Sadly, some families suffered unfathomable tragedies over the Christmas holidays.
One of the most heartbreaking news reports was about a man in California, dressed up like Santa Claus, who opened fire on a family when a young girl opened the door.  He killed nine people then set the house on fire. An act of evil so devastating, it is difficult to hear about on the news.
He then left in a rented vehicle and killed himself. The story reports he was burned from the fire, had seventeen thousand dollars on him and the Santa suit was wired with explosives.

It is reported that he was angry at his wife for divorcing. She was one of those caught in the massacre.
This was such a bizarre, devastating story; several subsequent news casters had experts on behavior on to try to explain his behavior.
The thing I noticed when I saw his picture on the screen is the fact he was San Paku. Most have probably never heard the term. It is the Japanese phrase meaning three sides of white – a condition, which books have been written about.  I lived in Japan four years and am familiar with the term. I recognize the condition when I see it.
“San” in Japanese means three and “Paku” means white. Therefore, the term means three sides of white showing in ones eyes. Normally we see two sides of white showing in each eye when we look directly into ones eyes. But when you look into a person’s eyes and also see white at the bottom, as well as on either side, it means something called San Paku.
Years ago it was called bedroom eyes. For me I always had an uncomfortable feeling around anyone with that condition and did not know why until I read books explaining the condition and learned that there was a name for it.
It means that individual has a problem. They are out of sync. It could be caused by structural misalignment. One might have some kind of cranial-sacrum, jamming. One might have some mental or emotional dysfunction. It means that person is not operating normally, not functioning and firing on all cylinders, so to speak. It could be some physical structural misalignment of mental or emotional malfunction. It can be corrected when recognized. It is frequently some impingement in the nervous system, caused by structural misalignment in the spine area. Sometimes it can be caused from an accident, a fall, or some physical injury.
A manifestation of the condition is in slowed reflexes. They do not have the same quick reflex action that a person without the condition has. They may not think as well or as logically as one without the condition.
As I understand it, when a person is dying, his eyes may roll upwards. Seeing the picture of the shooter on TV, his eyes were extremely rolled upwards and three sides of white in his eyes were quite visible and noticeable.
Sometimes a person may have the condition in only one eye.
I have seen the condition in some children, because they run and play and fall and hit their heads on things, which causes structural misalignment.  In those cases, it may be easily corrected with a structural alignment by a Chiropractor, massage practitioner.  Sometimes, massaging the muscles to relax can cause the spine to realign itself.  Or an osteopathic treatment may correct it. Once the condition is corrected the eyes again appear normal.
I write about this not to further sensationalize the horror of what happened, but for information one might use if they have someone in their family or know someone with this very visible condition called San Paku. It is treatable and can be corrected.
If someone who knew this man had known about the condition, so visible in his eyes, he might have received help to correct it. The first and foremost importance is to recognize the condition which is so easily recognizable. Because when a person has the condition, it’s a warning sign they are out of whack. They most likely do not think as rationally as they should, and their reflexes do not operate normally.
It does not take a psychiatrist or psychologist to recognize the condition; it is reflected in one’s eyes and is easily recognizable.
I decided to write this article after listening to several experts giving various possible explanations as to what caused this man to go on this killing spree. What was wrong was so glaringly visible in his eyes.
For anyone interested in the subject of San Paku, I suggest obtaining a book on it and reading information available on the subject. My explanation is a very simple one; however there is more in depth information available to anyone interested in learning more about it. There are interesting stories written about some very famous people who had this condition.

I would be interested in hearing any comments on the subject from my readers.
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0 Responses to San Paku: Three Sides of White Showing in the Eyes (Issue 146)

  1. Peggy says:

    My 24 yo son graduated last June with distinction from Stanford in Film and Media Studies. He’s a gentle soul, very artsy, dedicated vegetarian/vegan since 1994. He makes wonderful social justice documentaries. He just returned from 6 weeks in India, where he did some filming and attended a 2 week advanced meditation course at an ashram, sponsored by the Art of Living Institute. While at the ashram, he was evaluated by an alternative medicine guru who diagnosed him with sanpaku. In looking at recent pix of him, I would have to agree. He feels in balance, and is living his life by meditating 2 hours/day, eating healthily, doing wonderful work. But, I know this ‘diagnosis’ bothers/worries him. I think the sanpaku has developed over the last few years, since he’s been a vegetarian. He’s tall (6’4″), very lean, olive skinned – looks a little bit ‘ethnic’. How worried should he/we be? He was told to go on a macrobiotic diet. Should he see a conventional, western M.D. (ophthomologist)?

  2. tom says:

    very interesting, i was macrobiotic one time in my life and i believe in the underlying theory (great life, balance, etc) but when i comes to eating, it seems there is something to be said for humans consuming animal flesh, i am on a somewhat but not always high protein low carb diet and it works much better for me (i feel better) than a steady diet of brown rice and no animal protein, can it be your son is sanpaku because he is a vegetarian? sounds crazy but now having studied food and how it makes me feel all of my life, i conclude everyone is very different and everyone has to design a diet themselves over time by experimenting and adding certain foods and subtracting other food, to me it is a life long process and somewhat experimental, best,


  3. joyceloflin says:

    As I recall, many years ago I read that people are san paku from eating too much sugar. The first thing I notice about people who have commited murder is the fact that they are san paku. Look at OJ Simpson after he murdered his wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Today there is a picture of a murderer in Florida. Check it out:
    He is san paku!

  4. As I understand it there are several possible causes as to why a person becomes San Paku.However for what-ever reason they are out of sync, emotionally, mentally or physically or all three. Theres an imbalance. But commonly from some physical trauma, like a blow to the head,or a fall which causes spinal mis-alingment. Some accident which causes mis-alingment of temporal mandibular jar
    These things can cause an imbalance in the body chemistry which can trigger this condition. I do know that structural alingment frequently corrects the problem. Which can be accomplished by an Osteopath or chiropractor.
    I recall sseveral years back a member of my family was very san paku, a few months of regular chiropractic plus a regimen of metabolic ecology corrected the condition reflected in her eyes.
    Anne Cleveland
    chief editor

  5. Steve says:

    How is this condition corrected?

  6. TO STEVE.
    Your question? How is this condition corrected? Please read my above response to another comment.
    I!m not a doctor nor a scientist. But have witnessed the correction of the condition more than once in others.
    For those I know who have corrected the condition, they have followed a regimen of, ‘metabolic ecology” Which involves a number of disciplines. I think one needs to do a study in the area of natural healing methods to correct the condition.
    It is not difficult but requires a discipline, most are not willing to follow. So many think a pill or shot cures them.

    The condition of san pa ku is a manisfestation something in ones life world affairs and body is out of sync. To heal ones-self of any undesirable body condition, may require a study of what causes disease and cures. And make the changes, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to correct,

    I have no magic bullets. If one is sincerely interested in correcting any condition they may have, I suggest there is plenty of published material in a number of books to study . Many undisrable conditions, are caused by blockage. And the first blockage to tackle is in ones way of thinking.

    I write a blog covering a variety of subjects, sometimes about health, but do not diagnose. I can reccomend books one can read to enlighten themselves if you care to e-mail me at;

    I appreciate your reading my articles and welcome any comments.

    Anne Cleveland
    Chief editor

  7. Kim says:

    This man, in our local paper has been convicted of horrible sexual abuse of children. I was interested in finding out if there was a correlation between his creepy eyes, and his crimes. I googled “what does it mean when the whites of the eyes are showing on the bottom of the eyes” and it brought me to your article. I also read more on the topic, including that Obama has this same San Paku eyes. Very interesting. Note the eyes on the sexual abuser. It is so pronounced, even compared to others with this same disorder.
    If this link breaks up- go to Mansfield News Journal and type in Scott Shafer

  8. Hi Kim, Thank you for your letter. I checked the site, read the article and saw the picture of the perpetrator. I daresay the worst condition of sanpaku I have ever seen.

    I have not noticed Obama was sanpaku, when looking straight at
    him. However Pres. Kennedy was sanpaku when he was shot. He was not sanpaku when he had the PT boat accident. His reflexes acted quickly and he rescued a buddy at that time.

    Sanpaku is not a disease, but a symptom of a condition, something, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, is out of sync or all four. When this condition exists, ones’ reflexes are not responding to their optimum level; plus cases have shown such as the one you presented, the person can display dangerous behavior.
    I’m a Reflexologist, and have treated individuals with the condition. It is correctable. One could compare it to a car being out of alignment. If it goes uncorrected for balance, it simply gets worse.

    Sanpaku means the individual is out of balance in one or several areas of their being. It is easily recognizable and can be corrected.

  9. George Ohsawa, who brought macrobiotics over from Japan, wrote an excellent book on the subject called, *You Are All San Paku*. It is easily explained when you understand the concept of Yin (pronounced Yeen) and Yang (pronounced Yong). Every food has different qualities and some cause cells to contract while others cause cells to expand. For example…a baked potato causes cells to contract more so than a strawberry because the liquid has been cooked out of the potato, while the strawberry still has it’s original water content- just as a sponge- a cell absorbs water. A cracker, however, is more contractive than a baked potato because it is virtually devoid of water.

    A diet high in expansive foods (sugars, fruits, liquids, pharmaceuticals) over a lengthy period of time likewise cause expansion in the cells and may affect the orbs (eyes) by causing expansion. This imbalanced diet of mostly yin foods makes the person unstable mentally and physically. There are foods that are more balancing like whole grains and vegetables, but once you eat something yang, like meat, your body wants to balance it with something yin, like a potato, or a drink. This is why cigarettes and alcohol go together. Smoking causes contraction and alcohol causes expansion…starting to understand this?

    I am noticing more vegetarians and vegans with this condition and it is primarily because their diets contain a lack of contractive foods. It is practically deadly to go vegetarian and keep sugar in your diet. This will definitely cause you to go off balance. TOO YIN. There are ways to balance this – adding more sea salt to your diet- going into the sun on occasion- exercising, etc.

    In general it is said that someone with this condition will die an early, tragic death, so it is wise to try and correct this. One way would be to at least study the macrobiotic understanding of Yin/Yang so that one may be able to balance his/her diet and activity to correct this condition. I have theory to believe that polarity imbalance (becoming homosexual or bisexual) is also caused by dietary imbalance in the parent or individual. It’s pretty interesting.

    Cheers! 🙂

  10. Kelly says:

    What is your born with sanpaku eyes i’ve had them every since i was younge, i used to eat alot of lollies has that got something to do with it?

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I have really pronounced yin sanpaku eyes & feel anything but normal!I have depression & anxiety & am liable to flip if someone messes with me on the wrong day,scary as it is to say,im pretty sure im capable of murder if really pushed!!(sorry if thats a bit too honest)!
    !I am a nice person,but have never been popular,i’ve always wondered why,yet now i’m convinced its because of my sanpaku eyes!
    I dont believe a diet can change what you are genetically born with-the only thing that can change sanpaku eyes isa form of surgery called a canthopexy-wont change whats inside though…..:D

  12. Julia says:

    i think that i might have a tendency for san paku eyes. i checked old pic`s of my father and he had the same eyes thirty years ago. today he is an alcoholic. i know that my body is really out of balance but i can`t really say what it is. i don`t eat sugar candy chocolate, meat is also very rare . i have two children which are still very small, and most of the time i raise them all by myself. could the san paku come from that? stress i mean?
    i did cranio sacral for a while but can`t say if that helped cause i wasn`t paying attention to the san paku by then. i live in germany and i have a good contact to a macrobiotic store. What do you think?

  13. FREEDOM LADY says:

    Hi Julia, Thank you for your comment. What I can tell you about San-paku eyes is, it is a sympton, and not a disease. Its an indicator something is out of balance in ones body. It can be emotional, structural, or something else. If its structural and frequently is, then the right kind of chiropractic adjustments may correct by releasing the impingement on nerves in the spine. I would suggest you look to a naturpath or chiropractor for help in correcting.

  14. Anna Murray says:

    Hi. I had Graves disease a few years ago, had my thyroid radiated, and am on synthesized Thyroid meds. My eyes were kinda bulgey then, got alittle better, but now are a lot worse. My driver’s liscence picture is quite scary. I can’t think straight, and am very unbalanced. I also suffer from chronic depression, and I just got out of a not nice relationship. I’m on county medical, so that limits my oppurtunities.
    I am curious about which level of the macrobiotic would be best for the detoxification of stress hormones etc…

  15. Laurene says:

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    Thanks for your time!

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