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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Octogenarian’s Blog

Why couldn’t this lady have been my social studies/history/economics teacher ??
Her site is called “An Octogenarian’s Blog“, and it is pure, undiluted greatness.

She makes me look like Al Freakin’ Franken.
She name-checks Milton Friedman and Frederick Bastiat, both in the same post.
Her name is Anne Cleveland, AND SHE’S 80 SOMETHING YEARS OLD ! ! !
Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak her into a Tim Geithner press conference, and then let her go medieval on him with the cameras rolling ?
Here’s her “About Me” page. Here are the links to the newspaper articles written about her.

I love the internet. Love it, love it, love it.
Why do I get the feeling that if I live to be 80, I’ll still be ranting to whoever will listen?



I feel divinely blessed to receive such complimentary remarks about my writings. I have never had a day’s formal training in writing, type with two fingers, misspell, and make a lot of grammatical errors, but love writing. And feel so passionate about individual freedom; it’s easy for me to write about it.


It’s only been about a year since I learned what the word “Blog” meant. In the discovery it opened up a whole new world for me and I’ve enjoyed interacting with other bloggers, particularly those interested in individual freedom. We are advertising freedom, to counteract the large number out to destroy it.


I’m reminded of the manner in which things were promoted years ago when the motto of Good Housekeeping was, “As advertised in Good House Keeping.” Then Life magazine would advertise, “Life.” I’ve concluded freedom must be advertised. With all its positive benefits there’s plenty to glow about.


We are now bombarded with all kinds of promotion of Socialism. It’s like a jack hammer in our ears. Consequently freedom must be promoted. The main news media has gone so liberal and socialistic; we bloggers have our work cut out to promote the principle of freedom and ownership of property rights. It’s a very interesting subject. Pretty much taboo subject in tax supported socialist school system.


The bottom line is this, if it’s not taught in schools, politicians refrain from mentioning the word and the main media attack it like the plague, how are we to keep the spirit of freedom alive? Through the wonderful medium of blogging! We post articles that go around the world 24-7. What better way to promote the idea of freedom than via the internet??


If we are to survive as a species to enjoy the benefits of freedom, then we must use this great resource to promote the philosophy of freedom. And anyone can do it this day. If you do not have your own website, you can post your thoughts via comments to those who do have sites. There is something all of us can and must do. Participate for your own sake.


I invite you to make comments on my site today. I try to respond to most.


Article One, Section Ten of the United States Constitution says, “No State shall emit bills of credit, make anything but gold or silver coin a tender in payment of debts, coin money.”








E-MAIL: annecleveland@bellsouth,net

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0 Responses to Can’t Get Any Better Than This From Another Blogger (Issue 165)

  1. Ken says:

    “Freedom must be promoted”. How true those words are. Freedom and liberty should be self evident, but the world is not made of what “should” be. It is made of what it is. We all sanction this idea that one man should live on the back of another. We sanction it with our silence. We’re comfortable with the idea that the gummit can print money and give it away to reinstate prosperity. What foolishness. It’s delusional.

    How in the world can we print more money and borrow more money to create prosperity? It’s insane on the face of it. Yet, that is exactly what we’re being sold from those people in D.C.

    The economic piper must be paid and that piper will be paid in the form of rising prices as a result of inflating the money supply, and in higher interest rates as a result of having to devalue the Treasury securities we’re selling other governments.

    In the end, the Fed Gummit will have to completely nationalize the banks in an emergency action. This will happen in front of our eyes within this generation.

    We have borrowed further into the future than ever before in order to salvage the illusion of prosperity today. It’s just awful and my children and others’ will pay the price of our decadence and ignorance.

    That’s my personal opinion.