Every day, we wake up to another big blast for money from taxpayers. Last week, it was the three millionaires from the auto industry. This morning, it’s all about Citibank, with assets of trillions. We have moved from millions, to billions and now trillions.

Last week, I watched those three stooges I call “winking, blinking and nod”, huddled together at a Congressional hearing seeking a handout of $25 billion. These three men are all multi-millionaires who flew into Washington on their private jets, all dressed up looking sooo respectable, holding their invisible tin cups for a free handout. Without remorse or compunction, they flew to Washington expecting hard-working American taxpayers to fork over $25 billion to CYA their squandering.

I could be sincerely wrong, but it seems to me I recall one of them hosting a huge fundraising party here in Atlanta for George Bush when he ran for his second term, and raised a large amount of money for his campaign. Now President Bush is the man who just last week said he had always believed in the free market capitalistic system BUT after being told we may be on the verge of another Great Depression, mumbled something about his change of mind.

I’m just trying to follow the bouncing ball down the yellow brick road as I listen to all these very rich men who have become wealthy in a free market capitalist country, reveal their sheep’s clothing. Specifically they are socialists using the capitalistic system, and having mismanaged and squandered the money, now get all dressed up to appear in public at the socialist trough for a handout.

Now I ask the question, were they free-enterprising individuals who crossed over into socialism, or were they socialist thinkers all along, disguising themselves as capitalists? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I really don’t know, but apparently they all came to roost in Washington, the gathering place for the money handlers.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.”

Listening to the Congressmen question these three rich men, they could not seem to get any reasonable or rational answers and began poking fun at them. Like spanking a naughty child with a hair brush, they were told to jump back on their private jets, run back home, do their homework, lick that calf over again and come back in December with a plan of what they’re going to do with $25 billion of taxpayer monies.

I believe the average American understands the point of thievery is in the arbitrary taking of property (money) from another person, which is removing it in violation of the owner’s will. Therefore, no amount of do-goodism redistribution justifies the act. It’s simply dividing up and redistributing the stolen loot.

As soon as the hearings were over, everyone scrambled for a microphone to get on the news to voice their support of the automobile industry bailout or to voice their objections to it. I remind my readers of precisely how this political government thrives and expands its powers . . . opposition to it and dependency upon it. “That’s elementary dear Watson.”

The pattern is always the same. Someone presents to Congress in some form, a bill, a law, a bailout or handout, and enters the news cycle to go out in the stratosphere to the people, i.e. the ones footing the bill. Receiving the news, some individuals and watchdog groups voice their opposition. They start calling and e-mailing their Congressmen. Then they sit back, feeling they have done their patriotic duty, and go about their daily lives thinking their elected representative has listened and will proceed as though they have heeded, UNTIL, it comes up again before the powers at be, usually in a different form, with different language and some changes. After objections have subsided, the bill is passed. Sometimes an even bigger package of money is appropriated than originally presented.

This request from “winking, blinking and nod” will be no different. When they return, they will get the money; if not the second time, at least the third time. It’s a dance. Those dishing out the money and those seeking it know the steps too well. In this case, Congress is returning for a special hearing to accommodate the tin cup holders in December, most likely playing Santa Clause with YOUR money.

But in the current situation, the lines of tin cup holders are getting longer and the demands for money larger. Today it’s Citigroup. Tomorrow it will be someone else. While the backs of the American workers get weaker with less and less having paying jobs, and everything taking place weakening the economy, more and more are disenchanted with the idea of continuing bailouts with their money. Plus, more and more indebtedness going into perpetuity.

Unfortunately, those in Washington act as though they are in a squirrel cage filled with dollars, going round and round, year after year, doing the same thing over and over.

Just today, President-Elect Obama televised a noonday speech naming his newly appointed advisors. He began by saying, “financial markets are in a crisis.” No kidding! From all I have seen, those appearing before Congress who are the CEOs of these companies are very wealthy men. From all appearances, it seems we go from bad to worse on a daily basis. When unemployment checks run out after the holidays, who knows what’s apt to happen.

I welcome your comments, your opinions and any solutions you might have.

Let Freedom Ring!

From “The Freedom Lady.”


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