The news media cycle is working overtime with all the buzz and spin over President-Elect Obama’s appointments.
During his campaign he repetitiously said, “change we can believe in” and spoke of how he was going to “change the culture” in Washington. The first thing he did was appoint someone right down the street from the White House and changed his job by moving him in the White House.
Then he quickly began filling slots with all those who had been in Bill Clinton’s regime as President—all Clinton’s cabinet members, staffers and deputies like Bill Richardson, Rahm Emanuel, Tom Dashle, Eric Holder, and topping the list is Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
There’s so much pro and con about appointing Hillary. It certainly came as no surprise to me and people I know. I figured when Hillary lost her bid and immediately began campaigning for Obama along with Bill’s support of him, one of them would be Secretary of State. The deal was probably made shortly after she lost her bid. I couldn’t understand all the hype of speculation and surprise over her appointment. I would have been surprised if he hadn’t appointed her.
Now there’s all this yakkity yak about a division of authority and Hillary going off in a direction different from Obama. Where have you all been? If you put them in a paper sack and shook it up I don’t know which would fall out first. They both want the same thing. They are like two peas in the same pod when it comes to their politics. They dance the same dance when it comes to their policies, aims and desires of where they want to take this country.
All these people in seats of power in Washington now are birds of the same feather. It’s no longer a matter of which direction they will take this country, it’s only a matter of how fast. President George Bush and his regime have been taking us down the road of socialism so fast, this changing of the guards will have to get up mighty early to out pace his direction.
Things are a mess in this once great free nation. And all those people in Washington, elected and appointed, have caused it. None have clean hands in the dirty game of politics. The way I see it, the Bush regime has out-democrated the democrats before they take the reins in January.
The most amazing thing to me is all the euphoria, anticipation and celebration over Obama being elected. It’s like mass hysteria of expectation that he’s going to lead this country out of the ditch into a land of honey and restoration into prosperity. Such unrealistic high hopes that he’s going to turn the tide. I wish. But he can’t and won’t. His administration will be more of the same. Even before he’s sworn in as the chief executive, he is filling all the slots with the same old crowd.
I have written a number of posts about how the word “freedom” has become taboo. No one speaks of personal property rights and freedom anymore. Sarah Palin is the only one I heard mention freedom during the long campaign. But here’s another thing I have not heard mentioned in so long . . . I had not thought about it until recently and that’s “state rights.” We used to live in a country where individual states maintained certain rights, but now the political power is so centralized in Washington that the federal government has all the power. And the word “state rights” is no longer even mentioned. Somewhere along the line, 50 state governors went into a fetal position and surrendered “state rights” to the centralized government for handouts.
I live in a small town in Northeast Georgia, which is the center of the chicken industry. Most anytime one drives through town we see very large trucks, stacked about 8 or 10 crates high with chickens on their way to the slaughterhouse. Every time I see it I think that’s mass transit to the slaughterhouse.
Then I ask myself, have we become a people, figuratively speaking, stacked 10 crates high in mass transit headed down the road of socialism and can’t stop? It’s a bad day at black rock and OK corral. We are headed in a direction of destruction of individual freedom and personal property rights and no one is stopping it. Perhaps no one can stop it, and here’s why.

Freedom is not a collective thing. Freedom is self-control and self-responsibility of an individual.. That self-control and self-responsibility has been usurped by a centralized power in Washington. Individuals have been rendered impotent to manage and live their lives as they choose, bogged down with rules, regulations, edicts and policies already in place and carried out by a centralized power.
Now, so many are in panic crying out to the crowd that holds the control of the money and power in Washington, and that group wielding the power in Washington is demanding more and more from those producing the goods and services. It’s the inverted triangle toppling over. In the beginning of this country, the broad base of the triangle represented the people with the power invested in them. The narrow tip at the top represented political government. The triangle is now inverted, teetering on its tip, which represents the people and the broad base at the top represents the power of the centralized government. It’s an inverted pyramid.
Today, the people are in denial and refuse to recognize the inverted pyramid. It has been a long time coming but it was in this year of 2008 that it started teetering. The crash seems an inevitability. And I don’t think it matters who is in the White House.

When President-Elect Obama spoke on television today, he began by saying, “the financial markets are in crisis.” This entire country is in a crisis! Those in positions of power tell us we are in a financial crisis and at the same time, take more and more in greater and greater chunks from the producers, to give to those who got us in this mess. Just a few weeks ago, they spoke of taking millions, then it was billions, today in the bailout talk of Citibank, they speak in trillions.
If there is an answer and a solution to the downward spiral and the crash we face it is not in Washington. It’s a multi-faceted crisis in the minds, hearts, emotions and actions of the American people. In so far as the financial crisis, money is a commodity created by the government as the accepted medium of exchange.

The wealth in this country has been created by the people, not by government. It is the taking over by the government, that which the people created, which has caused the problem. And the insanity of the dilemma is the people have bought, hook, line and sinker, the propaganda the government dishes out in larger doses on a daily basis. It’s as though intelligent people are in a common sense state of suspension. It’s as if common sense has been replaced with propaganda, lies, deceit and a system of thievery.
The good and decent common sense of the majority of the people seems to be numbed out. And everyone is looking to the centralized government for the solution. It is not the nature of political government to solve the problems of individuals. It is the nature of political government to take control of producers to rule and exert power over their lives, for the benefit of a few.

Obviously, that is what has happened. Never was it more glaringly apparent than this past week when three millionaire CEOs of the auto industry flew into Washington, each one in a separate private jet, seeking 25 billion taxpayer dollars. It was all televised for everyone to see. They will be back in December and will get what they want! It’s daylight televised robbery and still there is no mass uprising of objections from the people.
No one has taken a stun gun and sprayed the American people. What has happened to us?

It’s no longer a question of what’s going to happen. The toppling and downfall is happening now right before our eyes. We can see it in our living rooms. We do not have the luxury of medicating the pain of the consequences by saying we didn’t know. What is happening is not some clandestine operation behind closed doors. We see it, we hear it, we know it and yet we do nothing about it. This is not a country of dumb, blind and stupid people, but we do seem stupefied by what is happening. Why is that?
The bold and brazen acts of those who have brought this once great nation down, now enter our living rooms. And yet we still look to Washington to “fix” the problem. They have been bleeding this country and televising it.
What can you do about it? What do you want to do about it? What is this illusion President-Elect Obama has some magic wand he’s going to wave to bring about prosperity in this country? 

In his campaign, he said he would tax the wealthy and untax 90 percent of the people. He’s not going to do that. He’s a member of Congress, the crowd that’s gouging the American people billions at a time now. He said he was going to change Washington. How is he going to do that by embracing the same old crowd that brought us to this brink? Before he takes the oath of office, he’s filling his administration with the same old crowd of bureaucrats who have been there all along.

Are you going to believe him or your lying eyes?
Let Freedom Ring!

From “The Freedom Lady.”

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