Our founding father, George Washington, said, “All see and most admire, the glare which hovers round the trappings of elevated office. To me there is nothing in it, beyond the luster which may be reflected from its connection with a power of promoting human felicity.”


Like the majority of Americans, I watched most of the inauguration of the new President, Barack Obama, today.


It was an impressive ceremony, with a sea of people there to witness it in person. It was an extremely cold, but bright, sunny day which allowed the photographers to capture so many beautiful pictures of the historic buildings in the nation’s capitol. And I must say, the news media and photographers did an outstanding job of coverage.


I was touched by the invocation given by Rick Warren, pastor of the Saddleback church in California.  I was listening for the usage of the word “freedom” from anyone during the ceremony, and he did say, “…united by a commitment to freedom,” which was music to my ears to hear him say that. I only wish we were united in commitment to freedom. It was great to hear, but the out-picturing of the reality in this country, does not reveal such is the case. Sadly, this country is not united in a commitment to freedom.


Then I heard it again as they sang, “My Country tis of Thee,” which makes me cry to hear.  The song performed by Aretha Franklin was awesome.


As I listened to hear any talk of freedom, I thought about all the campaign speeches I listened to. I didn’t hear every one, but never heard Obama or McCain speak of freedom – only Sarah Palin. McCain spoke frequently about, “love of country” which could mean a number of things to various people. A person could have love of country in a totalitarian state.


Obama gave a great speech and mentioned the word freedom twice. At the end he said, “…great gift of freedom.” I was impressed he mentioned the word. In two major speeches he gave as president elect, He never mentioned the word.


I believe the liberty quote which says, “Life is a gift, freedom is a responsibility.” I believe freedom is an inalienable right which is the gift inherent in life, given to us by our creator: to be responsible for our lives.


Political government is the enemy of that right. Proof is in the indisputable fact that political government has so eroded individual freedom and ones property rights… we are far down the road to socialism.


In spite of all the pomp and circumstance today, and the high-minded rhetoric, around the corner looms more government intervention.  For example, the stimulus package and welfare programs Obama is poised to push into action.


This was a day of great excitement, with all the speeches and music and parade and ceremonials…and 0 with all the, “yes we can,” “yes we will,” to, “yes we have” mantras coming to fruition. But I for one, want to hear speeches from politicians saying were going to get off the backs of the American people so they can return to individual freedom and return to a position of personal ownership of property. To allow the citizen’s self-control and self-responsibility by removing all the restrictions the centralized government has imposed upon us which prevents us having that inalienable right.


All of today’s excitement, great expectations and high hopes, reminded me of The Emperor’s clothing story as the people stood along the parade route.


After the inauguration, the meeting of the elite at the social luncheon was interrupted by the illness of two long time senators – Byrd and Kennedy, reminding us of the mortality of all of us.


Another quote from our first President, George Washington is, “The executive branch of this government never has, nor will suffer, while I preside, any improper conduct of its officers to escape with impunity.”


All of those great men who founded this country stood for freedom and fought for it. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and the many others helped form this nation, for individual freedom, after winning a war against the oppression of British rule. They spoke and wrote about freedom. Some fought and died for it. Today, we are a nation in crisis and bondage because of the onslaught of intrusion into individual freedom by a very large and powerful centralized government.


Tomorrow and in the days and months that will follow this inauguration, a day of celebration, things will begin looking quite different as we will face the challenges and aftermath of all which has occurred in this country: the internal crumbling of this once great free nation.


Let Freedom Ring


Just Me


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