Many trends for any number of things begins in California, then spreads across this country like the Santa Ana winds spread wildfires. This year, a landmark case relating to home schooling was filed in the courts. A California court of Appeals wanted home schooling outlawed.  However, it was defeated on the grounds that parents have a Constitutional Right to teach their own children.

The price of Freedom is “eternal vigilance.” Therefore, because the aim of the socialist base in this country is to take over a generation of young students to indoctrinate in the philosophy of socialism, there will be other battles to follow, despite the fact one’s right to home school was upheld in the California case.
The tax-supported, so called “public schools” are a system of dyed in the wool socialism, make no mistake about that. As if indoctrinating children into the philosophy of socialism is not bad enough, children are subjected to drugs, abuse, bullying, physical fights, and some even lose their lives.

It’s reported that Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy in our classrooms today will be the philosophy in our government tomorrow.” That may have been the case back in his day and time, but the reverse is true today. Now it is what’s in the centralized political government that is in the classrooms, projected to students via textbooks, school teachers, unions, school boards, etc. It’s a well organized system designed to indoctrinate your child. Sounds like it has gone full circle, if at one point in history the concern was about political government with reference to what was being taught in schools. Because today, and for the past many years, what is being taught is a result of the dictates of political government.
Parents are rendered impotent to do anything about anything in the system. If you as a parent complain or make an issue out of any opposition, your child is singled out to be the brunt, by several methods, from criticism to ostracizing. Therefore, if you as a parent think there’s something you can do for justice for your child in the system, scratch that idea, because you cannot do anything to improve the system.
I know because I began battling with the system back in the early 60s. Because I raised two families, I had children finishing school in the 60s and another child beginning school in the early 70s. I have written bits and pieces of stories about my experiences in the school system in previous articles, and plan on writing more in- depth articles about my experiences. I battled the system in more than one state and faced arrest more than once, because back then, home schooling was not tolerated. Consequently, when I removed my children and home schooled them, I faced arrest. And just yesterday, ran across some of the documents of threatened arrest I received in Tennessee.
Now, I have neither children nor grandchildren in the system, and can speak out via this wonderful Internet medium in the hopes my experiences might help someone else.
I read some statistics report that there are 2 million children in the U.S. now being home schooled. Many of these will grow up to be independent free thinkers that threaten socialism in this country. One of the basic tenets of socialism is everyone must be yoked, controlled and brought under submission to a centralized political government system. And if there’s anyone out there who does not believe we are already far down that road, he or she is simply behind the curve of current events.
Individual freedom is under siege and a large portion of personal property rights have already been nationalized. Tax-supported schools have already been socialized years back.
At first glance, one might think because there are around 2 million of us already rejecting the system, we can organize and resist the outlawing of home schooling.  No, you can’t, because that would be a sinker for certain political government can take over organizations, but have difficulty with individual, loose canon, independent thinkers. That’s one of the first things I discovered, i.e. not to organize.

Nevertheless, in today’s world of communication, one has access to great tools of networking, particularly via the Internet. Being informed as to what is going on and taking place is the first major step to stop the criminalization of parents who choose to home school. Anyone can start a newsletter to distribute via the Internet to inform others. Or, with the purchase of a few stamps, mail out information to each other.
First and foremost is to become informed. Second is becoming an active participant to save and rescue your children from the jaws of socialism. Third, do not organize and have the courage to stick by your convictions.
In a separate article, I will relate the story of what happened to me when parents flocked to my door wanting to organize after I stood up against the abuse and coercion in the school system, which I have touched on briefly in other articles.
If you are unaware of just what you are up against if your right to home school is denied, please be advised you are up against a formidable enemy. Between the school board, truant officers, judges and courts, police, teachers unions, news media propaganda, and more, you will have a battle on your hands.
The more you know, well armed with information, the more empowered you will be. There are many great books available. I recently ordered one from Laissez-Faire books titled, “The Twelve Year Sentence—Caution, Public Schools: Radical views of Compulsory Schooling” edited by William F. Rickenbacker. Then, other older publications like, “Why Johnny Still Can’t Read:  A New Look at the Scandal in our Schools” by Rudolf Flesch. There’s also “Summerhill” by Neal, a book so valuable to me that I used it as a guide. All these books are paperback, inexpensive and can be ordered from the Internet. 
Arming yourself with the truth and correct information about the school system is your best weapon. Knowledge is the power. Laws can be made overnight with the stroke of a pen, which adversely affect your right to teach your own children.
Additionally, what I write about is not something I heard about or read about, it’s things I personally experienced spanning a period of several years in different schools, in different states and under similar circumstances.
It was a mantra of the communist brand of socialism that said, “Give me a child until he’s 8-years-old and I will make a communist out of him.”

This great country is now in crisis and whether or not we survive as a free nation may very well depend upon the next generation, as well as the current one.
Back in the days of the American Revolution, we learned in grade school about the method of communication. “One if by Land and two if by Sea” meant the swinging of a lantern to inform others of the approaching enemy. How fortunate we are today to live in an era of instant information and communication, with all the technology available to everyone. We do not have to depend upon swinging lanterns.
Please feel free to comment or communicate via e-mail.
Let Freedom Ring!

From “The Freedom Lady.”

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  1. I really very liked this post. Can I copy?
    Thank you in advance.

    Sincerely, Timur Alhimenkov.

  2. Jill Tudor says:

    I have enjoyed so much reading your blog tonight! It has been like a refreshing breeze…
    I have always homeschooled my three children, now 6,8 and 10, for many reasons, but mostly because I can. Ironically, I received my Masters in Education from Florida State and that experience was what set me on the road to homeschooling. Textbook socialism and marxism were being taught blatantly in these classes, as well as my history/social science classes. The attempt to brainwash the weak minded was so evident to me. More than anything, I want my kids to be patriots, critical thinkers, and faith filled. Thank you so much for posting about your experiences of farm life, living through the Depression, homeschooling, and liberty! Keep blogging; I’m reading:). My kids were all born in a suburb in northwest Atlanta, so we have Georgia in common as well. Thanks again and God bless.