When one has lived as long as I have, you experience many twists and turns, ups and downs, ins and outs, fun times and sad times. And the beat goes on.
Because of my blogging and the 100 plus articles posted, I’ve been receiving some publicity lately. Until recently, I’ve led a rather quiet, low-key life for the past few years. A long-time friend from Woodstock, Georgia, named Emily, called twice this week to remind me of some past publicized events and times.
Her first call was about the much publicized Federal Court Case in the 70s, when I refused the forced school policy relative to immunizations. Because of that, I was on the six and 10 o’clock TV news, front page of the newspaper and all over talk radio. The reporters said I was newsworthy because I was one lone woman, living in the country, fighting the bureaucracy and winning. And I did win the case.

After battling with the school system for three years and facing arrest for non-compliance with compulsory school attendance laws, I decided to file suit in federal court over the unconstitutionality of forced immunizations. As a result of my refusal to allow my son to have them, he was kicked out of the tax-supported system. In addition, they sent a truant officer to inform me I would be arrested because I was in defiance of the compulsory attendance law. I loved keeping him home and home schooling.
I can empathize with parents of school age children today because of the squirrel cage mentality of the system, along with the trials, troubles and tribulations parents today face when attempting to resist the many rules and regulations they encounter in the socialist school system.
Then my friend Emily called the next day to recall a newspaper article titled, “She sweeps them off their feet,” which was about my work as a reflexologist.
We began reminiscing further back to the 40s when I began modeling. I had one job, which was for an ad for Lovable Bra Company that featured a picture of me in a bra from the waist up. That ad came out every week in the newspaper and was supposed to run for one year. I was probably 19-years-old, and friends recognized me and I was teased a lot about the ad. The motto of lovable bra was, “What God has forgotten, we fill with cotton.” Not only that, but the above caption on the ad said, “Won’t you be a blood donor.” When I realized friends were recognizing me and teasing about it, I requested the ad stopped before the year’s expiration and it was discontinued.
Anyway, my friend and I had some good laughs over some of my past publicity and events of the past. She thinks I have covered more territory and done more things in one lifetime than three average people.
One friend in Forsyth County for which I have known since she was seven-years-old wrote the following, which is so hilarious, about how Jay Leno should check me out to be a guest, and about traveling to California.
“Anne . . . they got earthquakes every day out there, not to mention the hills and canyons are all on fire and they can’t put them out. They got mudslides, droughts, energy shortages, brownouts, blackouts, floods and flood damage attorneys. They got gridlock on the freeways, race riots in the suburbs, racist police and Austrians in the Governor’s mansion. They got movie stars having abortions and movie stars having babies who are kids themselves. They got trains crashing into each other and rabid, insane fans killing themselves over movie stars. They got citrus, avocadoes, wine, Sutter’s Mill, Disneyland, the movie and TV industry, Knott’s Berry Farm, smog, Santa Ana winds, Death Valley, Bakersfield, and some swallows that return to Capistrano every year, whatever that’s all about. Whatever’s wrong with Atlanta, we’re far better off staying here with our own problems.”
My dear and precious friends, who never fail to let me know just how opinionated I am, are never far behind or very far ahead of me in that department. Gotta love it!!! They are never boring.
Let Freedom Ring!


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