Yesterday, President Bush emerged from the International Summit of 20 nations saying that in essence, he was for the free market capitalistic system, BUT, when faced with a depression like in the 30s, he mumbled something about what he was faced to do.


He spoke of the problems faced in a global economy, the success of the Summit and plans for meetings of more of the same. I can’t quote him verbatim, but from what I gathered, he’s trying to tell us his concerns about what is happening in other countries with no specifics about what is happening to individuals in this country such as our eroding private ownership of property rights and individual freedom. It’s all about what the world wants and needs. It sounded like a preamble to a One World government to me.


I thought about Robert Burns’ poem, “To a Louse,” which he wrote sitting in church behind a high-society lady draped in furs when he observed lice crawling in them and wrote, “O would some Power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us!”


It seemed to me President Bush was oblivious to what “others” thought of him, specifically the citizens of this nation that elected him to lead. Instead, he’s focusing on the happenings of other countries. It’s an attempt to use the government con game of keeping your eye on this ball, while we are doing something else.


Then I recalled what the darling of the moneychangers, Secretary of Treasury Paulson, said yesterday speaking about, “toxic assets” . . . whatever that means. I’m more concerned about the toxic talk coming out of the mouths of Washington, designed to bedazzle and add confusion to the already confused citizenry. What we need is a new department titled “clearing house for toxic talk” to interpret all the double think, double talk spewing forth to help us get right down to the nitty-gritty, because the rubber is hitting the road.


If it’s socialist blab that looks like a duck, walks like a duck and has webfeet, it’s a socialist lame duck.


The usual round of the same ole pundits were prognosticating about what is happening, but their verbiage is much more directed than usual towards Roosevelt’s regime and the Great Depression years of the 30s. It’s a pretense at some intelligent insight into what happened more than 60 years ago to medicate our feelings about what is happening today. Most have only read about it. I lived through those times, and from where I sit, it seems like a picnic compared to what is happening now.


Instead of focusing on what happened 60 years ago, we should make ourselves aware of what happened yesterday, last week, last year, and 10 and 20 years ago.


Admittedly, what happened in the 30s when Roosevelt removed gold as the standard of money backing, has a great deal to do with what is happening today. We could benefit from understanding the money trail, but that’s not what the pundits talk about. No one is expressing, in easy to understand terms, how lo these years we have had a monetary system of exchanging nothing for something, using the worthless paper dollar, with no backing of anything of intrinsic value.


The Austrian School of Economics are the only rational thinkers about the role of money. Currently, all the focus is on the big $700 billion roll of worthless paper the political government is haggling over redistribution. Everyone wants a chunk of it. The question is who’s going to get it and who’s going to pay for it? When I first heard talk about it, I got the impression it was already designated as to who would be bailed-out. Now, it seems it’s up for grabs. A real grab bag bailout.


The language being tossed around from so many sources is difficult to comprehend. Sorta like trying to grab hold of mercury. We hear new words every day. I decided to come up with a new word of my own, since it seems to be in vogue to create new words.


My invention is called BLEEOCRACY, meaning there is a centralized government bleeding us all to death via any and all means they have the power to use. And here’s another I invented called LOSSONOMICS, which simply means by a process of bleeocracy we are losing our hat, tail and spats.  What’s not to understand about that language?


I did come up with one possible solution that I wrote about in a previous article titled, “Debate and Dear John Letter.” It was written some weeks back, but you can click here to be redirected to that post.


Let Freedom Ring!


From “The Freedom Lady.”




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