The domination of the news seems to be one of the perks derived from all the wrangling over the seating of Burris and Franken, in the Senate.
I have frequently made the point of political power and the government thriving on two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it. Now it seems another component is added, expansion by opposition inside the halls of holy.
Yesterday, Burris was denied seating and today confirmed seating. Like a bunch of kids fighting on the school ground.
Anyone with a smattering of knowledge about civics knows they could not refuse to seat him. His appointment by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was the bone of contention. He is still the governor with all the powers of his office and has not been tried or convicted of anything.  I for one, doubt he ever will be. How could anyone, with any reasonable brains, think they could nullify his appointment legally?
He has been accused of trying to obtain money for appointing someone to the Senate seat. All politicians in Washington obtain their seat of power as a result of money. The new President Obama collected 700 million dollars, which paid his way there. Its money in one form or another that enables all of them to be seated in their seats of power.
I thought all the opposition to Burris was a laughing joke, and thought to myself, “Your organ ain’t playing and your monkey is on fire.”
With regards to seating Al Franken, that’s a horse of a different color. If all the reports of fraud and wrong doing over the vote count are true, this comic may have more to joke about. Despite the reports of a lot of money changing hands to buy his way in. If reports are true, his opponent is resisting this buy-in may wind up being a laugh-out.
There are more Ponzi schemes going on in the political world than Madoff. Greed knows no bounds and transcends all boundary lines. Birds of a feather flock together.
The one positive thing I see from all that’s being revealed at this period of time is an opportunity for the 300 million people in this country to be informed about what is actually happening as we face one of the most severe crises this country has ever faced, and that’s the crumbling from within… Ignorance can be no excuse. Absence of transparency can be no excuse. It’s all played out before our eyes, like a Shakespeare comedy and tragedy. It does require a bit of effort and interest to figure how it all dove-tails together, on the march down the road to Socialism.
I must say Obama is one more calm, cool and collected politician, with kind eyes and a beautiful smile, as he prepares to sock it to us with the proposed Stimulus package.
As I see it, the stock market will rally and the economy will yo-yo back and forth for the next few months. About mid-year when all the unemployment checks run out from the millions unemployed,  and the excitement of a new President wears off, were apt to see more and more empty strip malls and more and more people looking for the food stamp line.
Because political government is a con game of keeping your eye on this ball while we juggle another, all this news hype about what’s going on in Washington is part of the game and par for the course.
Inform yourself by reading great free information by smart economists, like the writers of The Daily Bell, on the internet.
And speaking of Bells, “For whom do the Bells toll?” They toll for thee.
Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Belief means not wanting to know what is true.”

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