Every day we hear a different word headlining the news. Since President Bill Clinton made news headlines with the word “is” by saying, “depends upon the meaning of is”, simple everyday words have become headlines with the meaning lines blurred.

For example, “seamless” is the latest ordinary word tossed around by the U.S. President, U.S. Secretary of Treasury, top newscasters, pundits, bloggers and children.
If you go to the dictionary to check out ordinary everyday words, you might be surprised. The word “seam” can have two opposing meanings. It can mean to separate or to unite. The formal definitions of “seam” are, “A visible line of juncture between two parts. A wrinkle, a scar, a thin stratum in a rock. To crack open; to unite. To mark with a cut or a furrow.  To stitch together.” Accordingly, if these are definitions of the word “seam”, then “seamless” means no seam. No visible line of demarcation, no crack, no cut, no furrow, no scar, no wrinkle, no boundary.

The word “seam” has been used by the top power brokers in relation to the economy and transference of power and money. The word is coupled with transition.  “Seamless transition” is the latest buzz phrase. After Congress passed the $700 billion bill to hand over, in one large bag of money to Mr. Paulson with no oversight, a la carte, he referred to it as a “seamless transition.”

In other words, the powers at be in Washington have handed over the largest bag of money, extracted from hard-working producers, to a single non-elected individual with no clear cut drawn lines of demarcation as to how, who, where or when it’s to be disbursed. It changes every day. Now, with so many fingers in the pot grabbing at the money, the list of beggars grows every day. Now it’s Citigroup, the largest banking facility in the U.S. Last week, it was the three largest automakers.
Pick pocketing is a “seamless transition.” One does not usually feel a thing when the thief lifts your money from you. And you do not usually know exactly when, how and where it was done. It’s only after the fact, when the thief has grabbed and departed, that the painful realization hits one with that helpless feeling of recovery. All of this simply because some stranger robbed you and you have no idea who took your money or what it’s being used for. All of a sudden your property is gone!
In the current climate, our feeling of helplessness is exacerbated by the constant blurring of the meaning of words. This is particularly evident during and since this year’s political campaign. Some liberals are acting like conservatives. Some libertarians are acting like left-wingers. Some republicans are acting like democrats. Some democrats are acting like republicans. Blue states are going red and red states are going blue, and on and on the lines of demarcation are blurred to dazzle with footwork and keep the American citizenry confused.
“In the beginning was the Word.” Therefore, words are power and there are key words and key phrases now being used so repetitiously to effectively propagandize all of us it’s tantamount to a method of mass brainwashing. As I listen, the latest phrase is “seamless transition.”

Light is “seamless.” Property and freedom are not. They have definite lines of demarcation, a boundary. Ownership of individual property can always be determined by a boundary. Your money has a boundary. When a political government arbitrarily takes it from you without your consent, that’s legal plunder, hence thievery, which is an immoral act and wrong.
In this connection, when you and future generations are hoodwinked into such a system labeled a “seamless transition”, the word seamless has a connotation of “harmless.” It all seems so easy, harmless and painless while the takers, shakers and breakers get on national television with that pitch like the old time medicine men hawking out the sale under false pretenses.
I’m not writing about rocket science, but ordinary language we all use every day, and how it is being used as a weapon in the arsenal of strategies by those in seats of power to placate and indoctrinate victims. A method of lulling you and me into a frame of thinking that it’s all so harmless.

It is neither harmless nor seamless. Their acts perpetrated on this nation are acts of thievery, the taking of the property from some and redistributing to others, no less than pick pocketing.
The stress of these acts by political government that have been taking place over a period of time is now being manifested in distress. More and more, in larger numbers on a daily basis, are being distressed by the stress of what the con artists are doing.
The same questions are still on the table. What can you do about it? What do you want to do about it? It’s a story similar to the frog languishing in a tub of warm water being heated. When it reaches a boiling point, the situation has passed a point of the frog’s ability to jump out. We have been lulled into this current predicament by those soothing words and phrases, a “seamless transition”, and ignored the phrase of Karl Marx, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”
In my opinion, we have gone past that mantra.  It’s no longer taking from the haves to give to the needy, but taking from everyone who has and giving to those who WANT. The grimy greedy, under the guise of a gun or threat of a gun, with a mindset that all is never enough, wake up every day wanting, wanting, wanting all you have and getting it without a shot being fired. And telling you it’s a “seamless transition.”
Just this morning, I heard a story about a local couple going to the bank to withdraw funds from their 401K account to buy a house, only to discover their assets had been “frozen.”
About a month ago, a friend was visiting and I asked her what she had done with a coin collection from several years back. She said she had placed it in a bank deposit. I reminded her about banks failing like dominoes, telling her she might go and the doors would be locked. She went home and took her coin collection out of the bank. She called a few days later telling me about a news article in her local paper relating the trouble her bank was in.
I do not pretend to have any magic bullets or a crystal ball. However, all of us have been told over and over what is happening in this once great country. All one has to do is look past the sugar coated speeches by those in charge to be informed.
Again, I suggest you read my article titled, “Debates and Dear John Letter.”
Let Freedom Ring!

From “The Freedom Lady.”

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