The National Presidential election is barely over and we keep hearing more and more about what the government is doing to nationalize companies, corporations and industries.

This means companies like the banking industry, insurance companies like AIG, and many others, have already had ownership transferred over to the centralized government. Other companies are not sitting idly by in the wings, yet actively attempting to sway the government to take over with bailouts, like the auto industry.

Then we hear talk of credit companies trying to come under the yolk of nationalization. Some already are nationalized. Then there’s a waiting list of large companies and corporations trying at some level to get on the bandwagon of government bailouts, which means they will no longer control their means of production, but instead will be under the jurisdiction of the new boss, i.e. the federal government.
Those totalitarian governments under the likes of Castro, Chavez, North Korea, China and others, must be celebrating with joy and Lenin must be turning over in his grave because it was in 1924 he laid out the plan for Nationalizing Europe according to Marxist Socialization. Then said, “The United States of America we shall not have to attack. It will fall into our hands like overripe fruit. It will crumble from within.” How prophetic. That was almost 100 years ago.

This once great nation is crumbling from within.
This country is in a financial crunch and many have concerns about loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of income, among other things, and understandably so, but the greatest loss we face is the loss of our individual freedom. If attention and concerns were focused on that, then we could recover from our other problems. But once the last vestige of freedom is gone, we are enslaved and in bondage with little hope of recovery.
This morning I listened to a televised speech by Treasury Secretary Paulson. There was absolutely nothing in his speech about individual freedom and private ownership, but instead, it was all about government redistribution of money. His verbiage was the usual political government language of double-talk, double-think. Here are some of his phrases if you can figure them out.

“Broad steps for systemic events.”
“Mitigate mortgage foreclosures.”
“Mortgage modification.”
“Strategies to mitigate foreclosures.”
“Recovery special responsibility of global economy.”
“Getting credit and lending going.”
“Providing federal financing.”
“Correcting global national issues.”
“Financial system remains fragile.”
“Over counter derivatives.”

All these phrases are relative to the $700 billion bailout. Then he said he was “dedicated to a seamless transition 111.”
As Lyndon Johnson said, “My fellow Americans,” you are about to be taken into a seamless transition. In the event you don’t know what that means, it’s a warning that you’re about to fall like overripe fruit without a shot being fired.
As I pointed out in my previous article, I try to bring things down to a simple to understand, arithmetic equation. A 2+2 type answer. Let me try to explain.
It was back in 1913 when Congress pushed through the graduated income tax bill, just before Christmas when the country was thinking about the holidays. The economy was not affected right way because in the 1920s, many things flourished during the first part of that decade. Then, in 1929, the bubble burst and the Great Depression was upon us.

Franklin Roosevelt was elected with great promises. Here is what he did, which laid the groundwork for the crashing down at this time. He removed the gold from the backing of the paper dollar. However, we still used silver as a medium of exchange up until the 1960s when that was removed, which meant that there was nothing of intrinsic value backing the worthless paper. The government has a gristmill of printing paper money. There’s nothing backing it and nothing to limit the amount of money produced, called fiat money.
Money is a commodity, a medium of exchange. We could use shoelaces for money if people would accept it. But people would not accept shoelaces. However, they accept worthless paper. Again, there’s nothing of any intrinsic value backing it. And yet for thousands of years, gold and silver have been accepted as a medium of exchange.
In the 50s, I lived in a Japanese gated military community. In the late 50s, Japan’s economy crashed and the medium of exchange was suddenly switched overnight by the Japanese government. I saw with my own eyes how the Japanese women would take wheelbarrows of worthless yen outside the gates of the military establishment, trying to get something for the worthless paper. There were no takers. Paper money, which 24 hours earlier was acceptable as the medium of exchange because the government said so, no longer held any value.
Inflation by definition means increase in the supply of money; therefore, it takes more and more to get less and less. That is easy economics to understand. When I buy a gallon of milk, I present a $5 bill, a worthless piece of paper, for something. The question is how long is that going to last?
All this trouble we are in has a cause, not the least of which is the political government’s control of the accepted medium of exchange. They are in control of your property. What do you own or what can you buy that you do not have to give the government a cut of when you purchase? When I receive my electric bill, gas bill, water, phone bill, etc., there are fees to the government that I’m required to pay for those essentials to live.
Keep in mind that political government has absolutely nothing until it first takes from someone. Government prints the money and controls the circulation of it. It allows it to go out among the people to produce goods and services, and then reins it back into its coffers.
Now here’s something else Mr. Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury said today: “Bailout monies will not be used for toxic assets.” What does that mean? And secondly, is that comforting news to you?  What are toxic assets as opposed to non-toxic assets?
Political government is a con game. It’s a keep your eye on this ball while we are doing something else. And it all thrives and proliferates on just two things and that is dependency upon it and opposition to it. Do you know anyone neutral in regards to what’s going on today? We are divided into two camps, those who look for and expect government handouts and those who object to the handouts being taken from them.
If you have concerns about your life, liberty and property and the next generation, stop, look and listen, and be informed about what is actually taking place at an expedited pace. Listen to the politicians and their employees like Mr. Paulson, and recognize the garbage in, garbage out propaganda we are being fed. He’s just one of the hired help in Washington drawing a large salary you pay for to promote the con game with such talk as “toxic assets.”
During the campaign, we heard a lot about President-Elect Obama being a socialist. If he is, then he’s about to step into a role of heading a country that is already way down the road to socialism. He can speed it up or slow it down, but I believe any change must come from the American people, and must begin with the way we think, what we believe in, and what we want. And that we must decide upon the price we are willing to pay to have it.
Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control, no more and no less than just that. The person who desires it can have it. It’s not too late, but we are rapidly approaching a time when it might be. In this connection, we may have to adopt the slogan of our founding fathers, “root hog or die.” I only hope not.
Let Freedom Ring!


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0 Responses to Redistributing Wealth via Nationalizing Companies—A Seamless Transition (Issue 126)

  1. Ken Robbins says:

    We’ve been baited, then switched.

    For 8 months we have watched the slow-motion crash of the stock market. The proximate cause was the “de-leveraging” of the major finance houses due to “toxic” mortgage assets. Evidently they have been using $1 of capital to then borrow $20 of money to buy crappy investments like mortgages made by borrowers without even two nickels for a down payment. Now that business strategy is failing.

    The Head of the US Treasury, a former head of Goldman Sachs, waged a month-long sales job in an opportunistic power grab and sold congress and the American people on the idea of borrowing $750Billion and giving it to him in an emergency. We also basically gave him “life and death” power of ALL the major banks and insurers. The stated purpose was to buy all the troubled assets from the major gateway banks, thereby surgically cutting out the cancerous tumors killing their businesses. This was even sold as “a good investment” because most of the mortgages would eventually be paid and the Feds can wait it out.

    What is shocking to me is that within 2 weeks of Paulson acquiring unprecedented powers and money, we are told “the plan is changed. He will NOT buy troubled assets but instead, he is investing it in the banks themselves and, in effect, nationalizing the entire finance industry.

    How can one person get away with this? Why was buying the troubled mortgages the right decision 3 weeks ago but now buying the lender is the right use of 3/4 $Trillion. These are 2 radically different strategies and uses of the money approved by Congress. This is a different plan altogether than was sold to the American people who, according to polls, hated anyway.

    The answer is that buying the banks was the plan all along- but he couldn’t sell bank nationalization. He lied because Paulson had an ulterior plan all along. He knew he needed to take major stakes in big finance houses (80% plus of AIG!), effectively nationalizing the banking industry in the U.S.A.

    I am reminded of the admonition of 200 years ago- “Give me control over the nation’s credit and I care not who makes the nation’s laws.”

    Capitalsim, by definition, is the use of capital (savings) by entreprenuers and businesses to mix with labor to create a product or offer a service that is then sold to others for a profit. Most often, the capital used is borrowed. We can mark October 2008 as the point in time when we moved from mostly, free-market capitalism to “Commu-capitalism” because capital is now controlled by the Federal government.

    There are definite reasons for this dire need to nationalize, but I’ll comment later on those. It’s the $3/4 $trillion bait and switch that is astonishing. By the way, how does Congress get the $3/4Trillion?- they borrow it from the privately held, Federal Reserve.

    The overripe fruit is starting to rot.