Yesterday I listened to the newly appointed member of the Obama team, Geithner, give his speech about what he plans on doing to get this country out of the economic ditch. As it turns out, it was actuality no plan at all. Or at least not one clearly defined, so the average listener could understand., there is a solid game plan off the drawing board to be implemented by the new regime.. I did hear in his speech, they will need more money. Always more and more money. All is not enough.


Like a three ring circus, while he was giving his televised speech, the Senate was voting on the trillion dollar , so called Stimulous package, and President Obama was in Florida speaking  to garner popular support for the most insane proposal to gut the life out of the free market, I have ever heard..

 To top the news day off, wall street plunged dramatically.


Think about it, in the course of one day,Republicans crawled in bed with Democrats in the Senate to fork over billions to the government. The newly appointed Geithner, whos supposed to handle the finances, gives a non-specific speech about when, where and how hes going to handle the money, the President is flying around the country in the luxurious presidential plane, trying to make sure the attention of the American people is on the, “crisis”. to top it all off, Wall Street is crashing. While the news pundits argue about the amount of “pork’ in the Senate bill.


Never have I seen such a glaring example of the political government con game in action, all in one day as I saw yesterday.It was the most glaringly, well organized dance, by all involved,waltzing to the same tune, at the same time, on the same day, in different locations, I have witnessed in quite awhile. A dazzling array of foot-work. They must have all Hi-fied each other, before getting a good nights sleep, after such a day of accomplishment.


The majority of Americans must have awakened this morning wondering what happened yesterday? Your individual Freedom, your property Rights and money have been Hi-jacked, dear hearts and gentle people..  Do not be fooled by all the rhetoric the hi-jackers are trying to tell you,  a message they are moving in un-charted waters and dont really know what to expect. They know exactly what they are doing and where its all headed..


Its a well organized plan to destroy life in this country as we once knew it. The language used, “change”, “Transparency” “Economis Crisis”, Job loss, and etc is all part of the con game,to keep ones eye on one ball while another is juggled in the air. by expert handlers.


When I woke up this morning, something hit me, I had not re-called in a very long time., its the story of Whitaker Chambers. Many of you were not even born when al the news was about him. It was back in the forties, Whitaker Chambers was an absolutely brilliant man, who belonged to the Communist Party, worked in the State Department, and became famous over the “Pumpkin Papers ” and trial of Algier Hiss, A communist in the State Department.


Chambers wrote one of the most fascinating and informative books I have ever read, titled, “Witness” I think it was re-published under another name. An autobiography of his life as a card caring communist, a soviet spy in the government, his defection, his whistle blowing, the trial of Alger Hiss, His conversion, his editor ship of Time magazine, His testimony before House on Un-American Activities Committee, . And the thousands of pages, in court, FBI files, KGb files, Congressional records about his role as a spy.


I think it was in the late forties or early fifties, I listened too and read everything about the famous Hiss Trial, and the Pumpkin papers of Whitaker chambers. He had documentation of everything, he spilled the beans on, and hid his papers in a pumpkin patch. He cut the tops out of the pumpkins and hide  documentation inside the pumpkins in the patch. When he defected and blew the whistle, his life was at stake, and devised the plan to hide the evidence in the pumpkin patch.


Whitaker Chambers told the truth about what went on behind closed doors in Washington. A story well worth reading about to-day. Algier Hiss was tried and convicted on the evidence from his typewriter. Never have I read such a detailed account about what actually goes on in the Washington seat of power as was revealed in the autobiography of Whitaker Chambers.


It will enlighten the reader, to inform about what is taking place to-day. The language has changed, but the game is the same. No longer do communist carry cards. No longer is there talk about Freedom. And another thing so glaringly missing during the long presidential campaign, was an absence of any mention of, “states Rights”. Because the power is now so centralized in Washington.


We are now living under a Socialist form of government, and Communism is just one brand name of socialism. Al that is happening so rapidely, in just the first weeks of the new administration, under the name of bail-outs and Stimulous is the nail in the coffin of individual Freedom..

The hundreds of pages of the so-called stimulous package can be boiled down to three very simple things. That is Freedom, Bondage, or extinction. We are going to live as free individuals, or group bondage or we will become extinct as a people. What other options are there?  We seem to have been tased and rendered powerless to do anything about it. The scale has tipped, and now its the inverted pyramid, toppling


Many are asking, how this current plan will be paid. The consensus of opinion seems to be, borrow from the communist country of China, are just print the money. Either way the price tag is the loss of indivdual Freedom, and abandoment of the free market way of life.. That is the voluntary exchange of goods and services.Everything will be mandated by the centralized power.


There are still a few voices in this wilderness of the Socialist mess we are in, like the book, titled, “A Slobbering Love affair”.


Un-fortunately, too many are caught up in the current frenzy of the new administration, their tactics and stratedgy to see the forest for the trees..Stop. lok and listen, it is happening now.


This once great country, the land of the Free and opportunity is no more. We have gone down the tube with-out a shot being fired.


Lenin told us what would happen,back in the 1920!s, when he said, “The United States would fall from with-in, like over-ripe fruit”


This country of 300 million people, is filled with a lot of very smart people. How could we have allowed this to happen? That which we have ignored and looked the other way, is about to hit us in the face, full force.


Some are asking the question, “has the Obama presidency already failed”? The answer is no it has not, but right on target, accomplishing what it set out to do. Stop kidding yourselves!!. What is happening NOW is the extension of a well organized plan, which began sometime ago and now in the final stages  on schedule. The least we can do is get out of denial, and admit to ourselves the reality of what is happening, now.


And I strongly reccomend reading the book by Whitaker Chambers, Probably available from or Laissez Faire Books.

















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