Rod Blagojevich, the embattled Illinois governor, holds on to his seat of power, despite all efforts to throw him out thus far.


I write about Governor Blagojevich, because to me, he’s the poster boy for politicians. He is accused of a multitude of acts, condemned by other politicians, his constituency, and the news media. My question is: what has he done that is so outrageously different from other politicians?


One of the things he’s accused of by U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald is trying to make a little money from a political appointment of an Illinois senator to fill the vacancy when Barack Obama was elected President.


My second question is, who in an elected office in the U.S. has acquired that position without a monetary cost of purchase?  Obviously, there are varying ways of solicitation of monies to fund the candidate for political office. It just so happened Blagojevich is accused of a method of acquiring money for providing a ticket to the seat of power as a senator without the office seeker having to go the usual route of acquiring the funds to pay his way to arrive there.


Very shortly after Attorney Fitzgerald publicly announced the allegations about Governor Blagojevich, Obama wasted no time calling for his resignation. It seems to me I read somewhere that it costs over 700 million for Obama’s journey to victory to win the White House Presidency.


Yesterday, the news was dominated by Rod, flaunting his nose at other politicians, flying away from Illinois to New York to appear on the show, “The View” at noon today.  He will then appear on the Larry King Show later on today. Then he will have an interview with Geraldo. This is all on a January morning when other politicians are gathering in his home state to fire him as governor.


Anyone reading my articles knows how I feel about political power versus individual freedom. And make no bones about how I think and feel about politicians. Conversely, because Blagojevich is such a shining example of a real politician and how they operate, plus the exposure of other politicians, I find myself wanting to cheer him on. It’s such a great opportunity for the citizens of this country to hear and see from a living front page news politician how it all operates.


Those who still have their heads in the sand can observe in living color as it happens: how the political process operates.


Listening to the news pundits this morning, he is described as bold, brazen and un-afraid. He is accused of trying to contaminate the jury pool, by going on national TV shows, quoting Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mandela. I for one can’t wait to watch him today.


On several points Blagojevich is right. He’s playing the victim card, and in this connection, he has been condemned without a fair trial in a court procedure. So many people are up in arms over his attitude and position and the route he’s taking because he is defiantly showing up so many others. Here is a young man who obviously understands the Battle Plan, and unafraid to use it.


In the great human struggle for survival and supremacy, as revealed in history, the two major arenas are with nature and political action.


What is so interesting about this story is, Governor Blagojevich faces the victimization of the onslaught of political power that all of us face under different circumstances and in varying degrees. Any time any of us are faced with the onslaught of political power infringing upon our inalienable rights, it requires one’s wits, will, skills and strength to engage in the combat against political power.


Governor Blagojevich may lose or he may win this battle. I think he stands a good chance of winning. His is a battle of supremacy, as to whether or not he’s going to hold on to his seat of political power or will others in the political arena, maintain control for their advantage. In my opinion, there is a worthwhile story with a valuable lesson in this story for all of us.


We could profit by paying attention to this story unfolding before us and played out to see in our own living rooms. Ask the question, why has this man been chosen the target for criminal investigation and impeachment, when in fact he does what all politicians do in one form or another.


Observe as he plays the roles of provoker, enabler and victim. Then listen to the struggle of those in the other arena trying to evict and convict as they play the roles of provoker, enabler and victim. All at the expense of the producing taxpayer being paid for by monies extracted from those working and producing, by the system of thievery this political government thrives on.


Like a three-act play this political fight with each other opens the curtain on one act, closes on another and opens again.  Observe and learn from it, because it’s a situation which has been played and re-played throughout history, and pervasive today if all its various forms with different characters in the political arena, however frequently more clandestine than all the exposure given to this particular situation.


I suspect he is the goat chosen to deflect the activities of others away from and on to the Governor. One aspect of the con game of political government, keep your eye on this ball, while we are doing something else.




The Freedom Lady,




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