I don’t know who is getting more press lately, Illinois Governor, Blagojevich or President Elect, Obama. The Governor is getting his share, with his arrest, impeachment coverage, and appointment to Senator to replace Obama.
The Blagojevich fiasco is a very interesting, enlightening and is an educational story. It provides a great deal of insight into the inner workings of political government. No wonder from the top down there’s so much screaming for him to resign. The unraveling of his story lets the cat out of the bag in more than one area of news.
I’ve listened to news reports, read news reports, listened to impeachment hearings on C-Span, and television coverage of the governor himself.
The Charges in the impeachment report covers several activities that the Governor has allegedly been involved in. One is over vaccines. His administration apparently tried to buy and import a flu vaccine from a European manufacturer. This drug had not received FDA or State approval to import. The FDA had already declared half of the potential US vaccine supply “unsafe.”
The various US agencies, like the FDA and Centers for Disease control (CDC), here in Atlanta will declare a drug safe, then unsafe, and then declare a drug legal then illegal. There record is consistently inconsistent when it comes to drugs.
The Blagojevich drug saga is an interesting one. As the reports go, his aids placed a large order anyway, obligating the state to pay for the vaccine.  Delivery would be in violation of Federal Law. They then sought to assist other states by attempts to procure for them.  None of which received the vaccines. However Illinois was billed for $2.6 million by the drug company.
I’m always interested in any reports relative to political government intervention in the area of vaccines, because I have a very personal story of involvement in a Federal Court case.
It began back in early seventies when I had a young son; I enrolled in the tax-supported school system.  I had decided before he started I would not allow any immunizations. Here in the state of Georgia, as well as other States, there is a Compulsory Attendance law. At the time of my son’s enrollment, there was also a Mandatory Vaccine law.  The list of immunizations included the polio vaccine.  I read that it was developed from extracting the pus from a Rhesus monkey. Another one reported that it has extracts from horse urine. And yet another one reported that the vaccination resulted in several deaths.
I was vehemently opposed to the list of forced vaccines. The only exception in the law stated one could be exempt for religious reasons. I simply told school officials, my religion was none of the state’s business. Therefore, the only way one could escape arrest was provide a shot record or a statement from a “recognized religion” and I refused to provide either.
After the first enrollment to comply with compulsory attendance law, he was kicked out of school because he had no shot record. About every 90 days afterwards, I would re-enroll him then he would be expelled again. This went on two or three years. Finally I received a letter from the school board informing me I would be arrested for defiance of the Compulsory Attendance law.  This was followed by a visit from the truant officer who warned me.
I, of course, knew from the beginning that this would ultimately happen. That is why I had begun compiling a file on immunizations from the first enrollment – to be prepared for when it did happen. I faced jail or to submit to the list of vaccines, including, measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, chicken pox, and diphtheria. In my file I had documentation of eight deaths from the diphtheria vaccine.
To avoid incarceration or the vaccines, I retained an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the state in Federal Court, protesting the unconstitutionality of forced immunizations.
A panel of three Federal Judges ruled in my favor and ordered the state law to be changed and my son to be reinstated in school under a federal order.
Vaccines are a huge lucrative money-making scheme for the drug companies. And the millions of school children forced to be vaccinated is a huge budget item to be paid by taxpayers, whether one has children in the system or not.
It’s my belief that the body of most has a built in resistance to many diseases, and filling a young child’s body with all the toxins of vaccines, lowers that natural resistance. That’s just my personal belief. For those who think otherwise, and voluntarily have the vaccinations, they can do so. However, I opposed the “force” of vaccines, fought it and won. Now, that child is past 40 years old and has never had a childhood disease, or any vaccines.
At the time I filed a lawsuit against the state, in the early seventies, I was living in the country, not belonging to any organizations, and therefore I fought the case all alone, with no help from anyone and paid all the legal fees myself. There was a lot of publicity and I still have many of the news articles. One reporter told me what made the case so newsworthy was that I was just one woman alone, taking on the bureaucracy and winning.
I think we should assume the responsibility of standing up for that which we believe in and we must be willing to fight the battle. This particular battle was not easy.  It was expensive and I weathered the onslaught of abusive from the opposition. On the front page of a major newspaper, one top educator was quoted as saying that I was crazy. To that I said, “I might be, but my child is not having those shots!!”
One of the issues we face today, at a time of national crisis, is a crisis between the individual and the state as to who is going to have the responsibility for children, their health, their education, their well-being and safety.  It’s a battle, and I for one believe the responsibility for child rearing, and control, lies squarely on the shoulders of the parents. and not political government.
Unfortunately, it is evident, many have abandoned the responsibility for their children, and like sheep to slaughter turn their kids over to government control in a number of areas. A situation of a false belief, government can be responsible for their children.
Accordingly, not many stand up and resist the onslaught of intrusion and control that is perpetrated by the government. They sit idly and do nothing. Those who do take action, like the parents who home school, are to be commended and admired. Along with those who refuse the injection of drugs in their children.
During this time of depression, aggression, and recession, it’s time to inventory where we are, where we are headed, and what we plan on doing about it.
Here is a quote by Seymour Papert, MIT mathematician, computer scientist, educator, inventor of Logo programming Language:
“Nothing enrages me more when people criticize my criticism of school by telling me that schools are not just places to learn math and spelling, they are places where children learn a vaguely defined thing called Socialism. I know, I think schools generally do an effective and terribly damaging job of teaching children to be infantile, dependent, intellectually dishonest, passive, and disrespectful to their own developmental capabilities.”

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  1. Vaccines are the most toxic part of the medical religion. Surely, salvation by drugs must be the dumbest idea ever promoted by religious fanatics.

    We never vaccinated any of our four children. I campaign wherever I can to educate people to the dangers of vaccines.