I woke up this morning thinking about the past eight months when I wrote my first article for this blog site, and all that has happened to me since I began. I also thought about all that has happened in this country in this past eight-month period and decided to review some things.

First, despite the fact my blog name, octogenariansblog.com, connotes that it’s geared toward the 80-plus reader, my writings are not solely directed to that group. Actually, I’m a Libertarian, and the core centerpiece of my writings has a common theme of ideas associated with individual freedom and personal property rights for all ages, including octogenarians.

I believe every individual is born to be free and that it is an inalienable right bestowed upon us by our creator. In order to live, thrive and expand in our lives, we absolutely must own property and would perish without that essential. Freedom and ownership of property are inseparable and both are a total concept.

I read a great deal and lately read a lot published on the Internet. Early this morning, I was reading an article explaining what happened on Wall Street from an insider. However, so much written is in a language that is difficult for me to comprehend. For example, I have no idea what is a “Junior or Senior Equity Analyst.” In this connection, my writings are written in very simple language, nothing complex, that anyone can understand. 

I want to convey to the reader the true meaning of Freedom, what it actually means to own property, what has happened to all of us and the role political government has played in the drastic changes in recent months. Moreover, I want to explain the role we as individuals have played in these historical events, which have affected all of our lives.

I’m not by nature a groupie, but just one individual trying to live my life as responsibly as I can, trying to stay off the backs of others as much as possible. During my life, I have always stood up and fought for the principles I believed in. I frequently say that I’m not a crusader. On the other hand, I have evolved into a sort of crusading via the Internet through the articles I write, hoping I might influence another to stop and think about what we once had, the degree of loss we’ve experienced, where we are today and where we’re headed unless we realize it and change our course.

I was delighted last week to receive an e-mail as follows: “It’s a frightening time for Americans and I really think you hit the nail on the head in the recent article, ‘The Reality of the Conditions We Face.’ Everyone is so dependent upon the government. You are so right. And I never really thought about it this way until I started reading your blogs. You’re right about being so indoctrinated in the schools and that when you think about the government you just think, “Well, this is the way it is and it is out ‘duty’ to vote, pay taxes, etc. But it’s not, and instead we are looking to others to fix our problems instead of resisting government controls. How did we get here? And how did we get so far down this road? It seems no one is talking about that, but just fawning over the new President.”

I realized from this comment that I’m not writing in vain, and if one person is stirred to think about changing his or her thinking then that person may influence another to be interested in learning more about why and how we got to this place. I understand the true meaning of Freedom, but admittedly have trouble trying to unravel my thoughts in relation to the complexity of what happened on Wall Street and within large corporations. I hope that we can communicate with each other via this wonderful medium, the Internet, and figure things out. It’s not an idle curiosity. Our way of life depends upon our understanding of it. As Dr. Phil says, “We can’t change what we do not acknowledge.”

Yesterday, I heard that President-Elect Obama would hire 8,000 personnel to operate his regime. Now, multiply that by the number of government employees in state, county and city governments. Just the number in tax-supported schools alone is a staggering number that you are paying for.

Now, I’m not opposed to schools and education, quite the contrary. Nor am I opposed to having all the services we need. However, anything the political government provides can be provided by the free enterprise, capitalistic system cheaper, more efficiently and without invoking thievery.

The thing I am opposed to is stealing, thievery and legal plunder. And it is thievery when property (money) is taken in violation of the owner’s will. Taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property. If they were not, they would be called something else.

Thievery is right or wrong by the nature of the act. It’s either moral or immoral. If it can be justified for selected acts, it can be justified by all. The great moral guides like the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of independence are blueprints to live and make decisions by.

Accordingly, in my articles, I try to tell it like it is, as I perceive Truth, and present it to my readers in the simplest terms.

I am aware that some may disagree, and I respect that. The thing I do not respect is the act of “taking” that is the arbitrary taking from some to redistribute to others, which is not to be confused with voluntary giving that can be a noble act.

I wanted to explain my position as clearly as I could before writing my next article about governments and nationalizing companies, corporations and industry.

Let Freedom Ring!


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