I write more about freedom than any other subject. And because I believe conditions in this country have evolved to a point we have very little of it left, I believe we have a moral imperative to examine why.  It is as precious as life itself.


First, let’s take a look at what has replaced it. Political government intervention is necessary in every area of our lives, on every level of government, including City, County, State and Federal. We are ordered by bureaucratic laws, polices and edicts, to live our lives according to what they dictate and we must pay them for it.


No one individual is responsible for this condition. We have all to one degree or another contributed by what we have done and not done. What we have said and not said.  What we have listened to and not listened to. Regardless of how it happened we have been sold the bill of goods, lock stock and barrel, labeled Socialism. This is a system which has as a core belief in deprivation of private ownership of property. The very antithesis of freedom has at its fundamental core, entitlement to private property ownership of property.


The most shocking discovery I have made this past year, writing articles for my blog site is how few people understand the meaning of freedom.  And even worse, how few have any interest in understanding it. The Socialism bill of goods we are hooked into is something we were sold, an idea we have been sold by degrees, like dripping water, because we failed to recognize the erosion of individual freedom. Not only did we not recognize what was happening, most didn’t seem to care.



Now as we become enslaved in the bondage of Socialism, millions are like chickens with their heads cut off flailing around, angry and upset wondering what happened and what to do. Not knowing what happened or what to do, many hang on to every word and promise of the politicians who got us in the mess to begin with. Socialism was sold to us.


We can opt to buy back freedom, by refusing to accept anymore socialism. But if we can’t tell it we can’t sell it. If we don’t know enough about it to explain it to ourselves, how are we going to buy the idea of freedom? Who is out there hawking the idea of freedom? It has become taboo in most circles to mention the word… How can you acquire or reclaim something you can’t define? Something so fuzzy and nebulous and abstract, you’re not actually aware of what it is that has been lost.


Therefore in this connection, I have recently come to the conclusion, those of us who do understand freedom, must tell it to sell it back to the American people. By that I mean sell the idea in such a way it is easy to understand. We need a counter-brainwashing, no less, to counteract the large dose of Socialism which has been sold to the majority of American citizens. The Shining light of freedom must penetrate the shoddy bag of socialism we bought and embraced.


It’s a tall order, because for several generations of the past, millions have been indoctrinated into the concept of socialism, by attendance in the socialized school system. Why is it we never stopped to think about socialism being taught in a socialistic system? We ignored it by listening to the jackhammer calling them public schools.


I reiterate, freedom is self responsibility and self control which means, self-governing. I personally believe in one form of government and that’s autocratic, which means absolute rule and sovereignty of oneself. Self-government, I believe freedom is neither license nor anarchy.


I do not believe in anarchy, defined as a belief that all forms of political governments act in a uniform way against the liberty of a person, and should be done away with.  It’s the should be done away with part I take issue with because it implies some type of rebellion of force.


I recall a number of years ago sitting in a class, when the professor drew a circle on the blackboard with a dot in the center, and said imagine this button you could push to do away with the political government as we have it today. Would you push it he asked? Then announced this was an assignment to write a paper on, why we would push the button or why we would not push it.


 The following day after the papers were submitted then we had an interesting discussion, concluding it would be wrong to use force or armed rebellion or any kind of coercion to do away with an undesirable government.  Then a discussion about all the other many ways an individual can express freedom, like refusing many of the government owned and operated services.


A couple of days ago, I heard I might receive $200.00 from the stimulus package. I have already decided if I do, I will donate it. Probably to some foster child care. I will not accept the stolen loot for my benefit.


Freedom is not free. There is a price to pay for it. But a bargain compared to living in a system of socialism operated by a political government with an insatiable appetite of demanding more and more from those who produce.


I just read an article the other day stating here in Georgia according to the Governor’s office of planning and Budget for the year 2009, the budget is $8.2 billion and 55 percent of that goes to education.


And what they label education is not really education, but a system of indoctrination in the socialized system. Some graduate and can’t even read.


We must rethink where we are, and what we want. If we want to reclaim individual freedom, then we must acquire a determination to understand it, and then practice it in our everyday lives.


How do you remove alligators from the pond? Very carefully one at a time.


How do we reclaim freedom? Very determinedly, one person at a time. Suppose you the reader, decided today, that you were going to discover the meaning of freedom, and live your life accordingly.  Then you motivated another person to consider the benefits of being free. The exponential scale would be set in motion and start working wonders.


We can come up with all kinds of reasons as to why we lost it. But consider the possibility it could be because we abandoned self-responsibility, and on some level of consciousness, we thought others could better manage our lives and in so doing removed us from the responsibility of doing that for ourselves.


The tragedy is a centralized political government has taken over the management of a large percentage of our lives, by taking our property (money) and mismanaged leaving us to take care of ourselves after stripping us of most of the means to do so.


What a joke, the government is going to send me $200.00 out of a trillion dollar stimulus package, after I have raised children, who along with me have paid millions into the government till.


Now that manner of thinking does not matter to anyone but me. I will refuse to accept that token, which my grandchildren will be required to pay. What I would accept is some repayment of what they owe me from what I have contributed lo these many years but not a token gift from what they have arbitrarily obligated future generations to pay.


When I say, if you can’t tell it you can’t sell it- freedom, I wish to convey the idea that we have lost our individual freedom to a large degree by being sold on an idea contrary to it, which replaces it. To reclaim it, we must understand it, and then pass it on.


“One if by land and two if by sea” was the cry swinging the lantern when the American Revolution began. We could swing another lantern, a light of freedom by understanding its meaning, practicing it in our individual lives and letting it shine with the message to another.


We cannot change anything but ourselves, but we could assist others by passing on information, which might motivate them to rethink their position. In truth and correct information lies power.


In one sense, freedom can seem abstract because it’s what we think, what we do, what we believe, how we relate to others. But it’s not rocket science. When I say its self-responsibility that covers a multitude of things, it is because we all act responsibly in different ways. It incorporates our value judgments which are always changing, however freedom itself and ownership of property is a total concept and a principle. And it’s the principle of freedom which is undeviating and immutable. One cannot have it, retain and sustain it by irresponsibility and loss of self-control.


In actuality you can’t buy it nor sell it, please don’t misunderstand me. When I say sell it I mean convey the idea to others for consideration of acceptance, to replace that which we have hooked into, a life of socialism.


Interestingly, when I began writing these articles posted on the internet about a year ago, hearing anyone mention the word socialism was scarce as hen’s teeth. Now its usage is pervasive on all the news channels.It’s an accepted topic of conversation, now days. Books and newspapers write about it now. There are different name brand names of socialism like fascism or communism, but at its core by any name is a rejection of private ownership of property. And it’s just that simple.


Please feel free to make any comment or express your opinion on my blog site or in e-mails to me.






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0 Responses to If You Can’t Tell It, You Can’t Sell It: Freedom, Anarchy, Autarchy (Issue 172)

  1. Hello Anne,

    Regarding anarchy and its implications for government, you say “It’s the should be done away with part I take issue with because it implies some type of rebellion of force.” That would play right into the hands of the state at this point in history.

    I think a better method of doing away with government is to simply withdraw consent. While taking responsibility for your own decisions, and without harming or defrauding any innocent person, recognize that government has no authority over your life that you don’t give it. Ignore the laws you can, don’t ever call the cops, keep as much of your money out of the hands of the state as you possibly can, and don’t fall into the trap of pretending that “government” is a legitimate human endeavor.

    Government is like those “energy beings” from the old Star Trek series. You know the ones…. they fed off of negative emotions, so they agitated those around them to gain strength. Let’s not feed the monsters.

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