stolen loot, sitting in the seat of power, grinding out laws, regulations, issuing edicts and policies, which enslave us, knew more than we did and by some mystique could better manage our lives, money and property and educate our children, than we could.


Who can say with truth and honesty, this has not happened?


Who can say with truth and honesty, this route we have taken, on the road we now travel will lead to anything, but bondage, and the destruction of individual freedom?


I believe everything can be sold and everything must be sold, and nothing sells itself.   In this connection we have been sold a bad batch of goods. We have sold out the fortunes we acquired via a life of freedom.


To reclaim it, we must rethink it.  Admit we have made a mistake.  This can only be done individually, by ridding ourselves of, “group think” and ridding ourselves of political double think.


The idea of freedom, upon which this country was founded, was an idea the early settlers believed and sold to each other. Freedom was an idea which was bought and sold. If you believe this, then it follows, it must be resold. You can begin by thinking about it, learning its true meaning, living it, and selling the idea to others, by your actions of self-responsibility and self-control. And begin by talking about it.


We do not need to concern ourselves with reinventing it; we just need to rediscover it. Truth is that which is, the absence of a lie, and freedom and ownership of property is a total concept. To have it begins with a decision. A decision to have it or live in bondage. A decision which can no longer wait until another time and place. Not a decision we can expect another to make for us individually. It’s a stone we must roll off our own backs.


While politicians are telling us daily, how to acquire another loan, or how to get another job, create one and pay as you go. While they cry out for more money to build more government schools, take into your own hands, the education of your children, but first you must educate yourselves as to the reality of things as they are today, not tomorrow.


Instead of listening to those who are taking your property, preach about the “audacity of hope,”  adopt the audacity to doubt their veracity, and admit the reality of what has been done to you, not some illusive false promise of what, “they are going to do for you.”



“A rose by any other name is still a rose.” To paraphrase, looting by any other name is still thievery.


Interestingly, just this morning, the new president said, “Individuals must take responsibility.” That’s the double think, double talk.  How can you take responsibility for that which political government takes control of? Specifically for your property (money)?


Here is a great quote from the book, “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Ran. “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men  who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but favors- when you see that men get richer by graft and  by pull than work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded, and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed.”









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  1. … and the organ grinder has rabies.

    As always, I love the perspective you have on society!