My family and friends all know how I feel about Individual Freedom and Personal Property Rights. Writing on this blog site provides me with an opportunity to express it in the hopes I might motivate at least one other person to appreciate what it means to have Freedom, and that one person may motivate another.
I lived in Japan in the mid fifties, and this was a country just emerging from thousands of years living in a feudal system. Having been freed from that restrictive system, today they are a worldwide economy of creative people no longer living in bondage. Having attacked us in 1941, as President Roosevelt said, “A date that will live in infamy,” a horrible destructive war was fought and when it was over, a Status of Forces agreement was made and Japan was free to govern itself.
In the United States, the colonies living here just over 200 years ago banded together and decided they were sick and tired of the tyranny of the King of England, dumped that tea in the Boston Harbor and decided they would fight to be free.

They had a determination to do whatever necessary to free themselves from bondage. Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Admiral Farragut said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” John Paul Jones said, “One if by land, two if by sea” and the mantra among the people was, “root hog or die.” They were a gutsy people, and fought and died to establish a condition of Freedom for themselves, their families, their neighbors and future generations.
I’m so grateful and appreciative for all they did so that I could live in Freedom. Then I think about the erosion of individual Freedom today. I think of Freedom as a precious commodity we were endowed with by our creator and fought for by those in the American Revolution. Then I look around at the way things are today.

So many are moaning over the stock market decline they gambled in. So many others on welfare doles are crying out for more. And so many are thinking we can vote ourselves out of the mess we voted ourselves into, like a ship without a rudder, and roaming around in a muddled state of mind. Intelligent people living in the greatest country on earth, befuddled over what’s happening in their lives.
They are still under the illusion they own the house they live in, bought and paid for, not realizing they only posses it and do not in fact own it because the control of their property is in the hands of those who never paid a penny for it. Political manmade laws, policies and edicts dictate they can neither build a deck nor add a room to their home without permission from someone else. And if they do it without that permission, they face penalties, fines, jail or all of the above. The absence of that recognition which is a fact is a state of suspended non-thinking.
Why is that? I ask. Intelligent, educated people, never stopping to think about or talk about the very meaning of Freedom we have so squandered. Like dripping water, we have been lulled into this non-thinking condition regarding the state of affairs we are in. There’s plenty thinking about where they are going on vacation, which restaurant to eat at, which outfit to wear, which kind of car to buy next, what their pet dog likes to eat, and watching football. Just fiddling while Rome burns, so to speak.
While their children are being indoctrinated in the socialized tax-supported  compulsory system, they may attend the organized PTA meetings, an organization that meets, eats and retreats, with little rational thinking about the core problems. And if a parent does break from the pack to criticize, their children become objects of the pack’s disapproval. I know, I’ve been there when mine were in school, until I ultimately removed my children from the system and home-schooled them.
Now we are facing a crisis of losses. Loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of homes, loss of luxuries, loss of reasonably priced food, and the list goes on. And despite everything that is happening, we stubbornly refuse to face the cause instead of trying to find someone or something to blame it on, living in hopes it’s all going to change for the better. No, the conditions are not going to change for the better unless we change our thinking, then act upon a different way of viewing the problems we face.
It’s in this connection I write a blog about Freedom. Because the answers are in the essence of Freedom, in self-responsibility, to be able to freely create. And in the voluntary exchange of goods and services, unhampered to make decisions about our lives and lifestyles without having to obtain permission from oppressive governmental controls. Where do you start?

You do not start trying to find answers outside yourself, but rather going within yourself to understand the most important thing in your life and that’s your individual Freedom and your inalienable right to own property. It stats with admitting to yourself the degree to which those things have been compromised. All of the adversities we now face are a result of our failure to recognize the loss of the power we once had to be in charge of our individual lives and property.

We lost it thinking someone else was better equipped to manage our lives and property than we ourselves. We must admit we have been brainwashed into a false sense of security, governed by others.
We have transferred our individual sovereignty over to a centralized political entity. Therefore, we must make a decision to reclaim it. That’s the first step. A very simple decision. There’s nothing complicated about that. But those who hold the reins of power over your lives will not voluntarily allow you to have it back. The decision to regain it is not theirs, but yours.
No one is going to come along and admit to you that they are the thieves who have siphoned your Freedom and property away from you while you were asleep at the switch. The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance. We innately know that. Therefore, we must admit to ourselves that we have not been vigilant. Consequently, we abandoned that self-responsibility for our lives, our freedom and our property.
Now we look for bailouts and stimulus packages, more welfare programs, health care and a laundry list of governmental programs, forgetting that no political government has anything until it first takes from someone. Forgetting that political government does not create anything but one agency after another to take your property and govern your life. Political government is not the producer of goods and services, you are.

Political government that takes your property and governs your life defies Universal Law and all the moral guides we know and should live by like the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence. Those moral guides have been ignored and eclipsed while we were asleep at the switch.

Recently we heard about a horrible train wreck while the conductor was preoccupied talking on the phone. He was not paying attention to the direction he was headed, resulting in a horrible train wreck. He was preoccupied with something else. His attention was diverted of his own volition from his responsibility at hand, and with disastrous results.
Therefore, it is relative to the present crisis we are in. We simply have not been paying attention, hence failing to be responsible for ourselves. Now we face an economic and moral train wreck. It’s not a pretty picture. The bearer of bad news is never very popular. But this is neither something I invented, nor a fantasy I dreamed up, but only what I observe. Truth is that which is the absence of a lie. The proof is in the result of the crisis we now face. We have two choices, we can ignore it or we can admit it.
There are no magic bullets, but we are a country of individuals with a heart, a mind and a spirit. We can dig ourselves out of this rubble, but not without recognition of what has happened, along with a gutsy determination. And more importantly, without recognition, no one is going to do for us that which we are responsible to do ourselves. Responsibility is not some abstract concept, but a reality that requires an action to do for ourselves.

My sincere suggestion is to stop and think about it. Realize that self-responsibility is non-transferable without unfavorable or disastrous results, as evidenced by today’s results.
I have written about 150 articles for this blog site in the past eight months. All are posted, and you can click on and read. I invite your comments and value your opinion. You can click on RSS to receive free future articles when they are posted. I will listen and respond to your comments, whether you agree or disagree.

I think it’s important we start talking about our Freedom, that which we once had and the degree of loss we’re experiencing. And quite frankly, it’s an exciting subject. And a more exciting and desirable way of life. Bondage and slavery is the antithesis of it.

Let Freedom Ring!

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