There has been so much in the news lately about embattled Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich.  We first heard of his alleged scandalous behavior when US Attorney Fitzgerald televised a report about the Governor. Then Impeachment hearings began; however to this date he has not been tried and convicted of anything. Despite the fact many other politicians have been urging him to resign.


A number of years back there was a joke quote, I can’t recall who said, “George Washington said, ‘I never told a lie,’ Richard Nixon said, ‘I never told the truth,’ and Jimmy Carter said, ‘I don’t really know the difference.’”


And who isn’t familiar with the phrase, “If the lips are moving——“


All of the politicians I have ever heard distort the truth, partake and redistribute the stolen loot acquired via legal plunder, so what is any difference in the Illinois Governor? Perhaps, the caught and un-caught!!


If all the billions of dollars in bailouts last year, and the billions of dollars in proposed so-called stimulus packages this year, do not get the attention of the American people, to be fore-warned that something is seriously wrong in the seat of power in Washington, I don’t know what will.


Just last week, I experienced my first sighting of an empty strip mall. With the huge number of job losses, millions losing their homes and rising prices of groceries, what will we face next? From someone who lived during the Great Depression years, it will get worse before it gets better I daresay.


Predictably, scarcity of food will be an issue for one thing, which will impact on the weight-loss industry.


This morning my daughter called, impressed by listening to the predictions of a well known preacher. One of his predictions was that America will embrace Socialism. To that I responded, “We already have.” Unfortunately, like so many others, so-called informed people talk about what is going to happen, and ignore what has already happened and happening now. 


Many years ago I read a wonderful book by John T. Flynn, titled, “While we Slept.” In this connection we have been asleep at the switch for a long time, failing to recognize all that is happening around us, above us and beyond us. When in fact, if we only paid attention, we would notice that we are told in one form or another every day. On television stations like C-Span, we have a front row seat to observe what the politicians vote us into, Socialism.


This morning in a special televised report, President Bush admitted he “chunked” some of his Free Market principles during his administration. And this is not the first time he has informed us of this.


The stakes are very high. The loss of individual freedom, private property rights and the free enterprise system means one thing, Bondage of Socialism. A system that takes from the “haves” and redistributes to “have nots” as President Lyndon Johnson told us. In addition, Socialism is a system that vehemently opposes private ownership.


During World War II, a victim of the concentration camps in Germany, Cora Tin Boone, wrote a book describing the horrors of life in a concentration camp.  She described the filth and the griping by some of the inmates, and about flies swarming as a result of the filth they lived in. Cora Tin Boone saw a blessing in that adversity, by telling the others, the filth and flies kept the SS troops away, which protected them from rape.


Accordingly, we can look at the unpleasant news relative to such political activities by politicians like Blagojevich, as a warning blessing; of what is happening now and what has already happened to this country. It is a far cry from the principles upon which this nation was founded. Long ago, we abandoned the motto of those early settlers, “root hog or die,” a mantra implying stand up, work hard, and fight for the principles of freedom. Which they did and won.


We can no longer shrug and slumber. We must get out of the self-denial, it’s not our stuff. We are all in this condition together. And it is not going to happen, but it is happening now. We do not have the luxury of ignoring and doing nothing.


What can we do? What do you want to do?  The first step is admitting the reality of what is happening. Accept the facts and inform yourself.  As Dr. Phil says, “We cannot change that which we do not acknowledge.”


We must acknowledge the fact we cannot vote ourselves out of that which we voted ourselves into. Secondly, we must admit that all of us have played a part to one degree or another, which brought about this terrible crisis. The paving of the road towards Socialism began a long time ago, and now is an expedited and galloping Socialism.


Ignorance is not bliss, but an open door to bondage, the loss of individual freedom.


Quoted by Manfred B. Zysk, researcher and engineer, “A family member asked my wife, ‘Aren’t you concerned about his (our son’s) socialization with other kids?’ My wife gave this response, ‘Go to your local middle school, junior high, or high school, walk down the hallways, and tell me which behavior you see  that you think our son should emulate.’”








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